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Kevin Riley Products and Reports

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Our friend Kevin Riley creates great information products. His reports are simple and easy to follow. This is because he generates “recipes” which are step-by-step formulas. Great stuff, works like magic. (We love simple.)

Just a couple of days ago I went looking for all of Kevin’s information products and reports. I could only find a few with each search that I did. So, I decided to create a list of every single product from Kevin Riley and post it here for you.

I’ve also added a rating next to each product based on my own experience. I haven’t bought all of his stuff, so I’ll just say “N/A” next to those. I’m sure they’re fine, but I can’t give you my recommendation.


As you can see from my ratings, most of Riley’s products are excellent. All of them are at least “good” and there’s real value. He doesn’t pump out fluff reports.

By the way, keep in mind that you can easily apply the 10x Method to Kevin Riley’s products. Find something that works for you then make a killing online.

10x Method Reviews

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The 10x MethodThe 10x Method has really taken off in the last month. It’s a 20 minute video that explains exactly how to make money online using many different internet marketing techniques.

What’s beautiful is that it works for anyone. This is because the 10x Method encourages you to find what works for you. You can go from one project to the next but still make money. You can try many different things and succeed — affiliate marketing, product launches, private label rights, article marketing, memberships, and anything else. Once you find what works, you stick with it and make 10 times the amount of money.

I want to help you learn about the 10x Method. Instead of trying to explain it more or promote it myself, I want you to see what other people are saying about it. This blog posting reveals several 10x Method reviews.

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Read the reviews…

The 10x Method Article Cash Machine System — “Have you ever feel lost when you want to make money online? You don’t have to worry since most people always get lost and by applying the 10xMethod strategy, you will never ever get lost again.”

10x Method Review — “The 10x Method is incredibly simple in its technique but I believe it’s going to be a breakthrough moment for many people still struggling to make a steady income on the internet. Why? Because it tackles the problem of lack of focus head on and uses the habit of bouncing from one money making opportunity to the next. It actually incorporates your lack of focus into the technique with an interesting but simple twist that will have you finally making a steady—and then explosive—income online.”

13 Sure Fire Ways To Make Money On The Internet — “The truth is you can make any kind of sale and money if you know the right way. Try The 10x Method Article Cash Machine System and you can easily earn $1000 per month for every month without fail just by spending 1 hour of your time every day.”

The 10x Method Review — “The 10x Method is unbelievably simple. The Rhodes Brothers do not advocate any particular program. They simply show you how to keep it simple. By keeping it simple, you are focused and dedicated. This is cutting age because, the bane of most beginning and even intermediate marketers in the problem of floating from one project to another because the gurus say so, and not allowing projects to mature before they embark on the next best thing. They do not choose programs based on what is working and what they like and can do, but on what the gurus suggest. The 10x Method instead, shows you how to take any program that is working for you, be it affiliate marketing or article marketing, it does not matter. You simply take what is working for you, and you scale it up 10 times. Simple!”

Using Free Resources to Make Money on the Internet — “‘The 10x Method’ by The Rhodes Brothers provides guidance to create a solid business plan for online business. It offers simple detailed systematic guidance, including massive amounts of screenshots. It designed to work with only one hour of (easy) effort per day for 30 days. The report will show you how to work with 100% free resources to build a real business.”

Special Video! Affiliate Internet Marketing Business Online — “The 10x Method works because SIMPLE works. All it takes is finding what works for you and use the 10x Method to create huge streams of income, then replicate the process all over again. You don’t need any new Guru techniques, you don’t need the latest eBook, you don’t need any new software tools. Even if you’ve made little to no money with your online business, you really can implement the 10x Method to either start making a large, steady income or to grow your current income.”

How to Run a Garage Sale

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How to Run a Garage SaleIn this article I’m going to give you some great tips on how to run a garage sale. In addition to these garage sale tips, I’m going to give you some general marketing advice. Let’s get started…

1. Be sure to give every single item a price. Don’t make people guess. Add some certainty. Make sure your labels are easy to read; small writing isn’t allowed.

