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Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook

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The Rhodes Brothers typically don’t review products that other people develop. We are generally pretty quiet about what we buy and use. Quite frankly, most products and services we obtain just aren’t that good. And, we don’t like to play dirty.

Well, today I want to tell you about The Landing Page Handbook which is published by Marketing Sherpa. Give me just a few minutes to tell you about it. I promise it’ll be worth your time.

The Landing Page Handbook is about 270 pages long. It is actually a second edition, which I really like. They’ve updated and revised many points based on new data, analyses and feedback. 2nd editions are generally mature and refined.

Now, let me get this out of the way. If you’re interesting in landing pages there is no better resource available for sale. Oh sure, I’ve read several ebooks and reports, and I’ve even sold 1-2 myself. But, they are narrow and lack serious data. They simply don’t have the firepower of Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook. If you’re looking for my recommendation and the summary, that’s it.

If you want to know why I think the Landing Page Handbook is so good, please keep reading. I’m going to give away a few secrets. It’s the only way to make it clear that this book is worth grabbing.

For starters, the handbook gives you explicit data on conversion rates. How many times have you tried to figure out if you’re below average, average, or above average? Unless you have a baseline how can you improve your tests? I tell you, this is invaluable data, that you get in the first 20 pages or so.

The Landing Page Handbook also provides a very clear review of the stages of the conversion process, as a person moves through one step after another or not. You’ll get outstanding advice on landing page design. I was surprised at how well the handbook translates the data into real recommendations for design improvements. The Rhodes Brothers have already made several updates as a result.

Every little nuance of a landing page is explored. Different types of landing pages are explained and compared to each other. Numerous examples are given to make it clear how you should think about your pages. There are even lists of design mistakes to reference if you’re in a rush.

I’ve left out the price until now, but it’s time to throw it your way. The Landing Page Handbook costs $497. Yes, that’s right, it’s $497. But, I want to talk about the price for a minute.

If you are on a shoestring budget or you’re a small time entrepreneur, then this probably isn’t the right investment for you. But look, if you are a small or medium business with a marketing or R&D budget, this should be on your shelf. You simply will not get better landing page advice. Grab it if you can afford it.

Here are some secrets…

1. Most landing page updates won’t cost you a dime. You’ll mostly just need to tweak your design to get the results you want. You’ve got to love that.

2. Total average conversion rates are about 3.84% but remember, they vary quite a bit based on modality (e.g., list email vs. search engine PPC traffic). Now at least you have a starting point.

3. People do bail from opt-in pages for verious reasons which you might not realize: too many fields to fill in, poor wording of your heading, too much body copy or too little, amatuerish design.

4. If you’re wondering where to spend your money and time, consider email and your lists. Search and test links don’t seem to perform quite as well, but of course, the niche you’re in will matter.

5. Trust me when I say that the Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook makes it clear that aligning your landing page with your specific campaign matters. For example, if potential customers are search for “heated pet bowl” and they come to your site, you really better have “heated pet bowl” on that page. In fact, the page should be all about that topic.

I’m not joking when I say that The Landing Page Handbook is absolutely full of this kind of advice. It’s a real treasure.

Start Online Home Business Opportunity

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Here’s What You Asked:
“Start Online Home Business Opportunity”

It is likely that you found this page by using these words in a search engine: start online home business opportunity. Maybe I have the order wrong, but I do think I know what you’re looking for on this page…

You want to know how to start an online business that you can run from the comfort of your home. If I’m right, please keep reading. I have several ideas to share with you.

Any Online Home Business Opportunity Must Starts with Your Goals 

First, let’s consider what “start online home business opportunity” means to you. Please don’t quit your day job and don’t spend money until you have very clear goals. You must have a plan that is real. It must be concrete.


Tip: Write down your top 4-5 goals right now. Trying to kill debt? Trying to save for college? Trying to kill your day job? Write it down! You’ll feel good about it.

