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Want to Create a Membership Site?

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if you want to create a membership site you do not need expensive software. In fact, you can do it using basic tools.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Free Business Model video. In that free video, you’ll find out that it doesn’t take more than a PayPal account and an autoresponder.

That’s right…

You can fill up an autoresponder then sell access to your high quality emails. The reason is that people are willing to pay for good information. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a blog or via email. All that matters is that the information flows.

Now, if you want something a bit more sophisticated, you can buy the very affordable Instant Membership Site Creator.

If you want to easily create a memberhship site, it’s a no brainer. You can password protect pages, create a simple signup form, automatically create unique user IDs and passwords, and even build up your list. The Instant Membership Site Creator makes it deadly simple.

So, those are two simple ways to create membership web sites. It really isn’t that hard. Even if you’re just getting started in internet marketing, it can be pretty easy. And imagine how much money you can pull in from members outside of internet marketing. It’s really quite easy.

Here are a few example membership web sites to get your creative juices flowing:

By the way, after you create a membership site, you can create affiliates out of thin air. Well, not literally, but you can really get some folks excited since memberships offer residual income. Affiliates love that.

Here’s the Simple Cash Blog affiliate program as an example for you. The beauty of this affiliate program is that you don’t have to sell anything. You just sign up and then send people to a totally free video. The conversions on this are obviously huge. Everyone wins.

So, if you’re thinking about creating a membership site, you know exactly what to expect. It’s all about having the right information. It doesn’t have to be hard. And, it should certainly fill your pockets with cash.

$10,000 In One Weekend. (Yes, Really.)

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Hey guys,

Just 3 days ago we launched The Offline Cash Formula. It’s a 2 hour
video series that explains exactly how to use your internet
marketing skills to make a killing offline.

We’ve already made a ton of money from these killer videos. But now,
I’m not sure how much more we’re going to make because…

I’m giving it to you.


I know that doesn’t make any sense. Give me a minute and I’ll
explain why I’m handing over The Offline Cash Formula. I promise
that I will clearly explain how to download all 6 videos today.

I hope you’re still with me. There’s some pretty serious stuff in
this email. Hang with me if you’re interested in making $5,000 in
one day.

(Seriously. And, that’s a low number.)


We know that many people reading this blog are desperate to
succeed online. We’ve talked to at least 100 desperate internet
marketers. Some of them are new to the business whereas some
others have been around for years.

No matter how you slice it, the issue is that these people don’t
really know to sell. They don’t really know how to market even
when they are pulling down hundreds of dollars every month.


Here’s what’s going on. Many people understand the ideas. Let’s
face it, most internet marketing ideas are simple. Or, if they
aren’t simple they can be simplified. I know because that’s what we
do and people love it.

In any event, here’s the lesson: Just because you know the tools
and the tactics, that doesn’t mean you know how to sell. And when
I say “sell” I mean pull in $1,000 in a weekend by writing a short
email in less than 30 minutes.

You see, selling is about relationships. It’s about working with
people and networking. 9 times out of 10 that means that you
just need to help people solve some problem. No joke, that’s what
selling is all about.

What does this have to being “desperate”?

That’s simple. If you know how to sell you’ll never be desperate
again. You’ll never have your proverbial “back against the wall”
because you can *automatically* generate money by selling.

Easy selling. Fast selling. Simple selling.

** Hungry buyers! **

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve crafted a simple email in
just 30 minutes, emailed it, and pulled in $400-500. I’m talking
about hitting small, niche lists with a great offer.

Now, let me change gears just a little…

If you want to pull in $10,000 in just 1-2 days, you need a magic
bullet, right? I’ve talked about making $500-1000 by using some
email marketing and a small list. But, to make $10K, I’d need a
huge list, right?

Here’s the answer: No, you do NOT need a huge list.

I know that’s hard to believe. I know that when I used to read
claims like that my brain would shut down. I mean, you can’t
believe it, right? “It’s impossible!”

But, I’m telling you —

It’s possible. It’s possible because I’ve done it. I’ve made as much
as $24K for about 30 hours of work over 2 weeks. I’ve made $17K
in about one month for about 45 hours of work.

I’ve done it by working offline.

And get this, you can make that kind of money in a weekend too.

Interested to learn more?

It’s about going … offline.


A couple of minutes ago I mentioned The Offline Cash Formula.
I’m going to make one thing very clear to you…

The reason we put together The Offline Cash Formula video
series is because we realized that many people don’t know how
to use their skills to make money offline.

It isn’t really that hard.

OK, it does take some work. You have to talk to people. You have
to visit them and shake hands. You have to make sure that you’re
prepared. Yes, you’ve got to do a little work.

But —

You have to do less work … to make MORE money. To be even
more clear, you can actually sell the *exact* services to people
and business offline but make 5-10 times the amount of cash.

