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Deliberate Practice for Internet Marketers

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I’ve been listening to Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin. It’s a good book overall but what I really like is Colvin’s discussion of deliberate practice.

Here’s a short 12 minute audio that explains the concept of deliberate practice for internet marketers.

What is deliberate practice? Here’s the very short version:

  • Practice that is designed to improve performance (usually requires a coach)
  • Practice that can be repeated again and again (not just 3-4 times)
  • Feedback and direct results are provided (allows you to focus)
  • It’s often hard and not fun (but not so hard that you cannot improve)

Here are some related resources…

~ John

p.s. In the audio I mention the 10x Method. Don’t miss that!

Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Tips

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Finding a great internet marketing affiliate program is a daunting task. There are literally tens of thousands of internet marketing products available on the market, many of which have affiliate programs. So, how do you find the best one for your website or list?

The best internet marketing affiliate programs have the following characteristics:

* They track multiple sales. If you send a visitor to a merchant’s products, is your affiliate ID cookied (attached to that particular visitor) for future sales? A smart merchant will always follow up with visitors about upsells and offers, and you should be getting the credit for all of those sales.

* Sales are tracked for months, not days. Your affiliate tag on a customer shouldn’t expire for at least 30 days. Many merchants set a limit on how long a customer is “tagged” for, and if they purchase after this tag runs out, you no longer make any commissions from sales of that customer. The best internet marketing affiliate programs last for 60 days or more.

* You’re making a significant amount per sale. There’s no sense promoting a product if you’re not making at least $10 to $15 per sale. It’s barely worth your time. You should also be making at least 50% of the sale price. Some merchants offer 70% commissions or more.

* High conversion rates. If a product doesn’t convert, there’s no sense in promoting it. Also remember that lower priced products should convert much better than higher priced products. Track your numbers to make sure that you’re maximizing the value of each visitor you send.

* Pre-sales funnel built in. Many great internet marketing affiliate programs have a follow-up system built on that drastically increase conversion rates. This means more money in your pocket. It is also easier to promote these products because you’re offering “free content” to your website or list, not a sales pitch.

* Recurring commissions. Only a small percentage of programs out there offer recurring commissions, but getting customers into a recurring billing membership is invaluable because many customers will pay you for years to come, month after month. However, conversion rates for memberships are typically lower. Be sure to track your results carefully!

The Rhodes Brothers Affiliate Program offers multiple product affiliate tracking, high conversion rates, and pre-sales funnels ready to sell YOUR website customers or list. Click here to check it out.

Don’t have a website or a list yet? Check out my make money online post to get a step-by-step plan to make your first $1,000 online. (It’s 100% free.)

Strategic Internet Marketing

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John and I hosted our first public teleseminar last night about how to get traffic to membership sites and how to make money online. One of the big things we talked about was strategic internet marketing – having a STRATEGY in place for your websites.

When trying to create traffic to their websites, a lot of people fail to look at the bigger picture. You can keep each piece of your traffic system simple, but when they combine, you have an EXTREMELY deadly force.

Let me show you a traffic strategy we have in place for one of our websites. It should give you some context what we’re talking about when we say “strategic internet marketing”…

We have, which is a reverse squeeze page. We deliver a high quality video on the front-end which “hooks” in our visitors and convinces them to enter their name and e-mail address to watch a second video.

After they watch our second video, they are redirected to, our $27 per month membership that gives away a wealth of business models. So, we immediately have the potential to make money from the traffic that we drive to

That means we can spend more money investing in driving traffic to that funnel. So, we hire out people to write articles and create videos for us, linking to, and also advertise that site.

Cool, right?

Well, that’s not even the half of it. Here’s where it gets really good…

After someone opts in to our lists from watching the free video on, we then send messages to them promoting not only Simple Cash Blog, BUT…

The ability to promote and make money online from it. If you’re not following, we have an affiliate program built in to, which means everytime that someone sends traffic to that site with an affiliate link that they create, they make a monthly commission from Simple Cash Blog (70% of the sale, to be exact.)

So, the more people that watch the videos at and opt-in, the more traffic we get going to that site.

Are you following? — IT GROWS ITSELF!

Now *that* is strategic internet marketing. It’s not complicated to setup, it’s a bunch of extremely basic “building blocks” combined together to make one seriously kick-ass system.

That system will continue to churn money for us for years. We won’t be able to stop it even if we wanted to.

So, do you “do” strategic internet marketing like us? All it takes is a good idea and a few minutes of combining a few simple systems and you could have all of the traffic and cash flowing in that you can handle.

Check out and see how our system works for yourself…

How To Use StumbleUpon To Get Web Traffic

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Here’s a quick 5 minute tutorial I made about using StumbleUpon to get backlinks and traffic to your website…

If you follow the advice and the step-by-step guidelines that I lay out in the video, you’ll be able to use StumbleUpon as another tool in your internet marketing arsenal. Also, be sure to apply the 4 tips I talk about at the end of the video. It’ll greatly increase the effectiveness of StumbleUpon!


Make Money Online MP3 Download

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If you want to listen to yesterday’s post in audio, download the MP3 here:

Download Make Money Online MP3
(right click the link and choose “save as” to save to your computer)

It’s about 30 minutes long, so you can listen on your way to work or during a walk. John also adds a bit of “jazz” and content himself, so even if you’ve read the post, it’s worth listening to.

He also makes a VERY good point…if you consistently follow through with the plan laid out in yesterday’s post, you’re going to have 300+ postings after one year. Google will LOVE you and you’ll be able to rank highly for just about any “long tail” keyword that you want.

(That means multiple streams of traffic to your site, more visitors and a lot more money.)