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RSS Radars: The Rhodes Brothers Make It Simple

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If you love RSS, then you will really love RSS radars. If you haven’t heard of “rss radars” let me throw you a bone.

First, if you’re not familiar with RSS, please take a look at these resources. When you’re done, definitely head back here.

RSS (wikipedia definition)

RSS History (dated, but still pretty good)

OK, now that we have that out of the way…

RSS radars must be looked at from two perspective: production and consumption.

In the case of production, the idea is that you can take the same content and create multiple feeds. Let’s use an example to make it clear. To create multiple RSS feeds you could simply categorize a blog posting into 3-4 categories. Each category could have its own RSS feed.

Let’s expand that RSS radar example a bit more. You could also generate an RSS feed based on authors. So, if several people publish on your blog, each person could have their own RSS feed output.

Do you see how you can spray out multiple RSS feeds using the same content? This is how you can make RSS radars possible to the outside world. By the way, there are underground rumors that Google loves these multiple RSS feeds.

Let’s turn our attention to RSS radars from the consumption perspective. In this context, RSS radars are built by end users to meet a specific need.

Again, I’ll make this concrete. You can perform very specific searches on some sites and then save those searches as RSS feeds. In turn, you can subscribe to those feeds in your favoriate RSS reader.

Here’s how it works in the real world:

1. Go to Google blog search
2. Perform your search
3. Save the RSS feed
4. Done!

Here’s a very specific example:

1. Go to Google blog search
2. Search for “imsimple”
3. Save the RSS feed (left hand navigation)
4. Dump into Bloglines

I could go to many other places on the web and create similar targeted RSS feeds about “imsimple” so that I monitor it in just one place, such as Bloglines or another RSS reader.

Now you understand how to create RSS radars for other people by repurposing your content. You also know how to set up your own RSS radars to monitor what’s going on all over the web.

Editor’s Note: Subscribe to the RSS feed!  (It’s our main blog feed.)

On a final note, if you are an internet marketer, The Rhodes Brothers have put together a high impact, extremely easy-to-understand guide on exploiting RSS. WE call it RSS Super Glue because we show you how to maiximize RSS. You really don’t need to know *anything* about RSS to succeed if you have the RSS Super Glue training manual.

Thanks again for this article about RSS radars. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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Tip for eBay Buying and Selling

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Today I’m going to give you exactly one tip for buying and selling on eBay.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling on eBay, you should always be thinking about building your brand. Here are five quick examples of what that means to you:

1. Give feedback as quickly if you can
2. Ask for feedback as soon as it makes sense; communicate!
3. Give buyers as much information as possible about goods you are selling
4. Help other people on eBay if you have time; be social, be responsible
5. Become known for one thing, e.g., low cost, fast shipping, niche items

In different terms, this means you should be thinking about your reputation. It is one of the most important things for you to monitor online. Your feedback is everything. If you do other business online, but outside of eBay, this is still very important. It is very hard to repair a damaged reputation.

Remember this eBay buying and selling tip: Create a Brand for Yourself on eBay!

Editors Note: You can use eBay to build your list… Click here to continue

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Want to Sell Your eBook?

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When you create an ebook, you want to know where to sell it. This blog entry will tell you exactly how to start selling today.

Two simple answers are that you can sell your product through Clickbank or PayPal. In the case of Clickbank, just visit, sign up, and follow the instructions. If you want to sell your ebook and get a (potentially huge) army of affiliates, this is a good option.

Sidebar: See how it works. Look at The Rhodes Brothers affiliate page to see the “other side” of the Clickbank equation. You could have something just like this to sell your ebook…

In the case of PayPal to sell your ebook, just create an account and then create Buy Now buttons. We make that very clear inside the Really Simple Method.  There’s a free video you can watch that shows you exactly what you need to do.

So, Clickbank and PayPal are effective but honestly, there are many other great places to sell your digital goods. If you’re a serious internet marketer then you need to learn all the places you can sell your ebook or report.

There are many market places you should learn about right now. Furthermore, even if you use Clickbank or PayPal, you need to know how to drive traffic.

You might also need to set up a web site. That means that you’ll want to think about domain names and hosting solutions (we love Bluehost).

Selling an ebook isn’t just about creating a great product, you need an infrastructure in place. You need to be prepared to drive traffic, get people signed up to your mailing list, and so on.

Let’s turn this into some really simple steps. If you want to sell your ebook, you should consider all of these steps. Don’t worry too much about following the exact order:

1. Find a thirsty market, with people willing to spend some money

2. Do some keyword research and find the right niche, or subniche

3. Create a product, or write an ebook to sell (re-write some PLR if you’re stuck)

4. Set up a web site so you can sell, use PayPal or Clickbank

5. Drive traffic to your sales page, enjoy the sales

Now, it really isn’t quite this simple but that is a very basic and effective recipe. There are also many other places to sell your ebook. Before long, you’ll want to start selling all over the place. With the right knowledge, that won’t be a problem. Your empire will grow.

By the way, if you need PLR, take a look at the Simple PLR Club. You can’t go wrong. You get 3 products each month and also a sales page for each product. It’s easy.

Mike Hill Talks About the Simple Cash Blog

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Mike Hill has just posted a review of the Simple Cash Blog. Here are a couple of my favorite comments:

“I have read their material and have purchased a lot of their special offers and they are absolutely fantastic.”

“After making a few thousand dollars literally within days I became a fan of their material and when they recently offered a membership to all of their past and present content I jumped at the chance.”

What is the Simple Cash Blog? The short answer is that it’s a membership site that provides you with incredible good, practical advice on how to make money online. We make everything simple and easy. All the fluff is cut out.

We also give members free reports all the time. Most of these are brandable, meaning that you can sell them and give them away. When people click on the links in your report, and a sale is make, you earn a commission. Everyone wins.

I love reading reviews of the Simple Cash Blog. As Mike Hill points out, you can make thousands of dollars in just a few days following our methods and techniques. We promote and explain low-cost and no-cost tools and tips. We make everything as basic as possible, so you can make instant PayPal cash, just like Mike Hill.


Mike Hill is talking about The Simple Cash Blog. We’re not putting words in his mouth. He’s been around for several years and he knows what he’s talking about.

(He’s right, the price is set to go up again soon. As the membership grows, the price will go up. We plan to cap off the membership so we can directly help members in the Simple Cash Blog forum and blog. If you don’t take action today — right now — you might lose your seat to a competitor.)

How to Save Time

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The number one way to save time is to spend money. I know that this sounds odd at first, but it absolutely works. If you’re trying to save time, fork over a few dollars and have someone else do the dirty work.

I’m going to use one of our memberships as an example…

My brother and I recently decided to help people save a lot of time. The idea is really quite simple. We’ve done a ton of work and now we’re “selling our time” which means you can get what you need without any effort.

So, what exactly are we selling? Well, we’re internet marketers. If you want to save time, simply subscribe to our Marketing Minesweeper Membership.

You ask, “How can I save time?” — One answer is the membership. We’ve gone off and sifted through every single video we could find on internet marketing. The result is a ton of top notch videos.

We send you just one video a day to help you avoid information overload. The Marketing Minesweeper Membership is meant to save you time, energy and money. It’s dirt cheap.

So, let’s recap. If you want to save time, just buy work that other people have done. The example in this blog entry is our membership. You save tons of time by spending just a little money. Instead of wasting time on YouTube and Google video hunting for great videos, we just hand them over, one day at a time. You can’t lose.

Stop asking yourself how to save time. You now have the answer: Spend a little money and let other people do all the dirty work.