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10x Method Launched

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I know why you aren’t making money online: You can’t focus on one thing at a time.

You cannot keep your attention on just one thing. Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on the Next Big Thing. Maybe you’re confused about what you need to do, or where to start. Maybe you don’t have the right right goals and objectives.

But ultimately, you aren’t focused. You’re not 100% heads down. You’re not dedicated to one thing.


With the help of my brother, I created a video that explains The 10x Method. It’s 100% free and there aren’t strings attached.

It’s all about focus…

And, if you want more free information, you can sign up for our 10x Newsletter. We give you a free guide when you do that. Again, there aren’t any strings attached.

Yes, we do offer up a full-blown report but you do NOT have to buy it. There’s zero pressure. I mean that.

So, if you just can’t focus and if you can’t make money online, then please watch The 10x Method video.


Humans like to try new things. We all like new experiences. The problem is that if you float from one thing to the next you can’t make money online, let alone build a business. It’s the focus and dedication that make it all work.

But there is a solution…

If you’re anything like me you keep doing things that are rewarding. This is how humans operate. When we’re rewarded we just keep pushing forward.

You can use this to your advantage to make money and start your online business. It works like this —

1. Find something that works; get some cash flowing
2. Do that “something” again and again

Now, if you can’t find something that works then here’s my advice: Move on! Most people will tell you to “keep working at it!” but I’m telling you the opposite. GIVE UP!

Feels good to give up, doesn’t it. That’s because the monkey is off your back. You’re free!


To succeed you must know when you’ve failed. But, one failure is trivial. It means nothing. All you need to do is follow your instincts. Quit and float around more. Flutter around like a little butterfly in the wind.

When you land, give that new “something” a try. If you don’t make money and you’re not happy: GIVE UP!

However — this is important!if you do succeed, then keep focused. If you pull down any cash, just keep going. If not, acknowledge that you lost one battle but that there are many others to fight.

Fortunately, this is much easier than it sounds. You won’t be tempted to keep floating around because the cash is flowing. You’re rewarded. Maybe you found a great affiliate program. Maybe you’re now freelancing. Maybe you’re great at selling PLR products.

It doesn’t matter what works for “them” — what matters is what works for you. Float, float, float. When you finally find the right thing, then focus. And, be richly rewarded. Be happy because you’ve found your way home.


The 10x Method video explains all of this in a lot more. If you feel lost or overwhelmed then you owe it to yourself to watch the video.

Float over to it now…

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

Review of the Simple Cash Blog

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Kevin Smithurst has an incredible story about the Simple Cash Blog that I want to share with you. I’ve invited Kev to be a guest blogger on — This is something that everyone will enjoy.

~ John

— — — — —

Up until a few months ago i was just a regular guy with a regular 9-5 job and running the rat race day in and day out with no real direction in my life.

I have always been a “computer geek”, most of my spare time was spent sat in front of the computer. I came across Internet marketing and quickly realised there was a whole lot more to life than working my butt of every day and earning just enough money to live.

As with most people who are new to Internet marketing i would buy just about anything i saw that promised to make me $xx in xx days. I built up quite a collection over my first few weeks online.

This was a big mistake!

I would buy a report or an ebook, read it, absorb everything in it and go of and start a new project to implement these new ground breaking tactics.


Another great ebook or report would be released, everyone would jump on the bandwagon and i would follow. And again i would start a new project for this method.

Can you guess what happened after a couple of weeks?

I ended up with masses of information, several projects that i had started and not finished, and i hadn’t made a single dollar online.

I didn’t know where to turn next. I was totally confused as to which direction i should go in, there was so many different options. When it comes to making decisions like this i’m totally useless, i just wanted someone to tell me what i should do and which direction i should go in.

I decided to find someone who was already successful and use them as my guide if you like. There were a couple of reports i had purchased from the warrior forum special offers which stuck in my mind for one reason and another, and the authors were John and Matt Rhodes.

While doing some digging on “The Rhodes Brothers” in google i came across “The simple cash blog“. One of the Rhodes brothers flagship memberships. Having already purchased their other reports i had to get in on this one too. I was already a big fan of their work so i knew if anyone could help me make it online it was these guys.

After signing up i gained access to the private members area within minutes. You only have to scan the first page to realise just how much they have packed into this site. Its difficult to describe just how much value there is in here, to say they over-deliver is an under statement. After browsing the main members area like a kid in a sweet shop for a good few hours i decided to take a look at the Simple Cash Blog forums.

