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Meta Tag Description SEO Secrets

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Meta Tag Description SEOThe meta tag description is something that most people ignore when they are building web pages.

I’m not really sure why but most HTML description tags are weak. Below are some guesses why people don’t care.

First, some people just don’t understand the meta tag description tag. If you don’t understand something you don’t use it. Second, people assume that the tag is handled automagically by the blogging tool or content management system that they are using every day. Third, people don’t understand the benefits of a well-built description tag.

In this blog entry I’m going to explain some reasons why you want to spend some time crafting excellent meta tag descriptions. A big hint is that a good description tag can drastically increase your changes of search engine success.

Before I explain exactly how to use the description tag for SEO and internet marketing, I encourage you to read about it on the pages below. If you click away, remember to come back here to get some of my best tag secrets. (You do want to know my “spy” technique, right?)

There are many other meta tag description articles available. However, most of them ignore the two big tips I’m going to reveal right now.

The first meta tag secret is that you can do easy competitive research just by searching and reading through the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can see the sites, URLs, and descriptions for free. This is the magic I want to make sure you understand.

The descriptions you see on the SERPs are what the highest ranked sites are using to get Google love. It’s incredibly easy to use the words and phrases you see on the search results page. Those descriptions come directly from the HTML description tag. With this information you can easily craft incredible HTML description tags too.

But there’s more to this. The descriptions you see also give you a good idea about what keywords might be valuable and worth your research. To be very specific, you can find related words to your “core” keywords. These related words can also funnel into your latent semantic indexing plan. This is a $1,000 SEO tip that I have only shared a few times.

There’s another subtle reason why you want to have a well-crafted meta tag description. When people search for something using a keyword and they find your site on the SERPs, they will use that description to understand your site. It’s a branding thing.

Furthermore, many people first get “caught” by your title but then they read your description to make the final choice to click. Of course not all people are like this — but our research indicates that many people do behave this way. So, you want good usability of your HTML description tag.

The bottom line is that you can significantly increase your organic web traffic with smart HTML description tags. They aren’t a “magic cure” or “silver bullet” for SEO but they can give you a special edge.

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Internet Marketing Reseller Opportunity

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ProHealthMindSmart internet marketers are always looking for reseller opportunities. I’ll talk about a very special opportunity from the Rhodes Brothers, but first I want to help you understand how these things work.

Being a part of a reseller program is a lot like being part of an an internet marketing affiliate program, but there are some very important differences.

As an affiliate you don’t have the level of control you have as a reseller. You also don’t have as good a rapport with the people behind the scenes. But the biggest difference is that affiliates only get a cut of the profits whereas resellers can make 100% of the money.

(Note: 10x Method affiliates make 100% but that is very unusual.)

Affiliates don’t usually pay anything. An affiliate just hands out their link to people and they hope for a sale. In contrast, the best reseller programs hand over more of the profit to their partners. They make their money by asking for a flat fee for the right to sell.

Let’s take an example of an affiliate program and a reseller program. Pretend the product cost to end customers is $20. An affiliate might be able to make 50% of the sale, or $10. If there is a sale, they make that money and that’s all there is to it.

In contrast, a reseller might pay $100 per month for the right to resell that same product. That doesn’t sound too good at first, right? But consider that the reseller can make 100% of the sale, on every sale. They become a reseller with that in mind: They earn $20 for every sale. It’s all profit.

Which is better, affiliate marketing or being a product reseller? Just do the math using the scenario above. If you make 5 sales as an affiliate you will make $50. But as a reseller, you’d lose $50. That doesn’t sound too good at all.

But wait, let’s imagine 10 sales. The affiliate marketer would generate $100 but the reseller would earn $100 too. That’s not too bad. It gets better with more sales.

How much better?

Let’s really show where reselling opportunities make sense. If there are 20 sales, an affiliate would generate $200. However, the reseller would generate $350.

Affiliates always get a cut so they do well with low sales. But, resellers do much better as sales increase. They’re pulling down 100% of the profit and it doesn’t too long to break even and do substantially better than affiliate marketers.

Don’t get me wrong. Affiliate marketing is fantastic but many internet marketers are making a bundle by being resellers. I hope you see why becoming a reseller can be very rewarding.

But, there is one huge challenge. In fact, if you’re reading this blog posting there’s good chance that you didn’t know much about reseller programs. Or, if you did know about them, you’ve run into the big problem…

There aren’t many internet marketing reseller opportunities. We recognized this challenge so we decided to put something special together for our customers and coaching students. And, it’s something that you might be able to join.

But first, let me mention one more thing. We decided that we would create something outside of internet marketing. It’s in the $30 billion weight loss niche. Did you know that over 50 million people are trying to lose weight every year? (Who’s not on a diet?)

The answer is ProHealthMind, which is a wonderful community of people who care about losing weight naturally with the help of people who care about the environment, organic foods, and loving support. There’s nothing quite like it.

