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How to Use Private Label Rights

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If you’ve spent any time in internet marketing then you’ve seen the term “PLR” being used. In plain terms, PLR stands for private label rights. PLR is about the rights and privileges that you have as an owner of content. That is, if you have PLR, you are allowed to use the content as you wish.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. For example, you might not be able to re-sell the PLR content as PLR. You might not have 100% unrestricted PLR.

But don’t worry about that right now…

In plain terms, when you purchase PLR you’re buying the rights to use the content any way you want. You can put your name on the content and call it your own. You can break it into many pieces. You can combine a ton of PLR together to create a monster product. You can re-write and submit the content to article directories. With PLR, you have the right to really go crazy.

Now, here’s something special to keep in mind. If know what you’re doing with PLR, you can literally make hundreds of dollars per day doing very little work. It might be as simple as setting up an autoresponder membership. In other cases, it might just be a little re-writing then loading up your blog.

The point is that PLR translates to a shortcut. If you know what you’re doing, you can easily get top quality PLR for dirt cheap. For example, The Rhodes Brothers provide content and sales letters through the Simple PLR Club. We also have a special discount for Lisa Cope’s PLR Newsletters. You don’t need to subscribe to those memberships to know that you can get outstanding content for next to nothing.

Let’s keep going. Here’s where it gets really interesting, if you ask me. 

The main problem is that people have a ton of PLR but they don’t know how to exploit it. They don’t understand the magic of PLR exploitation. It’s like people buy a bunch of lumber, windows, carpet, and wires, but they have no idea how to build a house. There’s no blueprint for success with PLR. This is such a shame because PLR is outstanding raw material — ready to be converted into cash.

Let’s be clear here. Here is the secret…

You have to convert your PLR into something fresh and new. Most people ignore this advice because it seems too simple and obvious. But seriously, you need to know how to re-write content and exploit it properly. You have to know how to twist it into something unique. You have to push and mold that PLR content into something that people are dying to purchase. (We’ve made thousands of dollars following this advice.)

In the next week or so, I’ll be talking a lot about PLR. We’ve put together something that is going to change the way that everyone thinks about PLR.

Before long, you’ll be seeing a lot of people talking about PLR exploitation. It’s something that has never been explained before and you’re going to see it first.  Head back here and stay tuned. We’re in for a wild ride!

How To Find Internet Niche Markets

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If you can find a great niche you can make a lot of money. Fortunately, niche research gives you the answers that you need to make a killing online. Really, it’s very exciting — that is, it’s exciting if you know what you’re doing like we do. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s painful and frustrating.

I’m going to eliminate the pain right now…

Niche research is simple. If you’re just getting started, simply do some Google searches. This sounds so basic, but I’ll tell you — it works. Do a search using keywords that make sense to you. See how many web sites show up. Look at the number of results. This gives you an idea about the “supply” of content in your niche.

However, all commerce is based on supply AND demand. So, you need an simple way to figure out how much people are demanding that content. How’s this possible?

Hey, it’s simple. Head over to Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.  Do a search and you’ll get more results. You’ll know how many people are trying to find answers. You’ll know the demand for keywords, which is magic.

So, now you simple take the Google results and divide by the Free Keyword results. That is, you divide supply by demand. This number is your starting point. It’s very simple math. No worries! And, conceptually, it’s really simple. You’re just using basic princples of economics that pretty much anyone can understand. Supply and demand.

Now all you need to do is do more searches and compare the numbers you’re getting in relation to supply and demand. Before you know it, you’ll find some perfect keywords. That means you’ll have your niche in very little time. You have to love this ultra simple technique for finding niches.

But how do you make money from niches? Again, this is pretty simple. Head over to Clickbank and find products that fit your niche. It’s dead simple. Head there, do some searches and find affiliate products to promote. There are many ways of using this information to make money with niches — we’ve explained many effective business models using this research inside The Simple Cash Blog.

By the way…

You can also watch a free video that explains a very simple business model. It’s a short video that shows you how to set up a membership site in a niche in no time, and make a ton of money. If you’ve ever wanted to set up a membership site in a niche, then don’t miss this opportunity. It’s 100% free — no strings attached. You don’t even need to give me your email address to watch it. Simple, right?

OK, let’s get back to our discussion of niche research. But please keep in mind that a niche isn’t going to do you any good if you’re not making money. Consider looking at Clickbank before you do your niche research, like I talked about earlier. Make sure you have products that support your mission. Or, set up a membership site which I mentioned a moment ago.

