Before reading this posting, be sure to read Part One of 12 Questions Every Independent Internet Marketer Must Ask Themselves.

7. Under what circumstances will you take off a day, afternoon, or a morning? Sick leave and days off take on a new perspective when you work at home. If you’re self-employed, establish your own leave policies, consistent with the nature of your business. If you’re employed at home as an internet marketer, you’ll be on your own to coordinate your work with the established leave policies.

8. When do you decide to get someone to help you with your work? Many internet marketers try to do everything themselves. Some can, but others end up saving money by spending it to hire help.

9. If you have children, when will you be available to them? Most people find they cannot allow children to have unlimited access to them during working periods. So you will need to make age-appropriate arrangements for their care and set boundaries regarding when you will and won’t be available to them.

10. What information do you need to keep track of? Usually, in-house office procedures include policies for records you need to keep. Working on your own as an internet marketer however, you will probably have to establish your own record-keeping procedures.

11. How will you manage your money? If you’re self-employed you will need to establish a system for managing the financial aspects of your business. Even if you’re working at home on a salary, you’ll have to arrange a procedure for managing your home-office tax records.

12. What interruptions are you willing to allow? There will be phone calls. There may be people coming to the door to repair things, sell things, or make deliveries. Neighbors may want to visit. It’s easier to have a policy than simply to respond to each interruption as it occurs.

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