2. Use tables. Lot’s and lot’s of tables. This keeps your stuff off the floor. This makes at-a-glance shopping much easier. People don’t like to lean or bend down, especially older shoppers. Plus, stuff on the floor gets kicked and broken.

3. Lay books and magazines flat. (Another reason for using tables.) People like to see covers not just the spines of books. This same lesson applies to CDs and DVDs. You use up real estate but your sales will be 2-3 times as high.

4. Cluster similar things together. Reel people into a book or CD section for example. Make it easy to browse your stuff.

5. My biggest tip is that you should sell food and drinks. This can be very simple. Buy a case of bottled water and 2-3 dozen donuts. You’ll sell a ton. Get creative about the food you sell; this works like magic.

6. Be sure to say “Hello!” to every single person. Make eye contact and smile. This will drive up your sales. Human contact pulls people in and makes them more likely to purchase.

OK, now I’m going to give you three internet marketing lessons. You can learn a lot about online marketing when you look at how to run a garage sale.

1. You have to know WHY you are having a garage sale. Are you selling to make money or are you really selling to reduce your inventory. This is important with online selling too — what is your real goal? Are you trying to build up a customer list or make a ton of money right now? Low priced items will help you build a list fast than high priced items, for example.

2. You need to know your audience. People at garage sales are looking for great deals. They are also open to haggling for lower prices or volume discounts. Online you can do the same thing. “If you buy this product, I’ll give you this one for nothing.” Think about bonuses that compliment your main product. Be smart about grouping items together for maximum value.

3. Make it easy to buy. I gave a couple of examples above about grouping items together, making it easy to find prices, and laying items flat for easy viewing. The same concepts holds online. Use images smartly. Use headers and subheaders to group content together. Use boldface to highlight key ideas and concepts.

Good luck with your garage sale and internet marketing adventures!

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Be sure to review our marketing services. We can help you make more money online starting today. We make thousands of dollars per month — can can you.

p.p.s. If you want to make a lot more money in the “real world” then do not miss the Offline Cash Formula. Some of our clients are making $5K or more per month, without much work.

What is PDF Rebranding?

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PDF RebrandingPDF rebranding is pretty simple to understand if you’re given an example to follow. I’ll do that in just a minute. First, let me explain a couple of key concepts then I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

PDF rebranding is used by internet marketers to create viral marketing campaigns. The central idea is that someone gives away (or sells) a rebrandable PDF report which can be updated or “tagged” with an affiliate ID. Then, that rebranded report is given away or sold in an attempt to get affiliate sales.

Why Does This Work?

The product owner wins by getting people very excited by the opportunity to give away a product and make sales. The product owner will have his rebranded reports all over the place, all with links back to his main product page or membership site.

The affiliate giving away the rebranded report wins because he’s got a very nice sales tool (free rebranded report). This makes his life much easier. He just hands out the rebranded PDF like candy to his blog readers and folks on his list.

In this way, the product owner and affiliate work together to make the product go viral. That simply means that the PDFs will start showing up all over the place. Of course this doesn’t always happen since the PDFs might be buried or hidden, with people only coming from links in mailing lists.

An Example of PDF Rebranding in Action

Nothing helps people understand PDF rebranding better than a real example. I decided that the best way to make it clear was to give you a high quality report to rebrand.

Start by downloading How To Make $5,000+ Per Month With Your Own Simple Membership Site. There are three files in that .zip file: (1) The Read Me, (2) The rebranding software, and (3) The rebrandable report. Be sure to read the Read Me first. It’s very clear.

Note: Be sure to grab your Simple Cash Blog affiliate link right now. (It’s very easy. We use ClickBank.) The report has links in it back to the Simple Cash Blog, which you’ll be rebranding.

Again, the Read Me makes this very easy to understand. I’m just giving you a headstart by pointing to the Simple Cash Blog affiliate link generation page.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. I almost forgot to give you this…

Here’s a link to Viral PDF <== Yes that's an affiliate link. But, I feel comfortable promoting it since it’s what we use. It’s such a power tool.

What is Internet Marketing?

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What is internet MarketingWe tell a lot of people that we’re internet marketers. But, what does that mean exactly? What is internet marketing? What do you really need to know?