The reseller opportunity is pretty simple. Access to ProHealthMind is currently $10 per month. We do all of the work. You don’t have to do anything but drive traffic to the community. It’s a reseller’s dream come true. (The sales letter is killer too; high conversion rates like all of our products.)

In any event, you can sell access to ProHealthMind. Our reseller program gives you the right to sell access, just like we do. The beauty of this program — like all top reseller programs — is that you keep 100% of the profits.

The reseller plan is very simple. Every month you pay a small fee to have the right to sell access and claim all the profits from the members as your own. After just a few members join through your reseller link you break even, then it’s pure profit after that.

Right now it takes just 5 members to get you to break even, so it’s incredibly easy to make a lot of money. The beauty is that you don’t have to do any work with the membership — you simply drive traffic to the sales page using your reseller link. Yes, it’s that easy. We handle everything.

I do have to warn you. The ProHealthMind Reseller Program is limited to just 150 people. More and more people are grabbing this opportunity, because the numbers tell the story. It’s not hard to make hundreds or even thousands every month.

Keep in mind that ProHealthMind is a membership. People pay every single month to be members. So, once they are “in” you make money every month, for as long as they stay with the membership. As the membership grows, the value grows. This is an amazing, one-of-a-kind reseller opportunity.

I’m going to apologize in advance that the opportunity might be sold out by the time you read this blog entry. There are only 150 spots available and we will sell out. If it is sold out, please contact us and we’ll put you on our waiting list.

In summary, you can now see how reseller opportunities can provide you with a lot of cash, especially when memberships are involved. Affiliate marketing is great, but reseller programs often offer superior returns for internet marketers.

How to Survive a Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis If you want to know how to survive a financial crisis then you’ve come to the right place. Before I give you the secret I want to share a story with you.

This morning I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Of course I only saw the dentist for a few minutes. The rest of my time was spent with Gerry, the hygienist. She’s a great woman and loves to talk.

Before I knew it, we were talking to about the financial crisis and she was asking me how to get through it. I started talking about index funds, balancing your portfolio, regression to the mean, no load mutual funds, FDIC, and more. Then there was a deer-in-headlights look and I felt bad. At that moment I realized that she was very afraid.

Then something amazing happened. She asked if I would look at all her investment portfolio; Gerry was heading to “her guy” later in the day so the documentation was out in her car. She literally ran to her car and grabbed her IRA and investment information for me to look at. (It’s true!)

It’s astounding what people will do during a financial crisis. Fear is a powerful driver. Losing a huge chunk of your retirement in 2-3 days is painful. Fear and pain also drives unusual decisions, like people sharing intimate financial details with each other.

I told you this crisis story because it sets the stage for how I feel about it all. Like many people, I have a balanced portfolio, personal savings accounts, bonds, and more. And, like you, I care about my financial situation and the shocks in the stock market.

But —

I’m not as worried as most people. I’m going to share a secret with you. It’s something that will reward you forever if you really take it to heart and take action.

I’m very calm these days because I know that I can sell. Yes, I’m a salesman. This is very powerful and drives peace and harmony with my personal finances.

If you can sell, you can always survive. If you can sell, you can lose all of your money and still pull down cash and feed your family and pay the mortgage.

“But I don’t like to sell!”

I hear you and I understand. If you don’t like selling, then first I have to say that you probably don’t understand selling. It’s not as dirty as you might think. Selling, when done right, is simply giving people what they want for a fair price. It’s as easy as a conversation. (It’s true.)

But there’s another piece of this secret. The second part of my advice is that you need to start your own business. If you run your own business then you can survive any financial turmoil as long as all your money isn’t tied up in the stock market. It shouldn’t be!

When you own your own business you are completely in control. You can’t control the market or your customers, but you can survive dark times. In fact, when things are grim you are best positioned to strike out on your own. That point is worthy of it’s own blog posting but it’s true. You can take that to the bank.

So, in short, if you want to make it through tough financial times then you need to sell. You need to embrace the power of marketing. If you don’t know how, start learning today. Secondly, start your own business and focus on sales. Be sure that those sales translate to profits, not just pure revenue. Make money and grow.

Need more help?

Here is some specific advice on how to make money online with internet marketing. You can easily start selling for high profits today.

  • Exploit the PLR on your computer
  • — In short, you can use the PLR on your computer to make money quickly and easily. You can re-write and brand PLR reports and sell them in many different ways.

  • Create a membership site
  • — In less than 2 hours you can set up a membership site and start making money. It’s easy to survive a stock market drop if you’re pulling down $1,000 each week through your own membership.

  • Follow proven business models
  • — Join a low cost membership which gives you free ebooks and proven business models. Also, look for memberships, clubs, and coaches who can help you generate cash quickly and easily.

  • Simply drive web traffic to earn cash
  • — If you can find high quality affiliate programs you can make money just by putting customers in touch with people who have great products and services. If you don’t like selling, consider the affiliate path.

    Think about what you want out of life. The only way you can really get what you want is to be in business for yourself. You can get started today.