This is absolutely true. Here’s a small example. The “going price”
for a 500 word article online is, let’s say, about $10. But, a 500
word article to a business offline is $25-50, if not more. These
people need content for brochures, newsletters, and all that.
And they hire “pros” to write it for $100-200. You’re a bargain.

Hold on. That’s still not “$10K in a weekend” — right? That’s
true, but you have to admit that making $25-50 per article you
write is far better than $5-10 per article to online buyers.

(Note: I’ve just given you a simple business model to follow.
If you want to stop reading, that’s cool. But next, I’m going to
talk about making a real killing offline.)

So, what’s *really* going on here? How can you make $10K
in a weekend offline?

It’s simple: Sell what you know. Sell what you do online. And
what does THAT mean? It’s even more simple: Teaching.

Take a look at this to immediately learn more…


Still reading, eh? Smart move…

I know you’re serious —

So I want to get this out of the way…

If you’re reading this email right now, and you’re understanding
my key points, you have all the knowledge you need to sell a
seminar to hungry business owners. They want to know what
you know about online marketing for their offline businesses.

It’s that easy —

And get a load of this, I’m now going to explain how you can
get an entire “teaching course” for a fraction of what you can
make in a lazy weekend. Someone has done virtually *all*
the work for you…

They’ve even put together the sales templates, PowerPoint
material, freebies, and more. In other words, they’ve created
the entire course that *you* can teach PLUS all the marketing
material to pull in people — putting $10K or more in your

You’ll never feel desperate again if you can teach offline…

Click the link above if you want a true “Business in a Box”
That’s not hype. (Yeah, there’s some hype on their sales
page, but they back it up.)


Still diggin’ ?

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical. There’s so much noise out
there and most of what is sold is junk.

We can’t stand it. So, we don’t really promote anything but
our own products and services. But when you see that
someone else has done great work and offers it up for
a great price — you’ve got to jump on it.

And, that’s what I’m doing here. I’m telling you that two women
(Rachel Rofe and Jaime Mintun) have put together a killer
training package that you can use to run an offline seminar
on how to do marketing online.

Businesses are dying for this stuff.

It sells itself.

But, are you worried that you don’t have the skills or knowledge
to run a teaching seminar to local businesses? That’s fair. I
know that it might seem intimidating.

Stop worrying —

I’m happy to say that Rachel and Jaime have really done the
work for you. And, I love this part — they explain some real
magic — they explain how to ** outsource everything. **

You can be the puppet master, pulling the strings, and pulling
in $10K or more by teaching…through other people. “They”
can run and even market the seminar for you. Everything you
need to be successful can be done by other people, and they
explain it to you — detail by detail.

Let’s pause just for a second…

If you’re thinking this course is $1K or even $2K, you’re wrong.
I know that what I’m saying keeps driving the value up. Yes, the
value is sky high but you’ll be shocked at their price. If I was in
charge of the pricing, it would be at least $1,000 given what they
have done for you.

Ready to run your first offline seminar? It’s simple…

The course they provide includes all the pieces to the puzzle —

They don’t tell you *exactly* what to say, word by word, but
it’s pretty close. They give you an agenda. They tell you what
your students will ask and what they’ll want to know. They even
give you materials to teach the course itself. It’s not a “How To”
because they literally give you what you need to run the course.
In other words, it ain’t theory or ideas — it’s hands on material.

(They’ve even put together 10 reports that you can use for
pre-selling your students. It’s *that* complete.)


Hey, you still skeptical? Well …

If you want to watch and listen to someone who has used this
course hands on, then you’ve got to see this video…


Charles actually made $15K before he even did his seminar.
It’s a short “real world” video that gives you real confidence.
I mean, if Charlie can do it —

You can make huge money offline too. I’m telling you that
I’ve done it by providing information and doing consulting
to some small and large corporate clients. There’s a ton of
money offline and for a small investment you can get all the
materials you need too.

You can pull down $10K in a weekend. Sure, you might
have to do 15-20 hours of work in total (gasp!) but is that
really too hard? That’s about $500 per hour — cash.

Want to hear from even more people?

OK, I’ve got that covered…

There are many more testimonials on Rachel’s and Jaime’s
offer page. This is very real … it’s working for a lot of people:



Well, I’ve got one more thing for you…

I want to give you some bonuses. The first bonus is the
perfect compliment to the course…

And, as promised…

I’m going to give you The Offline Cash Formula if you choose
to invest in “Make $10K In A Weekend” — I’m handing you my
$47 video series because it makes complete sense…

The “Make $10K In A Weekend” course is a specific way to
make money offline. Our Offline Cash Formula video series
expands offline concepts even more. I offer you at least 5 more
business models. (More, really…)

And, I’ve got another huge bonus for you. When you purchase
“Make $10K In A Weekend” I’m going to give you one full year
of access to the Simple Cash Blog, which is our flagship
internet marketing membership.

