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Beyond Article Marketing

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Article marketing works like this. It’s really simple.

1. Write articles
2. Submit them to article directories
3. Enjoy the traffic to your web site

OK, let’s flesh this out…

If you’re writing articles, you need to do some keyword research. That is, you need to know what people are searching for and what they want.


Well, because (1) you want them to find you via search through Google for example and (2) you want them to find you through search on the article directories.

Keyword research is part of the “magic” of article marketing. Once you learn the skill of keyword research, you’ll be able to really kick butt.

So, write articles but not just any articles. Write articles about stuff that people actually care about. Use keyword research tools to help. Learn this skill.

By the way, if you’re looking for a fast-n-simple way to do keyword research consider Keyword Elite.

Yes, it’s expensive so don’t buy it until you’ve really given free tools like Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool a try. But, once you get *serious* about keyword researh take a poke at Keyword Elite.

(Yes, that’s an affiliate link to Keyword Elite. We don’t promote anything that is crap. We stand behind it.)

Back to our story…

If you’re submitting articles to article directories let me give you some advice. Now, this is just my advice. These are my *opinions* and what I say will not be what “they” say necessarily.

99% of the time, I only submit articles to one article directory: — It’s rare that I submit to other directories. It’s even more rare that I submit the same article to multiple directories.

Allow me to dig into that.

Why would you need to submit to *multiple* directories? There isn’t really a good reason. You’ll get a little extra clickthrough traffic, but not much.

The downside is that you’ll very likely be punished by Google. I don’t have room to explain it all here. But, just think about how Google sees that content.

“Duplicate content? Wha? This is spam!” — That’s how.

Again, this is just my opinion, based on my own experience. Stick with one article directory. This is especially true if you’re looking for search engine backlink love.

(Take everything I say with a grain of salt. I’m not all-knowing. I don’t have *all* the data, OK?)

Here’s a little gem of advice with article marketing:

If you can write articles, and you can get traffic because you can do keyword research and write well, why not use that material exclusively for your blog? Google will find you. Other people will find your material if it’s great, and link to you. Or Digg you, or Stumble you.

If you’re really a hot tamale, you *will* be found. That means traffic, traffic, traffic. Once you have traffic, you can make money.


Article marketing is a platform. It’s a starting point for your future marketing activities, got it? It’s not your actual business. It’s a small, little “get going now” kind of approach.

That’s all for now. I hope that I’ve helped to expand your thinking on article marketing. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please pass it on to other people. Digg it, Stumble it, bookmark it…

Oh, one last thing. If you are an article marketer, consider these two premium reports, you won’t be sorry:

I really like Bio Box Domination. It is the best advice I can possibly give on how to best “design” and set up your author bio box. It’s been selling like crazy since The Rhodes Brothers launched it.

$10 Per Month Membership Site WARNING!

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Here’s what a Simple Cash Blog subscriber recently said:

“I simply followed the advice they outlined in a membership site report and guess what? – It worked. It resulted in an instant windfall because the ideas really do work. The whole concept is simple. You will not believe how simple this stuff really is to apply. In one night I constructed an automated membership site.”

The awesome thing about the author, James Schranko, is that he also happens to now be our Super Affiliate. That is, he’s the guy who is cranking out the most Simple Cash Blog affiliate sales. Smashing!

If you want to read the full review, check out $10 Per Month Membership Site WARNING! It’s definitely worth reading.

(You can also see how an affiliate buys a product then speaks to it, with full knowledge of the product or service. Intelligent move!)

YouTube RSS Feed Secret Even More Popular

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Back in May 2007 we released YouTube RSS Feed Secret as an attempt to help people understand RSS feeds coming from YouTube. It’s actually quite simple once you see it, and based on the number of views it’s a pretty popular topic too.

What’s interesting to The Rhodes Brothers is that RSS isn’t very simple to end users. The “average” end user doesn’t know anything about RSS and the little orange RSS icons don’t make any sense.

