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Why Build a List?

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Money in Hand from Your ListI’ve been asked Why build a list? about 100 times. It’s a question that is asked by people new to internet marketing and it deserves a simple answer.

The very short and simple answer is that a list means you’ve got traffic and customers. At a minimum, you have potential traffic and potential customers.

Consider this. If I have a list of 5,000 people interested in pet products then I have list of 5,000 who might buy something from me if I send them an email.

Once someone is on your list you can send them messages. You can build a relationship. You can build trust. You can establish a rapport with hundreds or thousands of people.

All businesses need these relationships to ensure long term success. But, online businesses need even more love and attention. They need more tools for building trust. There is great skepticism online and having a list can save you.

Let me give you another perspective. This is very real; very tangible.

Just 2 days ago I bought the rights to a great video series on getting top ranking in Google for less than 1 hour of work; One Hour Google. (Highly recommended, by the way.)

I spent no more than two hours getting the videos set up. I made some quick changes to the graphics and content. I also set up a payment link and some other things. This was very easy for me to do. (If you’re curious about all that magic don’t miss PLR Exploitation. I explain all of this in great detail.)

In any event, I set up everything quickly but then I had to take the next action:


Now, most people would use pay-per-click (PPC), article marketing, blogging, and other techniques. That makes a lot of sense. These techniques are not “fly by night” — they are legitimate. They work.

But, I decided to be a little bit lazy. What I did was craft a quick note. I added that note to my autoresponder. Thousands of people are now learning about One Hour Google. I provided a little background about it and pointed my list in the right direction.

Now you know the power of list building. It’s something that you must do if you want to succeed in the long term. Get going right now. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Succeed in 2009

Posted on December 29th, 2008 in 10x, Advice, Affiliate Program, Free Business Model, Links, Really Simple Method, Simple, Strategies, Web Traffic | 4 Comments »

If you want to know how to succeed in 2009 then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you a simple plan to follow. If you do a little work then you’ll be pulling down more cash than ever before.

First, I want you to know that you can succeed. Many people laugh when I tell them that can generate $1,000,000 in less than 5 years. In fact, you can do it in less than 4 years if you’re aggressive:

I wish that every online marketer would read that posting. You do not have to follow the plan I’ve outlined. But, you do need inspiration and faith. You need to understand it can be done with effort and just a little time. (5 years is just over 1,800 days. That’s easy.)

Second, you need to realize that business opportunities are all around you. Don’t be blind to business opportunities like so many other people.

If you’re reading this blog posting you’re probably already generating at least a few bucks online. If you are, what have you done about it? I strongly suggest that you make a couple of minor changes. You can succeed in 2009 simply by applying some focus.

I recommend you look into the 10x Method immediately if you are making any money online.

Quickly frankly, if you are pulling down cash right now, you’ve got a potential cash cow ready for milking. The 10x Method explains everything and it’s free. As “they” say it’s risk free.

Third, you need to form a solid plan that is going to work for you. I strongly urge you follow a business model. What I mean is that you need to avoid trying to exploit little tricks. You need to stop chasing fads and silly trends.

There are real BUSINESS models out there for you to follow. That’s how to grow and make real money online. You might need some inspiration. So, here are a few places you can start:

Those are just some ideas. You can set up a membership. You can exploit private label rights. You can do article marketing. You can become an affiliate. There is so much you can do.

But don’t get distracted because lack of focus will kill your chances at success. Focus is key. Having a plan with a solid business model is essential.

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Are You Blind to Business Opportunties?

Posted on December 12th, 2008 in Advice, Customers, General, Offline, Strategies, Web Traffic | No Comments »

I have a site that has a PageRank of 6. Google loves my site. I’m ranked for an incredible number of keywords. Many of which I don’t even know.

It has over 500 pages of content. (Maybe more?) It’s awesome content. Nearly 100% original and added over the years, naturally and with great care. Much of the content is linkbait. I have thousands and thousands of incoming links.

The domain is over (gasp!) 10 years old. Yes, it’s been around since 1998. It’s a 7 letter domain, which is a bit long considering the age, but it’s good. Is it SEO’ed or otherwise optimized? Not really.

There’s more too…

This is one of the very first blogs on the internet. Seriously, this was absolutely on of the first 10K blogs out there. I would even place a small wager that it’s one of the first 1,000 blogs.

When it started the site was 100% static. Then, I started to manually update it with news. It
became a manual blog (FTP uploads of HTML). That was it; 100% old school.

Now, at first, it was a labor of love. I just had a web site because I could. It seemed like a smart thing to do.

Then, over time, people started to call me. They emailed me. And, I landed some huge contracts as a consultant in this (extremely competitive) niche. That was back in 1999 through 2001. That was a monetization model that simply fell into my lap. No effort!

I even had a list of 8,000 hungry subscribers. I sent out more than 80 newsletters over a 3-4 year period and I drove substantial traffic. (Thelist size is about 500 now.)

All of this sounds FANTASTIC, doesn’t it?

Well, it becomes a sad story with a great ending. You see, for many years (on and off) I would update the site. But, not enough to keep it growing. Although it still pulls substantial traffic, it hasn’t grown.

Furthermore, the site wasn’t properly monetized. I did very little with Adsense and nothing with any products or services. Well, next to nothing. I did some things but it was feeble. Not much cash flowed in, which just encouraged me to stay away and focus on other things.

Now, however, I am ready to strike. I realize that I was blind to business opportunities with the site. I know more about how to market and sell products to my site visitors. More importantly, I know how to add more value and deliver more value to my readers and customers.

The best news is that I realized that I have a super high quality asset. It’s time to leverage that asset and generate some money. It’s also time to help more people through that site. It’s time to strike.

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