On a final note, I want to tell you something important. We literally just launched Long Tail Niche Domination.  If you’re ready for *advanced* niche domination techniques, this is the report you need. I clearly explain how to actually create niches. Yes, this is hard to believe. I understand.

But —

It really is possible to be the first person to jump on a niche. The rewards are obviously incredible. If you “own” or dominate a niche, you have the potential to make loads of money for a long time. There are some risks with Long Tail Niche Domination, but I’ll let you decide if the rewards are worth it. (I think they are — we’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars of money coming in per month.)

Learn more about creating niches out of thin air right now.

Well, that’s about it. You now know a ton about niche research. You have plenty of links to click and I’m sure your head is buzzing with ideas. You can make money by “owning” niches — take action now.

Free Marketing Videos

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More videos are being created every single day. These free videos are filling up sites like YouTube. A million flowers are blooming. Millions upon millions, in fact.

Just yesterday I was looking for an old Godzilla video but I wasted about an hour and didn’t find what I wanted. It was really a waste. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s really easy — too easy! — to waste time on video web sites.

Now, the comments I made above certainly apply to entertainment videos. That is, a lot of time is wasted on videos that don’t really matter. I know you understand. Burning up time on YouTube is easy.

The real trouble starts when you’re working hard. You know, when you’re really looking for something special to get a job done. Or, you’re trying to get “secrets” through video. We’ve all been there.

If  you’re an internet marketer, you know that finding high quality videos in any reasonable time is a nightmare. There is so much garbage out there. Think of all those hours you waste looking for advice on SEO, Adsense, SERPs, article marketing, information product creation, Squidoo, forum marketing, making money from blogging, and so on. Hours and hours…

That’s why we put together The Marketing Minesweeper Memembership.  Yes, it’s a paid membership. We deliver links to you every single day — we sift, sort, and filter out all the junk. We deliver value to you, day after day.

We give you back time. You can’t replace time and you know it. That’s why we created the membership for you.

Never waste another minute looking for the best internet marketing videos on YouTube. We’ve done it for you. We’re marketing experts and we’ve spent the time making your life much better.

Learn more about the Marketing Minesweeper right now.

How to Set Up an Autoresponder Membership

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These extensive notes are based on — Where you’ll find a 100% free video on setting up an autoresponder membership. There are no strings attached. We’ll ask for your name and email only if you want to learn more advanced internet marketing techniques. (I promise.)

Quick Introduction 

Setting up an autoresponder membership web site is easy if you are familiar with common internet marketing tools and techniques. If you’re not, then you might need to invest some time to gain the required technical knowledge. Here, you’ll learn the process of combining an autoresponder with PayPal to create a membership web site.

What You’ll Need

* An autoresponder delivery service (Recommended: AWeber)
* A hosting provider for your sales page (Recommended: BlueHost)
* A PayPal account

How to Set Up and Run Your Autoresponder Membership

There are 8 steps to setting up and running an autoresponder membership:

1. Obtain content (private label rights) or create your own
2. Fill up an autoresponder with content with regular delivery planned
3. Set up a sales page to sell access to the autoresponder content
4. Create a PayPal subscription button
5. Place the PayPal button on the sales page
6. Drive traffic to the sales page (See: 31 Ways to Drive Traffic)
7. When a customer subscribes redirect them to an opt-in page
8. Deliver regular emails to customer via autoresponder

Step 1: You need content for your autoresponder. This is what will be delivered to customers by email. This could be on any topic in any niche. For example, you could regularly deliver information on “herbal medicine” to customers. This content could be private label rights (PLR) material you acquired or it could just be your own content.

Step 2: Using the PLR or your own fresh content, you’ll load up the autoresponder. This is what people are paying for on a regular basis — great content by email.

Step 3: You’ll need a sales page for your autoresponder membership site. If you’re delivering “herbal medicine” content, then your sales page will be about that topic and the benefits of getting emails on a regular basis, e.g., pre-sifted information, direct delivery of content, and easy access via email.

Step 4: You’ll head to PayPal and create a subscription payment button. Creating a PayPal button for subscriptions is relatively easy although it might take some time to navigate through PayPal the first time. The PayPal subscription button is very much like a normal PayPal button; when the customer pays they can be redirected to a web page of your choosing.

Step 5: Place your PayPal subscription button on the sales page your created. Again, when the customer pays, they’ll be sent to a pre-determined landing page. (Described in Step 7.)

