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Make Money With Google Adsense

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“To make money with Google Adsense, a lot of things need to happen. First, you need a web site. Second, you need a lot of traffic. Third, you need to track and monitor and tweak your web site for success. To make money a lot of cash Adsense, you have to trest and tweak like crazy. You have to generate tons of content. You need a lot of pages to get the traffic you need from the search engines.”

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Simple Explanation of Master Resale Rights

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“Resale rights are the easiest way to make money online. The hard work is already done for you. All you have to do is purchase the product and the resell right to that product, load it up on your web site and you’re in business!”

Master Resale Rights Made Simple

The Failure of MySpace

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“Myspace argues that youtube would have never become popular if it wasn’t for Myspace users putting videos up on their sites. They now believe that they deserve a piece of the pie and so are limiting these 3rd party services from being used on Myspace sites. This is complete idiocy! Don’t they realize the synergy between their services. Myspace benefitted at least as much from allowing users to post youtube vidoes as youtube did.” (reference)

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Some of the Best Internet Marketing Blog Postings of 2007

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This posting is a summary of some of the best internet blog postings from the first quarter of 2007 (January, February, March). It is based on the submissions of ideas from some really passionate and intelligent internet marketers.

It was coordinated through a posting on the Warrior Forum, which is one of the best internet marketing resources on the internet. In fact, perhaps it is the best resource.

Without any further delay, here is a useful list of best internet blog postings from of 2007. Enjoy!

10 Simple Ways to Leverage Discussion Forums for Traffic — “hese public forums are a wealth of free information and should be utilized to their fullest advantage. A discussion forum can help you grow your online business by driving traffic to your site. Best of all it is free to participate in most online forums. Here is a list of ideas that you can use to leverage the online forums for traffic.”

Internet Marketing Secrets to Success — “…if you aren’t aware of something, it’s a secret to you, so with that in mind, I’d like to reveal my secret 8 steps to Internet Marketing success.”

TIPS and Websites Weekly #5 — “If you been online for more that 30 days trying to make money online you heard the term “Newbie”. In the online marketing arena this term is use for someone that’s fairly new to the online Marketing game. Are you new to Online Marketing my friend?”

Why you shouldn’t start your own business! — Your odds of becoming successful on your own terms are actually much better than you think. I’m not kidding. Sure things may be tough but it’s more than possible to be wildly successful. Let me try and show you how.”

What is the Whole Internet Marketing Concept? — “I dont think I understand this whole concept, could you narrow it down for me? What exactly do I have to do and why? Do I have to pay for anything? How will I make money out of this? If I do make money is it you that puts it in an account for me? How does this all work?”

Watch The Construction of a Niche Site — “We are building a new site in the skateboard niche. You can track it’s progress and how we build it at this page.”

Cut Through The Mess Of Marketing Online — “If you are one of those who feel like success has been just out of your reach because you’re completely overwhelmed then this may just be the single most important report you will *EVER* (and I do mean, EVER) get…”

How To Write Ads That Pull In The Money — “Before writing the sales copy for your next basket, you will have to write a series of ads for its promotion. Here are the main points to consider when you sit down to write ads for your new campaign…’

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