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Desperate Buyers Versus Hungry Markets

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I’m going to share my thinking about desperate buyers and hungry markets in just a moment. First, I want to set the stage for you.

I have a very nice home office. It’s large and overly comfortable. I have monster-sized windows with a great view overlooking a lush green valley — at least until the snow flies. I appreciate that it’s a killer office. It was a great investment and I have to tell you that I just love it.

My brother and I were sitting in my office just a few days ago. We started talking about launching new products in new markets. We were specifically talking about giving the right people the right stuff at the right time.

We know that marketing — particularly selling — is the alignment of wants and needs to appropriate solutions. Burn that word into you mind: alignment. We know that some people would rather use the word congruence than alignment. But alignment is easier to grasp. Congruence tends to imply agreement whereas alignment is more about matching. It’s that alignment, or matching, that I want to talk about right now.

People tend to say “desperate buyers” and “hungry markets” at the same time, as if they are the same thing. The reality is that they are not the same. In fact, there are two fundamental differences that you absolutely must understand.

Desperate buyers have an immediate need. These buyers are trying to get answers right now to solve a problem that is causing them great pain. Desperate buyers will usually reach a breaking point, or they have a deadline to meet. I’ll talk more about this in a minute.

Buyers in a hungry market, on the other hand, have an immediate need plus future needs to satisfy. People in a hungry market can often delay gratification or push off pain in the short term but the wants and needs do not go away. The itch doesn’t go away.

It might sound like I am “splitting hairs” and I know that desperate buyers sound very much like people in a hungry market. In fact, some desperate buyers are just part of a hungry market — that’s true. But, there are differences that can have a profound impact on your business.

The best way to understand the difference is to provide examples. When someone is going through a divorce they are usually desperate. They are consumed by this life event and they will drink down as much information as possible. They will do anything to reduce the pain and understand how to get the problem solved. However, this pain will eventually go away — the divorce will eventually occur.

On the other hand, investors are constantly looking for new and better information; they’re hungry. They aren’t truly desperate but they always want more. Like desperate buyers, they have an itch to scratch. But, that itch never goes away and they will seek new information constantly in an effort to get the upper hand, or otherwise get an “unfair” advantage.

So, desperate buyers tend to be a bit more focused. They also tend to think more in the short term. People in a hungry market are a bit less focused (because they are less desperate) and they think and act in relation to the long term. I realize this isn’t 100% accurate but it’s mighty close.

This information is very useful. In fact, it could mean the difference between wild profitability and making $12 a month. Here’s why…

You can target desperate buyers with products and services that provide immediate benefit. Your language and your tone will help you make more money. You can more easily get into their mindset and walk in their shoes once you realize just how badly they need what you have.

If that doesn’t quite make sense, consider the following. Desperate buyers aren’t really well suited for memberships. They are looking for an immediate, short term solution.

Of course this also means that memberships are best suited for hungry markets because they want constantly updated information. In reference to my example above, you’d probably want to sell a report about getting through a divorce whereas you could set up an investment membership or newsletter. Now you know why this makes so much sense. It’s not random.

It’s this kind of thinking — and alignment — that will best satisfy your customers. This is also a good way to start thinking about your sales funnels. Desperate buyers require short sales cycles and quick, punchy results. On the other hand, in a hugnry market you can stretch out the marketing funnel and do more pre-sales. I guarantee that this kind of thoughtful alignment will put more money in your pocket.

If you’re looking for more great marketing advice, plus proven online business models that easily attract money, then I highly recommend that you read about the Simple Cash Blog. There is no better way to generate income online. You get to cut to the front of the line, with direct access to proven and tested cash systems.

~ John

How We Made An Extra $54,000 This Year

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One of the coolest parts about being an Internet Marketer is the fact that you can quickly implement new ideas and concepts into your business and start measuring the results instantly.

So far this year, we’ve made an extra $54,000 directly due to attending a high-end Internet Marketing seminar – the Earn1KaDay IM Summit. (We expect that we’ll make an extra 6 figures by the end of the year.)

The networking was invaluable, of course, but what was really cool were the different ideas that we pulled out of the seminar. All of the speakers were people (including ourselves) who are making a significant amount of money every single month.

What really interested us, though, was the fact that so many people are making money online in different ways. For example, one of the speakers, Gene Pimentel, researches high quality domain names and then sells them (some to the tune of 5 figures.)

He doesn’t do any backlink building, he just puts a 200 word snippet on his website that says he’s accepting offers, and that’s IT. It’s working out like gangbusters for him.

He includes a step-by-step process of EXACTLY how he did it. We taught a couple people the system (they’ve never made money online before) and it REALLY “sunk in” for them. It’s great if you only have a few minutes per day, and it provides huge income if you do it right.

One of our buddies, Michael Gunn, who also spoke at the Earn1KaDay seminar, is making a killing online, too. If I remember right, he was making a couple thousand per month using his niche domination techniques at the time of the seminar. Fast forward about 5 months, and now he’s dangerously close to the 6 figure mark. VERY cool.

His presentation was absolutely awesome for anyone interested in truly “crushing it” in niche marketing. The really cool part is that he gives you the exact e-mail templates he’s using to make that much money during his presentation, so you can almost just copy and paste.

We applied a couple of these techniques to one of our niche businesses and saw an instant increase in the number of opt-ins and money flowing in.

There were a LOT of other speakers there with great strategies and techniques, but those two really “hit home” for us.