Now let me tell you, this is far from what you expect from a small forum hidden away in a members area. This forum was alive and kicking to say the least, over six hundred members posting nothing but valuable content daily, this was just the icing on the cake for what i can only describe as the best investment i have made to date!

A lot of sales letters for Internet marketing products are full of hype and BS, to be honest. Let me tell you now, EVERYTHING you read on the simple cash blog sales page is 110% spot on. When it says you will be making money fast, that is exactly what it means.

If you are like i was several months ago, overloaded with information, pulled in one hundred and one different directions and no idea what great “way to make money online” method to chase next then i strongly urge you to stop what you are doing right now, and head on over to the simple cash blog. I promise you will never look back, i haven’t!

Kevin Smithurst
How to Make Extra Money Online

How to Search Twitter

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If you want to know how to search Twitter you’ve come to the right place. This is the biggest, baddest more awesomest list in the entire world on searching Twitter. Really!

(Yes, I know that Summize was bought by Twitter. But, there are still many other ways to search Twitter and discover great stuff and new people to follow. You can learn all about trends and fads by using other tools. In short, this list of Twitter search tools is still important and relevant despite the Summize buyout.)

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How to Search Twitter

1. Summize Grade: A+

“Search Twitter conversations in realtime – discover what people are doing right now.”

One of my favorite Twitter tools. This is the TWitter search engine to beat. Special note: Twitter bought Summize and it’s now Twitter branded.

Note 1: Create Twitter Search Feeds in FeedDemon
Note 2: Twitter Search

2. Tweetscan A-

“Tweet Scan is a real-time search engine for Twitter. We index all public messages on Twitter so you can find the conversations, people, and tweets you want. You can search by keyword, author, and date with results available via email, RSS, and Twhirl.”

Includes wiki and a blog. Niiice.

3. Twitter Fan Wiki Grade: A

“We’ve set this up as a place to post cool ideas, uses and feature requests for Twitter.”

This is an outstanding way to find stuff on Twitter and about Twitter. I highly recommend this web site.

4. Twubble Grade: A-

“Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.”

Automagic to use. Fun. Fast. Pretty good discovery tool if you’re just starting out. If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, it’s a little less powerful.

Note: Crazy Bob

5. Twitscoop Grade: B+

“Through an automated algorithm, twitscoop crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentionned more often than usual.”

Pretty cool way to discover information via a unique tag cloud display. Great way to get a feel for Twitter buzz; somewhat addictive.

6. TwitBuzz Grade: B+

“Twitbuzz is a new content filtering service that tracks and follows the latest popular links, conversations and people on Twitter. Twitbuzz addresses the desperate need for management of twitters vastly expanding social frenzy and organizes information appropriately and effectively based on a proprietary scoring algorithm. Twitbuzz prides itself on having high information relevancy and is competitive with other services in the space.”

What I like about this is the “Top Buzzing Links” section. Create way to find popular links on Twitter. Bravo! But, nothing too special beyond the Buzzing links.

7. Twitag Grade: B+

“Twitag is a #tag finder for Twitter Our goal is to facilitate and organize the most recent content tagged by users.”

This is a unique Twitter search engine which I like. It’s useful for really digging into Twitter. Could be quite useful for advanced users. Gives value to folks who hash like crazy.

8. TwitDir Grade: B

“A Twitter directory”

I love the Top 100 items they carry: Top 100 Followed, Top 100 Updaters, Top 100 Favoriters, Top 100 Followers. Very cool and useful if you love lists.

9. Twitter Search (Google custom channel) Grade: B

“A search engine that scans Twitter”

This is a Google custom search meaning that it’s not the “official” Google search. Nevertheless, it works well, exploiting Google’s search technology and indexing.

10. Flaptor’s Twitter Search Grade: B-

Plain vanilla, somewhat slow Twitter search engine. Unique feature: You can install the search plugin in your browser.

11. Twellow Grade: B-

“ is currently grabbing publicly available messages from the micro-blogging service. We then analyze and categorize each of the users responsible for those messages into the various categories found at By adding these people to specific categories we help you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for.”

Currently in “alpha” mode and unclear about long term viability.

12. TwitterTroll Grade: B-

“ is the coolest real-time Twitter search engine!”