Second, starting an online business takes dedication. I strongly suggest that you tell other people what you are planning. (You have written down your goals, right?) When you tell people what you are doing, you put social pressure on yourself to get the work done. You’ll stay focused and you’ll succeed.

What Are the Biggest Business Opportunities Working at Home Online? 

The answer is all around you. Virtually anything can be turned into virtual online gold. Let’s look at some examples.


First, you can get started with online e-commerce by selling real products on eBay. Maybe you’ve heard this a million times. Have you actually sold anything online? If not, go for it. You’ll learn quickly what is hot and what is not. You’ll also learn the basics of selling online – trial by fire. Experience is a great teacher.

Second, start looking for a niche or market that you are passionate about. Here are some examples: pets, parenting, gardening, fitness, and clean energy. There are thousands of examples. Once you “find” your niche, start doing some research on Google. Use terms and phrases that make sense. Make notes.

Third, find forums, web sites, and blogs that talk about your niche. If you want to really understand “start online home business” this is a key step. Find people that are passionate. Spend time learning about what they need. Start thinking about products and services they need.

Finally, create the products these people need. Then, it’s time to sell. Try selling your product on eBay. You’ll have experience with it, so give it a try with a digital product. Create a little web site with a PayPal button so people can buy your product right off the web. For example, if you create an ebook or report on “dog food recipes” for your bulldog niche, then just let folks know on the forums and groups. Be careful, however. Don’t do any hard sales. Be passive about it.

Editor’s Note: You can learn how to upload files using a free FTP tool and also how to create a PayPal Buy Now button inside The Really Simple Method. 100% totally free.

Bonus tip: Give away 1-2 free reports before trying to sell directly to your niche. They will appreciate your gifts and they will reward you later on with sales for your big product.

So, we started by looking at what “start online home business opportunity” and now you should know. You have goals, you have a niche or marketing, and you know how to get started today. I just want to suggest one last thing: keep learning, never stop.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to invest $15-20 on ebooks, reports and information products that will help you understand how to create products, how to improve your marketing, how to find niches, and so on. Spend a little money to invest in your education. It’ll pay high rewards.

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Finding the Right High Income Home Online Business

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Many people are looking to make money online. There are many opportunities but finding the right high income home online business can still be a challenge.

Let’s first examine what “high income” means. I’ll be the first to tell you that high income is completely dependent on one person – you! Unless you define clear income goals, you will not be able create a real business plan. So…

A High Income Business is What You Think It Is

High Income Tip One: Figure out what “high income” means to you personally. Write it down. Make sure it’s clear in your mind. Is it $100 per day? $5,000 per month? $100,000 per year?

Now, let’s look at home online businesses. There are many types of online businesses. You can set up an eBay business for example. You can also sell ebooks directly from your own web site. You can do these things from home because they are online.

Editors Note: Build a list when you sell on eBay.

Before I move on, keep in mind your objective: Finding a high income home online business. So, while you can earn a high income on eBay it can be very hard. And, you can sell ebooks to make money, but that is also very hard.

You need to think more deeply about rapidly generating cash and building wealth…

The Secret: High Income Home Online Business Models

Here’s something that many people won’t tell you. A high income business must be built on a model, not on a single product or one place to sell. You can’t get rich without doing one of two things:

1. Sell a very high volume of products
2. Sell products that cost a lot of money

When you combine both of these together, you get magic. You combine them together with a smart business model.

An Example of a High Income Home Online Business Model

Becoming a wholesaler of expense jewelry for eBay sellers.  You job would be to find a major wholesaler and you, in turn, become a smaller wholesaler.  You supply eBayers with products, you don’t sell on eBay. See the difference? You’re the supplier!

By selling wholesale you sell a lot of items at once. You don’t make quite as much as selling one item at a time, but you get serious volume which generates a high income for your home online business. See the magic? Bingo!

Also, by selling jewelry, you are selling a high priced product. When you sell high priced items – especially in bulk – you generate wealth much more quickly.