That’s a value of $324. And, to put it another way…

The two bonuses are worth $371.

How do you claim the bonuses once you’ve bought the course?
That’s easy. First, you have to buy through this link:


Then, just send me an email with your name and email address.
I’ll send you The Offline Cash Formula and the “secret link” to
sign up to the Simple Cash Blog for a year … for nothing. Bam!

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Inside the Simple Cash Blog we have over 30 downloads,
hundreds of members in our forum, 10 solid business models,
and more. You can use that knowledge to expand your online
and now … offline empire.

How to Make Money Offline

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In a previous blog posting I talked about online and offline marketing. In this blog posting I’m going to talk about how to make money offline by exploiting your online marketing skills. In effect, you’re going to learn about selling your services to businesses offline. It’s easy as pie!

Most internet marketers don’t realize how valuable their online skills are to people doing business offline. To put it another way, most online marketers are only familiar with very low prices. For example, it’s pretty easy to find 500-800 word articles for $5-15. And to be perfectly clear, I’m talking about high quality, original articles. This is not about buying PLR articles or otherwise using PLR.

If you’re an internet marketer and you want to know how to make money offline, the answer is very simple. You really just need to interact with business owners in the “real world” and let them know what you do. You would explain that you drive traffic, write articles, market with videos, build lists, and so forth.

Of course your sales pitch wouldn’t be about the marketing methods. It would be about the results that you offer to offline businesses. You wouldn’t talk about driving traffic to a web site you’d talk about getting people to a web site so that they could get directions, find a business, and buy goods offline. In simple terms, you would explain the benefits not the techniques and methods.

Here’s a real example that we have outlined in the Offline Cash Formula. You would first tell an offline business owner that you could build up a list of people for them. The list might be a simple announcement list which the offline business could use to electronically (email) distribute to coupons.

So, how would you make money from this? Let’s take a look…

You would use an autoresponder service to set this up. You’d create the form, you’d manage the email distribution, you’d provide “free” content and so on. This will all be part of a customer list building service you’d offer to an offline business owner. You could charge by the number of people on the list. Or, you could charge a flat fee. There are other pricing models you could use too. What matters is that you see how you can use your online marketing skills to generate money offline.

In the Offline Cash Formula I spend a lot of time talking about pricing because it’s so important. I know that it can be tricky so let me give you some guidance now. As a rule of thumb, I recommend that you charge 5-10 times the amount to offline businesses that you charge online.

Given this price difference, imagine doing some outsource flipping. You can buy an article online via outsourcing for $10 but then you should be able to resell that original content to a “real world” business for at leat $50. Anything less than $25 is a seriously bad business decision. This disparity allows you to pay $10 to make at least $25. That’s $15 in profit for virtually zero work. This is exactly how you can make money offline again and again.

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. You could very easily buy and sell PLR to offline businesses. For example, you could join a high quality PLR membership (e.g., Simple PLR Club or PLR Newsletters) and then you could use or sell that content to offline businesses who crave content for their newsletters. This is very much like Quadrant 4 that I described yesterday.

Online and Offline Marketing (Part 1)

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In this blog entry I’ll explain the four dimensions of online and offline marketing. Simply put, here are the options you have:

  1. You can use online tools to sell online
  2. You can use online tools to sell offline
  3. You can use offline tools to sell offline
  4. You can use off-line tools to sell online

There’s essentially a matrix here, where one dimension is how you sell and the other dimension is where you sell. To make this easy to understand here are the four quadrants spelled out with some examples.

Quadrant 1: Internet marketers and online marketers typically think of using online tools to sell online. For example, an internet marketer might use YouTube to drive traffic to an information product sales page. So, in this case, you’re selling online and your buyers are online.

Quadrant 2: The second quadrant of online and offline marketing is to use online tools to sell goods offline. For example, an online marketer might use a blog to drive traffic to an information page which includes contact information and directions to a store offline. This is using the web to drive business in “meatspace” or the real world.

Quadrant 3: The third quadrant of online and offline marketing is what many people would call traditional marketing. Simply put, that would be using offline sales methods to drive offline sales. A simple example would be to place an ad in a newspaper (e.g., coupon) to get people to buy something in a store in the real world. “Get $2.00 off of brand XYZ dog food!”

Quadrant 4: The final dimension is the one few people talk about. It’s quite possible to use offline marketing to drive sales online. Many internet marketers haven’t yet figured this out. Here’s an example to make a concrete. You could use a local newspaper, many of which are free or low-cost, to drive people to buy something online such as an information product or how-to manual. This is quite lucrative if you have the skills.

Important: If you’re interested in learning more about using your internet marketing skills to make money in the “real world” then I strongly encourage you to learn more about the Offline Cash Formula. See how you can make 5-10 times the amount of money offline that you’re making onle for the same effort. (Actually, to be honest, it usually requires less effort. Find out why.)