I find interesting stuff when I search but not what I would call perfect matches. This is a nice place to visit from time to time to find goodies in the nooks and crannies.

Note: TwitterTroll Creator on Twitter

13. TwitterMap’s Twitter Search Grade: C+

One of the early Twitter search tools. Was great when it first launched but not as serious or as robust as newer Twitter search tools and web sites.


* 10 Simple Twitter Secrets
* Fast and Simple Web 2.0 Traffic System

Offline Cash Formula Testimonial

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This is an Offline Cash Formula testimonial. It’s really something amazing.

I purchased your series of videos Offline Cash Formula which has become my bible 😉 and proceeded to follow your instructions.In the last couple of weeks I have signed up four small local businesses, I have outsourced the web design, the article writing, the blog writing, I have set up the domains, hosting and autoresponders and worked with them on free reports or a series of articles to get their customers to opt-in. We still have a long way to go and at this time I am not expensive, no one has argued at all about the $1500.00 price tag especially when I tell them I am just setting up my business so they are getting the start up price.

I have a maintenance program starting at $100.00 a month and if they do not see results within 6 months (providing they also do some work) then I will give them another 6 months maintenance for free Without exception they all thought this was a good deal.

So, the Offline Cash Formula has made Lizzie $6,000 this month plus she’s going to pull down $400 per month very limited amounts of work. This is the power of taking your online skills and using them with local businesses. If you know how to grab that business, you can make a killing.

Here’s the truth: There’s not much in the world better than helping other people make a lot of money online.

~ John

p.s. The Offline Cash Formula is a series of 6 videos, 2 hours in length. We also give you a 96 page transcript including very useful screenshots. There are several bonuses on top of that. Imagine what you would do with $6K per month. It’s something that you can do today.

Offline Cash Formula

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(Maybe you just want to jump right into The Offline Cash Formula?)

At this point in my life I can safely say that I’ve made more money doing business offline in the “real world” than doing business online. I’ve made most of my money by working for other people but here’s a real secret…

My highest profit has come from consulting while working offline.

I’ve made a ton of money by running my own businesses and selling my brainpower directly to my customers. When I’ve worked directly for companies I don’t make as much as I do when I directly consult. Yes, I make a lot of money, but nothing like my consulting. It’s really that simple. I know that the vast majority of internet marketers would say exactly the same thing.

Before I go on, let me make my points above extremely clear. First, most of the money I’ve made has been made offline. There’s a lot of money offline. Second, my highest profit margins offline have come from selling consulting services to my customers. That is, working for myself. The return on investment — hour for hour — is incredible.

What does this have to do with internet marketing?


Here’s the scoop. Most offline, real world businesses are clueless about internet marketing. This isn’t an attack. It’s an observation on business. These business are also used to paying big money for advertising, marketing services, internet work, and more.

But, there’s more. You see, these companies could easily dominate local markets simply by getting online the right way. Everything you know as an internet marketer is of very high value to local businesses. Better still, you can easily charge a lot of money to small and medium businesses because the value you can provide is so insane.

Think about all of this. Soak it all up. What I’m saying is that your online marketing skills are extremely value to small, local businesses. Therefore, you can pull down serious cash offline by selling and exploiting online marketing services.

I hope that you’re excited about this. I’m telling you point blank that you can make a killing by using the skills you already have. And, how about this. Even if YOU don’t have the skills, you know the topics and domains. You also know how to outsource the work and deliver real value. Again, this allows you to pull down thousands of dollars per month.

If you think I’m kidding, I just got an email from one our our students. She was able to easily “sell” (zero effort) some marketing services to 4 offline companies. She also sold them service, content and maintenance contracts. In total, she painlessly sold $6,000 worth of services. So also now makes $400 per month doing minor updates. I’ve estimated that she’s outsourcing about 90% of the work. Talk about making a killing, right?

Up until this point I wanted to get you excited about making cash offline. You can trust me when I say that it is possible to exploit your online marketing skills to generate a lot of business in the real world. It can be done. It is being done by a lot of internet marketers right now.

If you are interested in learning more about making money online by helping small local businesses then you’ll want to check out a 2 hour video we put together called The Offline Cash Formula. It also comes with a 96 page transcript so you can print it out and read everything as many times as you want.

I’m not going to hype The Offline Cash Formula. There’s no point. It’s for people who are serious about exploiting their skills and brainpower in the real world. It’s pretty obvious that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Read more…

~ John

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