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How to Spot a Fake Email

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Do you know how to spot a fake email? Do you know if it’s been “spoofed” or not? Do you know if that email really came from eBay or PayPal, or even your bank? 

Internet marketers, like “The Rhodes Brothers,” have to constantly keep aware of technology. We have to worry about what’s coming next, industry trends, and also the pitfalls. It’s that last part that we must really worry about. We worry about fake emails. It’s just part of our jobs.

After a few hours of research, we found something that we’d really like to share. It’s actually produced by eBay which makes sense when you think about it. They really have to manage their reputation. Ebay would take a revenue and profit hit if people lost faith.

In any event, here’s some information about how to spot a fake email, or a spoofed email. It’s a great little, simple tutorial from eBay and we recommend that you take a look.

How to Use USB Drives to Do Internet Marketing

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We’ve been experimenting with cheap USB flash drives to help us with our internet marketing activities. In short, we put products on USB drives and then deliver these products to customers. We’ve done this mostly face-to-face and it works great. Not only do people get our products, but they also get a reusable resource: The USB drive.

We’ve looked into branding USB drives and handing those out like candy. They are relatively affordable, especially if you are selling high end information products and you’d like to make a special delivery.

I encourage you to learn more about USB drives. These “thumb drives, jump drives, keychain drives” can seriously augment your internet marketing. They are personal, physical, and yet still unique. They are also highly portable and people will use them. If they are branded, you’re going to get even more mileage.

Internet Marketing Based on Being Highly Connected

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Here’s the scoop…

It’s always been possible to talk about marketing in terms of who you know. The best way to characterize this is word of mouth advertising. But it’s really about more than that.

Internet marketing is transforming into person to person marketing. We’re all becoming more connected. Our information mingles, our lives cross over, and links are formed. In some case, bonds between people are formed. In other cases, literal links are formed.

And that is the magic. When you find someone you like, or you like what they say, you’re more likely to connect to that person. The internet makes is very easy to be connected to someone at many different levels.

If you can tap into this connected network via MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more, you’re going to be able to make more money. You can build your own network within these networks, or you can simply tap into these markets.

The trick is to figure out the ways to connect in these networks. For example, with YouTube, an effective way to network is to post a video comment in response to a video. Text comments are the “old way” whereas responding with a video is going to get a lot more attention. This tactic works magic.

The more you can connect, the more you can build strong relationships. If you can do that, you can form joint ventures. Even if you cannot literally form JVs, you can get people to link to you. That’s power and really, that’s what internet marketing is all about. Linking to people is important too. Never forget to link…

In fact, some of our customers were “created” by linking. Because we linked to other folks the took notice. They found us. And, they appreciated our link. After a short time, our high value products ended up pulling them in; bam!

When Do You Stop Fighting Blog Comment Spam

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We get hundreds and sometimes thousands of blog spam comments per week. It is extremely annoying, despite the fact that everything is cleared up after just a few clicks. It’s the principle of the matter.

We’ve been talking about completely disabling comments on, which I think is drastic. However, it might be the only way to fight blog comment spam.

We could install plugin to make it more difficult for spammers. But really, is it worth the hassle? I’m not sure.

There are some Rhodes Brothers customers that like to comment. However, for every 1 real comment, we get 100 that are complete rubbish. We’re just not sure if it’s worth it.

Were going to look into to some spam killing tools. Will that be enough? We’re not sure. Honestly, it’s probably going to be easiest  to fight blog spam by eliminating the ability to comment completely.

Simple Ways to Fight Slow Sales Days

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We had a slow sales day today. This comes after a crazy weekend of insane sales for all kinds of products. For example, we had a lot of very high level of sales for both Adsense Judo and Author Bio Box Domination.

But today was a little slower. Lot’s of free time to get work done. And that’s the way to fight slow sales…

Do lot’s and lot’s of work. If you’re not happy with your sales, then do something about it. Fight the depresssion with serious work. Really dig into your sales and marketing.

A similar approach is to conduct a strategic review. Analyze sales for the week, month, and year. Look for trends. Look for success stories as well as serious weakness. Take the break as an opportunity to improve your operations too. Review your processes.

If you work as hard as we do, also consider taking a break. Sometimes you’re not making progress because you’re working too hard. That does happen. You start making mistakes because you’re too focused or perhaps too tired. Relax and take some time to enjoy life.

Don’t worry about slow sales days. It happens to all business. Use the “problem” as an opportunity. Don’t get down, don’t get depressed…