The first “S” in RSS is “simple” — but it’s not. If it was simple, people would get it. Ironically, HTML seems to be significantly more complex than RSS but most average people kind of get HTML when they play around with it. That’s not really the case with RSS. You can argue with us, but just ask users for the real scoop.

We did create a very nice report about RSS for internet marketers called RSS Super Glue. It’s meant for marketers who are willing to take just a few minutes to *use* RSS, not think about it too much. That report is deadly simple. You don’t really have to understand anything about RSS to use it.

Let me break this out and say that again: You don’t have to understand RSS to use it, especially with respect to your marketing efforts. Trust me. The report is meant for folks who have very limited technical experience.

In any event, it’s kind of crazy that a little video — less than 3 minutes long –  has been seen over 9,000 times. Something about it just works which we think is awesome. RSS can be understandable to people and it can be a worker bee for you.

By the way, if you think that the YouTube RSS Feed Secret is cool, you absolutely must take a gander at the Simple Cash Blog. Seriously, if you’re an internet marketer looking for “big ideas” that are easy to understand and implement, you just can’t go wrong.

I’m not kidding when I say that the Simple Cash Blog has already changed some lives. We have a couple of testimonials already that are jaw dropping. We’ll be posted them here (probably) and certainly we’ll hit some of our lists with these success stories. It’s exciting to help people be successful.

10 Simple Twitter Secrets

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If you’re trying to find John S. Rhodes on Twitter, start here:

If you’re trying to get started, simply join Twitter then start asking me questions. Honestly, that’s going to be easy for you than anything else. You’ll want to follow me because I write about, and follow, the smartest UX, usability and internet marketing folks on Twitter. I also generate some good stuff.

Here are some commands and tips that will help you:

1. @username (for example, @webword) will create link to a user’s profile. It’s a great way to find someone too. If you create a twittering using the @username method, you can then click on that link and easily visit their Twitter page. Works like magic.

2. If you use a smart mobile phone, then direct your browser to: which is the Twitter site optimized for mobile devices. (It’s an open secret, I swear.) If you’re on the go, this is a great way to post and track your Twitter page. For on-the-go internet marketers, it’s very convenient.

3. If you’re a Mac fan, consider grabbing Twitterrific. Here’s what it is:

“Twitterrific is a fun little application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twittercommunity website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.”

4. If you’re a Windows guy or gal, consider Twitteroo. Here’s the scoop: Twitteroo allows you to send and receive updates from Twitter on your Windows desktop. It has some limitations, but it works great. Don’t miss this Twitter secret tool.

5. Do not miss this “inside look” at Twitter. It’s a 37 minute video by Robert Scoble. He’s actually inside the Twitter offices talking to the folks behind the scenes. You won’t get anything better than this. You will really *learn* a lot about Twitter. I promise. If you’re an internet marketer, you know that this Twitter secret is like having a handful of gold.

6. Make sure that you update your Twitter profile. Here’s the link to your profile:

Probably the most important field is the More Info URL. If people are looking at your profile, it’s a direct link to any URL you want. For internet marketers, this is obviously really smart to update.

7. You can send Twitter your tweets from an instant messenger. Here’s the mobile devices page, which you should take a look at. If you use GTalk, you can’t go wrong. So, to be clear, you can update Twitter via the Twitter web site, your phone, or instant messenger client. Cool, eh?

8. If you’re looking for new people to follow there are two easy things you can do. First, you can view the Twitter public timeline. I do this about once per day for just a few minutes. The second, more effective method, is to view the “Following” link on the pages of people that you really like. Then you can just subscribe to who they follow. It’s reverse logic, but it works.

For example, let’s say that you like what I write at All you need to do is click the Following link on my profile and you’ll see who I’m following. Then, you can just follow them.

Aside: The link will look like this “” — Notice that it says friends. That’s a carry over from previous coding they did.

9. Crazy Delicious Secret: If you want more followers, start following more people. Many people will follow anyone that follows them. Sometimes there are even bots that automatically reciprocate the following relationship.