Creating Wealth Online is Just Like Creating Wealth Offline

Here’s what this looks like in the offline world. Selling a house lands a lot more money than selling a car, don’t you agree? The same principle applies with the eBay jewelry supply business I explained above.

High Income Tip Two: A high income home business is based on creating the right business model. Sell in high volume and sell high priced items. Your job is to find the right niches that allow this then give it 100% of your effort.

The summary is that you can create a high income home online business out of thin air once you realize that you just need to apply some simple principles. First, sell in high quantities and second sell high priced items.

In plain terms, sell expensive stuff in bulk. You also want to create a model that fits your high income wealth building goals. “Big money” can be yours in no time at all.

Editor’s Note: Get started online by reading How to Create Your Own Online Business (It’s free to read right now.)

The Best Online Business Opportunity

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I’m going to tell you something no one else has told you. The best online business opportunity is the one that you create. That’s right, the right business opportunities are not out there to grab – but they are there for you to create!

If you think you can just spend a few bucks and buy a great online business, you are going to burn a lot of money. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

Listen, this is the truth. You must take control. You must have a vision of the best online business opportunities, and then you must make some choices and take action.

How to Create an Online Business Opportunity Out of Thin Air: 5 Simple Methods

Now that you are jazzed up, let’s talk about how to really create the best business opportunities. Here are some ideas for you.

First, you could purchase private label rights (PLR) products (e.g., PLR newsletters), then update them, and resell them. Private label rights products are those that you can buy and edit any way that you like. You own the rights to manipulate them any way you want. So, you just need to edit the PLR ebook or report that you own and resell it as your own. Bam!

Second, you can purchase PLR products and turn them into offline products. That is, you can buy the ebook or report, do a little editing, and then sell your final product to a local newspaper or magazine. This is a huge opportunity that you can create easily.

Third, you can find a good niche or market, get to know people well through forums and blogs, then offer to write for them. You can become a ghostwriter for web sites, marketers, blogs, and so on. There is incredible demand for content. This is one of the best legitimate online business opportunities available.

Fourth, you can get familiar with a niche or market and create a membership site. Setting up a membership site is not hard. It’s a great way to help people while making a profit. For example, if you know a lot about being a work-at-home mom (WAHM), you could create a paid forum dedicated to helping other WAHMs. You simply charge $5, $10, or even more per month to be part of the club.

Finally, one of the best online business opportunities is consulting. You can simply help people create their own business opportunities out of thin air. You act as an advisor. You help people who need the help. You shouldn’t be surprised at how much you could really help people, and turn a profit.

I’ll summarize by saying that you can generate a lot of money online (and offline) if you go after your passion. I’ve highlighted 5 things you can do today. The best online business opportunity is the one that you create, that fits your passion. Go for it!

Search Marketing Standard Discount

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I’ve got some news for you about the Search Marketing Standard. If you haven’t heard of the Search Marketing Standard, here’s the background:

“Search Marketing Standard is a quarterly magazine for small to mid-size business and marketing professionals. Each one of our quarterly issues is filled cover-to-cover with invaluable how-to articles, advice on improving advertising campaigns, and tips written by experts to help our readers increase their bottom line.”

I really enjoy it and look forward to reading it every time it lands in my mailbox. If you care about online marketing, you just can’t go wrong with the Search Marketing Standard.

As it turns out, I know Boris Mordkovich. He’s the publisher of the magazine. For a limited time, It will provide them with a 67% discount, so a 1 year U.S. subscription would be $4.95 (International – $6.60).

Subscribe here and use this coupon code: HOLIDAY67

Important: This promotion is for new subscribers and will remain active for another week until Dec. 10th. For the next two days, they will also send a donation check to Toys for Tots – $1 for every subscriber that used the coupon code during registration.

Here’s the subscription link again:

p.s. Just to be clear, we don’t make any money from this promotion. I just really like this magazine a lot since it offers so much value. I encourage you to grab it for this great price.