1. Collect leads with your autoresponder. In exchange for their email, you give them a free report. Simple, obvious and powerful.

2. Publish a price list of all the products and services that you offer. You could also include order forms, product descriptions, and other sales material. Drip it out, day by day or week by week via your autoresponder.

3. Publish free reports in autoresponder format. The reports should be related to your business or web site.

4. Collect and publish vital customer satisfaction information by publishing a survey in autoresponder format. This type of information will help you serve them better.

5. Instead of answering every customer question that’s e-mailed to you, publish “Frequently Ask Questions” (FAQ) in autoresponder format. Saves time, saves money.

6. You could publish your testimonials or endorsements in autoresponder format if you don’t have the room in your ad copy. Again, drip them out for a few days or weeks.

7. Provide back issues of your e-zine archives in auto-responder format. This will give your subscribers and web site visitors easy access to them, and you get email addresses along the way.

8. Publish your entire web site in autoresponder format. Sometimes visitors don’t have enough time read your entire site. They could print it out and read it offline. This is “old school” RSS if you think about it.

9. You could offer your ebook in autoresponder format. Your visitors won’t have to download it or have the software to read it right away.

10. You could publish the terms and conditions to any business transactions in autoresponder format. This could include return policies, purchases, refunds etc.

Do you have any special uses for your autoresponder we didn’t cover?

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