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How to Create a Great eBay Store

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Want to know how to creat a great eBay store?

There are just three easy steps…

1. Sign up for an eBay store. (Surprisingly easy.)

2. Configure your eBay store.

3. Collect serious cash online.

OK, so I’m having a little fun here. Creating a really hot eBay store takes some work after you sign up to start selling.

But really, we set up a store in about 3 hours, start to finish. That includes adding 8 products and tweaking everything we felt was important.

Creating a killer eBay store pretty much means reading what eBay gives you for free.

This was quite a surprise to us but eBay’s information kicks butt. If you start looking for design help, templates, and such, on Google for example, you’ll see tons of of offers for “professional services” — pay someone to help you. Or, you’ll run into spam sites that offer no value. 

Here’s the truth. We started looking for tips, tricks, and advice but nothing was as good as what eBay offered up for free. (Again, this was quite a surprise.)

Below are the best resources we found right on eBay for creating a great eBay store. I encourage you to follow these links to get started right now.

Straight from eBay!

1. eBay Store Sign Up Page (Easy as pie!)

2. eBay Stores Deisgn Center

3. eBay Stores Checklist for Success

4. eBay Stores Tutorials

5. eBay Stores FAQs

6. eBay Success Stories (related topic)

If you are looking for professional services, eBay gives you pointers on that too:

7. eBay Stores Designer Directory

Looking for more?

Small Business Marketing is our new little eBay store. If you’re wondering what you’ll get with just a couple of hours of work, don’t miss our store. We have some internet marketing items you might want; dirt cheap. (It is eBay after all.)

Good luck setting up your new eBay store!

The Fast and Simple Web 2.0 Traffic System

Posted on January 22nd, 2008 in Simple, Simple Cash Blog, Strategies, Twitter, Web Traffic | 1 Comment »

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I’ve promised people many times that I’ll keep offering up web traffic systems and techniques. What you see below is an extremely simple system that The Rhodes Brothers have used again and again to drive traffic and build our list.

First, like many other people, we create a squeeze page. That simply means that we offer up a high quality report to people in exchange for their name and email address. Basically, people opt in to your list to get a free goodie. This alone can drive web traffic!

Second, we post news about the free goodie on a news web site. Often this is simple. We just write about the freebie on one of our niche blogs. On our internet marketing sites, this is obviously very simple and readers “get it” immediately. But, it does work in any niche.

Let’s pause here a second.

Many people will tell you that the two actions above are list building. Well, that’s kind of true. But listen, that list is very weak. Freebie seekers are, um, freebie seekers. They want everything for free. A freebie list is a freeloader list, although there is still value.

Sponsor: Where Can You Find Marketing Tools Like These?

The Rhodes Brothers cannot let you down. There is more to this story. We’re going to explain the next step of the Web 2.0 Traffic System. Your freebie list is pure gold when it comes to Web 2.0 and I’m going to make it 100% clear in just a minute.

With me still?

Now, third (Step Three!), you’re going to leverage that “low quality” freebie list. What you’re going to do is simply ask them to visit a page and Stumble it. You’re going to ask them to post about it on Twitter. You’re going to ask them to bookmark it on and related sites. You might even ask them to Digg that page.

What is this magical page? I’m glad you asked because this is very important.

This second page is another high value page that the freebie seekers will be happy to promote. Remember, the “promotion” they are doing is deadly simple. It’s easy to Stumble, Digg, and bookmark, don’t you agree?

This second page, which the freebie list is promoting is high value, but it also contains a central message and common theme. It’ll also include links (just a few!) to your sales page for a product that is related to your original freebie page and your second page that the freebie seekers are pumping for you.

Got it?

Let’s recap. I’ll keep it very simple…

1. Create high value product and simple page where freebie seekers opt in.

2. Build a freebie seeker list.

3. Create another great page (“Page 2”), with great information but also links to your product.

4. Hit up freebie seeker list, ask them to promote Page 2, which is a smart, witty info page.

Listen, people don’t mind helping you if you give them something free. They might not give you money, but they CAN drive traffic to your pages. They can pump traffic, link to you, talk about you, and much more.

I’m telling you that this method absolutely, completely works. We’ve driven a lot of free traffic this way through our freebie lists. That freebie traffic will translate in real dollars once the traffic starts to pick up. Plus, you’ll start showing up in Google more often too with those pages.

~ John

p.s. OK, OK. You need an example of a “freebie” site? Here’s one example. No more, got it?

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42 Top Social Media Tips And Tools

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I’m still not 100% sold on “social media” as a term since it isn’t very well defined. But, that shouldn’t stop you from using tools, techniques and web sites that provide bottom-line value.

Dave Fleet has put together this list, which is worth checking out: 42 Top Social Media Tips And Tools

He decided to link to one of our previous (popular) postings here on IMsimple: How to Generate Web Site Traffic

I think it’s a list worth checking it, certainly.  Some items won’t interest you but there is plenty there to pick and choose from, got it?

Make Money Now with the Affiliate Program

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I’ll keep this post short and simple. Back in September we updated the Affiliate Program. If you’re looking for the direct link here it is:

Rhodes Brothers Affiliate Program

We know that some people have made hundreds of dollars selling our high quality internet marketing products. You can get a feel for what we produce by just reading on a regular basis (here’s the RSS feed).

Our affiliate program is dead simple, especially if you’ve already signed up with Clickbank. Really, it’s painless.

OK, I said I’d keep it short. I just wanted to quickly remind people that we *do* have an affilliate program. If you have any questions about it, contact us right now.

Which Press Release Do You Like Better?

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I wrote up two press releases about The Really Simple Method.

Editor’s Note: As I wrote about earlier today, we’ve helped over 2,000 people make money on the internet. The Really Simple Method is compelling because we provide value and the ecourse is free.

In any event, to spread the word about The Really Simple Method, I wrote up two press releases: short version, long version. Both are posted below. Which one do you like better? Why?

Sidebar: I’m looking for great press releases to do a better job. Good examples are very hard to find, that is certain.


John S. Rhodes writes, “The Really Simple Method is a free ecourse on internet marketing that we created back in July 2007. When we launched it, we never expected to reach more than 500 people. However, just a few days ago we passed the 2,000 member milestone.”

Unlike many other ecourses on internet marketing, The Really Simple Method does not cost anything. Furthermore, it includes two high quality videos.

The Rhodes Brothers show you how to upload files to a web site using a free FTP tool, step by step. They also show you how to create a PayPal “Buy Now” button. But there’s more, including advice on how to buy and sell the right products to make money online.

Many of the 2,000+ members have provided positive feedback about The Really Simple Method. John S. Rhodes explains, “Everyone loves a good deal. This one is hard to pass up. We clearly explain how to make money on the internet using a tried-and-true method and it’s free. How can anyone turn that offer down? No wonder it gets great reviews.”

To access the free ecourse today, simply visit The Really Simple Method and subscribe:

The Really Simple Method



John S. Rhodes writes, “The Really Simple Method is a free ecourse on internet marketing that we created back in July 2007. We never expected to reach more than 500 people. However, just a few days ago we passed the 2,000 member milestone.”

John S. Rhodes continues, “We clearly explain how to make money on the internet using a tried-and-true method, and it’s free. That explains the growth. How can anyone turn this offer down?”

Sign up today:

The Really Simple Method