This doesn’t mean you should go nuts and follow any old person, but if you want to get people following you, then you really ought to start following. It’s a give and take relationship.

10. If you’re nutty about showing up first on Follower lists, you should consider setting your screenname to something that starts with the letter A or maybe even a number. Twitter lists followers in alphabetical order. This is kind of a silly recommendation, but if you’re serious about showing up at the top, it is a consideration for you.

Aside: Twitter needs to add better sort and filter tools for Followers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #1 — Learn all about Twitter Replies. The smartest folks use these like crazy to network and respond. It’s really quite impressive if you do it right.

Bonus Twitter Secret #2 — Show multiple Twitters on your blog. It’s a great way to connect your Twitter updates to your blog. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s smart, especially for internet marketers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #3 — Find your Twitter RSS feed. If you’d like to see my Twitter RSS feed, simply add this RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader:

You will see all of my Twitter updates with no mess, no fuss. I encourage you to subscribe to that feed, especially if you care about usability, UX and marketing.

Bonus Twitter Secret #4 — Use Twitterholicto find out the Top 100 Twitterholics. It’s based on number of Followers.

Won’t you follow me?


Based on more research that I’ve done as well as reader feedback, I’m updating this entry with more Twitter Secrets. Enjoy!

Twitter Secret #15 — If you’re a WordPress user, don’t miss the Twitter WordPress Plugin(that’s a README). Directly download the WordPress plugin.

Twitter Secret #16 — Use Twitter while inside Second Life. “Twitterbox is an object which enables one to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life.”

Twitter Secret #17 — Post to Twitter directly from Firefox. “…allows you to quickly post statuses to your Twitter account from the Firefox search bar. It is not an extension — it is a Firefox Search Engine. This means you can activate and install it in about five seconds, and start using it straight away without having to restart Firefox.”

Twitter Secret #18 — Serious Linux geek using Twitter? Try out gtwitter. “gTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to web service.”

Keep those tips coming in and I’ll keep updating…

Autopilot Business Secrets – Simple Cash Blog

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If you hate reading really long blog postings and you just want the meat, then I’ll just cut right to it. Immediately go take a look at The Simple Cash Blog.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me actually explain some of the key ideas behind an autopilot business. Let me first say that you can set up an “autopilot” business without much effort. If you were worried that it would take months to set up, you’re dead wrong.

One of the key secrets is that you do not need expensive software or tools to set up a business that runs on autopilot. The residual income you can get from an autopilot business really only requires a couple of low cost tools.

Let’s take an example. You could set up a blog using WordPress, jam in 50-100 postings (each with affiliate links), then set them to auto-post once per day.  That would keep your blog fresh for 50 or even 100 straight days with no more work required.

Are you seeing the potential here? This is just one very small, almost insignificant secret. There are so many more inside the Simple Cash Blog.

If you want to know about autopilot businesses, just keep reading…

Another secret behind “set and forget” businesses is that you usually just need to creatively combine a couple of tools together. These tools are often very cheap, or even free. It’s about creative cominations.

Here’s one thing we’ve done, which is easy as pie. First, we create simple blogs with RSS feeds. WordPress does this for “free” too. Next, we set up one or more Squidoo Lenses. And finally, we use the Squidoo RSS lens module. This keeps the lens fresh because every time we update the blog, the lens gets updated. Are you seeing the autopilot business potential now?

By the way, RSS marketing can help you do a ton on autopilot. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to glue our various niche web sites together. We’re always looking for “set and forget” business tactics and RSS is very helpful.

So, now we’ve given you two solid autopilot business tactics. These absolutely work. We wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t use these kinds of methods.

But there’s a lot more. We hardly scratched the surface. If you’re not making money online, or if you’re only pulling in a few hundred per month, then you must explore The Simple Cash Blog.

This is a real opportunity and I strongly recommend that you take advantage of it. If you want to make money like we do — every single day — then take action. Strike the anvil and let the cash sparks fly.