There are many definitions for internet marketing. Normally I’d try to simplify things, like I would do for one of my friends or family members. But, I know you’re interested in internet marketing, and you want some details — that’s why you’re here.

So, I’ll start with a few simple ideas then I’ll build up. In many respects, internet marketing is simply another way of saying online marketing, online business, or work-at-home internet business. The core idea is that you’re using a computer and an internet connection to generate money.

Not Just Work from Home

You don’t have to work at home to be an internet marketer. Many IM’ers, as they are called, work for large organizations, marketing companies, and research firms. The central idea is that internet marketers do marketing online, usually in an effort to advertise, pull in buyers, and ultimately sell products and services.

So, here are the two key ideas summarized:

  • Most of the work is done online via the web
  • Most of the work is marketing and sales related

As a quick aside, internet marketing isn’t only about search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, or any other particular technology. Yes, technology is always in the mix, but internet marketing is more about the tactics, strategies, and methods to do business online.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be fooled into thinking that internet marketing is one single thing. It’s a complex clustering of tools and techniques. And, internet marketers pick and choose what works best for them. Some internet marketers use 1-2 tools whereas others use the full spectrum. There’s not one secret or special technique which works for all internet marketers.

But, there’s more…

It’s All About Making Money Online

The heart of internet marketing is the set of actions and activities that make money for businesses, online and offline. In other words, when internet marketers talk about internet marketing, they care about one thing: making money.

Now, this might seem obvious, but internet marketers are both extremely focused and easily distracted. They are constantly looking for the Holy Grail of online cash: very little work, very high profits, and freedom.

Internet marketers therefore employ a number of tools and techniques to make money online. To make everything clear, I’ll provide several examples for you.

7 Internet Marketing Examples

eBay — Many internet marketers have used eBay as their key platform to make money online. Not only can they make money via auctions they can also use eBay to drive traffic to their sites. It’s also possible to build a customer list with eBay.

Article Marketing — With article marketing the idea is to write articles to make money. The “trick” is that you have an author bio box or author resource box. In that author credit box, you include links to your sites (e.g., sales pages, sign up pages, and so on). You can get traffic directly from article directories or from blogs and sites when people syndicate your content.

Affiliate Marketing — The concept of affiliate marketing is that you sell products for other people but you get a commission. Internet marketers often get at least 50% of the profits, but some internet marketers offer 70% commission or more.

Pay Per Click (PPC) — This is a way of driving traffic to a site via advertising. In most cases you bid on “keywords” which are the words and phrases people use to find content on search engines. The mother of all PPC systems is Google Adwords. The amount you pay per keyword or key phrase can range from just $0.01 per click through $50 or more.

Memberships — This is a more advanced internet marketing technique. You can set up a membership or club on a topic and then charge customers a fee for access. Usually memberships operate on a monthly basis, i.e., customers pay for access month by month. Although this is typically seen an an advanced online marketing technique, there are ways to set up simple memberships. Autoresponder memberships are a great example of simple yet effective memberships.

Offline Marketing — Internet marketers often make a lot of money by selling their services to small, local businesses. They still use online tactics to drive traffic, encourage people to make a purchase. Internet marketers can work with businesses offline on a pay-per-lead basis, setting up web 2.0 and social media tools, and more.

Private Label Rights (PLR) — Private label rights are “whitelabel” products, which means that the buyer has near complete control over the product. For example, you can purchase PLR products, do a little re-writing, and call the product your own in many cases. PLR is often affordable and effective. (Highly Recommended: Simple PLR Club)

We Keep It Simple

There are many other tools and strategies that comprise internet marketing. Honestly, I’ve only touched on the surface. I’ve kept this relatively jargon free and I tried to stay away from concepts like keyword analysis, squeeze pages, conversion ratios, web metrics, and the like.

We encourage people to try many different things but then focus once you see any money flow. Highly Recommended: Watch the free 10x Method video.

If you like this blog entry keep in mind that The Rhodes Brothers make everything as simple as possible. Our core objective is to help you make money online through internet marketing.

We have several affordable memberships and products to help you succeed. Yes, you can do it like “they” starting today.