Step 6: Drive traffic to your autoresponder membership site. You can use a variety of traffic techniques such as Google Pay-Per-Click or posting to blogs. (Recommended: Fast and Simple Web 2.0 Traffic System)

Step 7: When a customer pays by Paypal, you’ll redirect them to an opt-in page you set up via your autoresponder service, such as AWeber. This opt in page, hosted on your web server, is how you’ll capture email addresses and names of customers. This is how you will know where to send customers their emails. Remember, this is absolutely not spam since they just paid for this content and they are asking to get your emails on a regular basis.

Step 8: Deliver the promised content via your autoresponder. This is almost always handled automatically by your autoresponder. However, you could exert manual control over the delivery by using a broadcast to your members versus pre-determined delivery.

Additional Tips

First, take time to plan out the entire membership before taking action. Make sure that you have a good niche and solid content to work with.

Second, be sure that you have a well-designed and well-written sales page. Some people don’t fully understand “autoresponder memberships” so make the concept very clear. In essence, and autoresponder membership is a way for customers to get smart, trusted emails for a fair price.

Third, The Marketing Minesweeper is an exmaple of an autoresponder membership web site, if you are looking for one. Consider modeling your sales page after The Marketing Minesweeper, at least in terms of how the content is provided to members.

Fourth, if you need PLR content consider The Simple PLR Club. It’s a membership run by the Rhodes Brothers and it offers 3 full reports and sales letters every single month for one low price.

How To Increase Web Traffic With Qassia

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Web 2.0 is really powerful stuff – John and I have seen it generate (literally) thousands of visitors for us on command. Twitter and Stumbleupon have honestly been a couple of our greatest assets to driving traffic to our website.

Note: John wrote about how to increase web traffic with Stumbleupon here previously:


There’s a new Web 2.0 on the block…and my bet is that it will be as big as Stumbleupon and almost definitely bigger than Twitter.

It’s called Qassia. I’ve been thinking about it since I discovered it yesterday and I think it can be best described as a peer-edited article directory. It won’t appear that way exactly to the public…but more or less, that’s what it amounts to. Take a look at the main page:


(You’ll notice there’s no place to “sign up” for it. More on that in a bit…)

It looks like Qassia is designed to be an article directory and search engine hybrid. There are no categories to classify the material at the current time, but it seems like a vast majority of the content submitted by people so far is somewhat mass appeal (and also interesting). Here’s a glance at some of the “intel” (Qassia’s name for articles) recently contributed:

How Exercise Can Benefit Diabetics
Clear Your Acne – Naturally!
How To Approach Being Downsized From Your Job
How To Wake Up Early

…and a few others. Like I said – they all seem to be interesting and at least somewhat mass appeal.

At the bottom of every “intel” you submit is the ability to put in “external links” gives links to your website as a bio box does, but you don’t have the ability to put in any information about your website or yourself – the “bio box” just consists of links.

So far, it just sounds like an average article directory…but here’s where it gets interesting.

For every piece of intel you submit or rate as a peer-editor, you get Qassia dollars…as of this article, I have $22,560. No, it’s not “real” money…but it serves the purpose of promoting your website and driving you traffic.

The content you submit does NOT have to be unique, as long as you somehow have rights to it. They prefer unique content and give more Qassia dollars for it – but you can submit intel that you simply own private label rights to and easily rack up dollars

At the current time it doesn’t look like you “spend” your Qassia dollars – it’s just there to calculate your net worth. The higher your net worth, the more exposure you’re going get on Qassia, so they explain – plus you’ll get backlinks and additional traffic from submitting intel, so there’s really no reason to not try to rack up as much as you can.

If you’re in the top 50 of all the top contributors to Qassia, you get to be in the “Top 50” column on the left hand side…home page backlink from a PR 4 website, anyone? (And page rank is bound to increase as the site becomes more popular…)

The best thing about Qassia, though, is that it’s 100% free. But…you can only join by invitation or if you get referred by someone else. Luckily, I have your invitation right here:

(Note: You must sign up through the link above if you wish to join Qassia. It’s 100% free.)

There’s a lot more I could explain about it…but it’s best if you just go in and poke around yourself.

Join now and you can submit as many sites as you want into Qassia…keep in mind that your net worth is divided amongst all your sites, so if you want to try to make the Top 50 list you’ll want to only promote 1 to 2 websites when you first start out.

Rate intel and submit it to boost your net value…then reap the traffic! Enjoy!