    Don’t depend on big, greedy, soulless corporations to keep you floating. Take charge and brush off any financial crisis.

The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

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Money from Affiliate Marketing ProgramsFinding the right internet marketing affiliate program can take a long time. You want to earn money as fast as possible. However, finding the right online business opportunity can take serious effort. This is 100% true even if you’re ready to drive traffic.

Unfortunately, there is not one “best internet marketing affiliate program” for a simple reason. Every person is different. We all have different skills and interests. Furthermore, some people will see opportunity where others see problems and issues.

So, allow me to narrow your focus a little bit. I’m going to assume that you’re interested in promoting products and services related specifically to internet marketing. So, I’ll assume you’re ready to promote products about article marketing, driving traffic, creating backlinks, dominating Google, using private label rights, and so forth.

If I’m correct then please keep reading. I’m going to point you to 15 different internet marketing products to help you make money online. I strongly encourage you to visit the (Rhodes Brothers) affiliate marketing site:

Become an Affiliate of the Rhodes Brothers (15 unique products!)

On that page you’ll see how you can easily promote these products:

  • Crush, Kill and Destroy: EzineArticles Domination
  • EzineArticles Domination Part 2: Bio Box Domination
  • Content Generation System
  • Simple Adsense Judo
  • Simple Traffic Generation Secrets
  • eBay Simple List Building Method
  • RSS Super Glue
  • Instant Membership Site Creator
  • Free .edu Backlinks
  • Squidoo Lens Domination
  • Technorati Traffic Domination Secrets
  • How To ReWrite PLR In Under 7 Minutes
  • Where To Make Serious Cash Online
  • Long Tail Niche Domination Secrets
  • Offline Cash Formula

So, even if you normally have a hard time finding affiliate marketing programs, you now have a great source by the Rhodes Brothers.

Keep in mind that you can focus on one affiliate product at a time. You don’t have to try to sell all of them at once. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do focus.

Hint: See the 10x Method

Although there isn’t a perfect affiliate program, there are some that we really like. I’m going to point you to two examples that are really fantastic. But first, I want to explain why they are great.

I love pointing people to free videos. As an internet marketer, there’s nothing better than giving out free stuff; free ebooks, free reports, and free videos.

If YOU want to hand out a link to a free video with an incredible backend, then you have to take a look at the 10x Method affiliate program. Not only do you get great affiliate help materials (keywords, banners, email message), you just need to create your affiliate link and give it away. When people visit your link, they see a video and they are “tagged” with your affiliate ID. It’s beautiful.

By the way, with the 10x Method affiliate program you get an astounding 100% commission on a $47 product. There’s nothing like this on the internet. (We’ve been told we’re “insane” to offer this.)

Hint: See the 10x Method Reviews blog posting right now!

I have another online business opportunity for you, if you’re ready. I promised to deliver, and that’s what I plan to do!

I love residual income affiliate programs. What does that mean exactly?

In plain English, it means that you sell access to membership sites for other people. When those members sign up, you make money instantly but also every single month they stay with the membership program. This is true residual cash as an affiliate.

The Rhodes Brothers run the Simple Cash Blog which is the best (private!) internet marketing membership available. Nothing is better.

The good news is that you can sell access to the Simple Cash Blog as an affiliate. All you do is create an affiliate sales link and you can make money with this affiliate program. Just hand out that link and you’re all set.

Important: Affiliates make money on autopilot after members subscribe. Sell just once but generate income every single month. I really love residual income affiliate programs!

So there you have it. 15 products you can promote right now. Plus, now you know how to give away videos to make money as an affiliate. You just learned about generating income by selling access to a membership too.

If you need help with our internet marketing affiliate programs, just ask.

Stick With What Works

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Stick With What WorksWhy should you stick with what works? What does that even mean?

We spend a good chunk of time explaining the importance of focus in our (free) 20-minute 10x Method video. The reason for spending so much time on focus is that most people struggle to stick to one thing.

Most folks are looking for fast and easy money.

But the truth is that making money usually takes a lot of time. So, when you find something that actually works, you need to stick to it.

Remember, most people aren’t making any money online. And, they don’t stick to one method of generating income — even when that method clearly works. Once again, this is because most folks think they should be pulling down more cash. (Read between the lines: Greed!)

The irony is that when you stick to one way of making money — once you know it works — you can pull down even more money. This is because of these three reasons:

  1. It’s easier to retain customers (low cost)
  2. You get more efficient with your tasks
  3. You can leverage your products and skills

In a nutshell, it’s cheap to sell to existing customers compared to winning new customers. Furthermore, you get good at what you do. You might even become a guru, worth your weight in gold on some topic. And lastly, you can bundle products together if you stay focused in your domain. You can also sell updated versions of your product. They are easier to create than ones that are fresh and 100% new.

So, once you are done trying a million things, please be sure to settle down and focus. Again, I’ll recommend the 10x Method video because it not only explains the true value of focus but I also give you some concrete ideas on how to get started immediately. (Zero cost, zero risk.)

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