So here’s the deal…Dennis Becker, the owner of Earn1KaDay and the “father” of the Earn1KaDay IM Summit, just put the recording of the summit up for sale. It’s two days of money-making material. John and I got a copy and we’ve both watched it through twice, and some of the presentations we’ve watched 3 or 4 times (Gene’s and Michael’s).

It’s that good.

These are step-by-step techniques you can directly apply to your business, whether you’ve made $0 online or you’re making 6 figures. It WILL take you to the next level.

Go here now and buy it. There’s a couple “special bonus” on the page from John and I, too.

After you buy it, watch the DVDs first and THEN look at the “data disc” that Dennis provides. It’s better than many of the $3,000 DVD home study courses out there.

Read more about the Earn1KaDay IM Summit…

Set Up An Online Business

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really takes to set up an online business. It came up because I was talking to a guru friend of mine a couple of days ago and the subject of “getting started” came up.

He made the point that it’s actually pretty easy to make a few hundred bucks per month online. But, it’s much harder to make thousands per month. Much, much harder. I agreed with his points but something else has been bugging me…

There are many people, perhaps you, who can’t get started due to technical issues. There are many people who just decide to give up before they even start — before they even make their first $1 online.

I’ve been thinking about why this happens. And, I’ve done some research for you about this:

“What stops people from setting up an online business?”

Rather than just go with my gut or based on a hunch, I really started looking at the data The Rhodes Brothers have. It’s really amazing stuff.

Before I reveal my findings let me say this…

Many folks reading this blog posting own one of our products. In fact, you might own several of them. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. But more importantly, I’m proud that our techniques and tactics have made some of you a lot of money.

In any case, we get a lot of excellent feedback from our clients and customers. I read this feedback very closely. I tell my brother (Matt) to forward all emails to me when customers are talking to us. It doesn’t matter if the feedback is good or bad, I want it.

Well, I’ve kept all of these emails, and I’ve done some informal surveys with our customers and close business partners. One thing keeps coming up again and again. Let me share it with you…

There is a huge gap between what we offer and what it takes to set up an online business. Yes, we do offer some outstanding strategies. Our material is excellent and the feedback is 99% positive. (You can’t make everyone happy.) But, there’s still a big gap…

The “huge gap” is TECHNOLOGY.

Note: I grilled our close business partners (other guys making over $100K per year) and they totally agreed. Technology is stopping people.

Setting up an internet business requires more than time and money. It requires technical expertise.

Now, hold on. I do strongly feel that our products and services are comprehensive, and even complete. Is it possible that I missed the boat? It is possible we’re leaving people in the dust?

Well, not really.

But the truth is that The Rhodes Brothers have built several online businesses. I’m kind of shocked about this but we kind of find it easy to set up entire online business systems over a weekend. So, when we talk about a marketing system we kind of just skim over the technical details.

I think back to when we started. Wow, it really was difficult setting up all the pieces in exactly the right order. It really wasn’t easy when I first started. It took time and effort. It was an investment.

The specifics of setting up blogs and cash pulling web sites is pretty much second nature to me now. I have the experience. So, stuff like domain names, hosting, DNS, email, squeeze pages… My brother and I just blast right through it now. No problem!

The more I think about it, the more I remember how insanely frustrating it was when I first tried setting up my first couple of business systems online. I had no clue what I was doing and it was painful.

  • I beat my head against the wall.
  • I hired programmers who soaked me for hundreds of dollars.
  • I bought software I couldn’t understand, and books I couldn’t lift with both hands.
  • I beat my head against the wall again… and AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

So, I want to be clear. I know you’re having a tough time. It’s painful and I know it.

That’s exactly why I started putting together a “Set Up Your Online Business” video series. I had a great outline and I was ready to shoot all the videos.

But just 2 days before I started putting those vidoes together for you, I met Erik Stafford. Everything changed…

He has discovered a way to completely eliminate the technical pain. The scary technical stuff couldn’t be easier. He’s made it “paint-by-numbers” simple. I love it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started today — you will be amazed at how Erik cuts through the fluff. You’ll be on the path to online profits in just minutes.

That’s what really matters. Picture $487 coming into your PayPal account this weekend simply because you FINALLY got your web site up and running with Erik’s help. Feels good, doesn’t it!

If you’re excited, I don’t blame you. This is the kind of thing that can transform your life. When the technology is easy — even second nature — money can finally pour into your bank account.

(Often on autopilot.)

Here’s exactly what you need to do right now…

Simply start with Session #1 and move through each step at your own pace — and don’t be shocked if you have your website running in a day or two. (His stuff is that good.)

Set Up Your Online Business

I strongly encourage you to check it out because it will end your technical headaches.


~ John

p.s. Erik gives you 15 minutes of technical training free. There’s literally no obligation. Put away your credit card. Take a deep breath. Eliminate the technical issues with your online business … today.

p.p.s. By the way, I did some quick calculations just a minute ago. If I had Erik’s training 3 years ago, I would have saved myself over $12,000 of technical pain.

Blogs and List Building

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I wanted to talk a little bit today about what John and I call the “Rhodes Strategy.” It’s really the core of our business. Here’s what it consists of:

1.) Driving web traffic to our niche sites via our blog and traffic networks.

2.) Sending that traffic to a squeeze page to get people on our e-mail lists.

3.) Send e-mails that have outstanding value with high quality offers to make money from
affiliate commissions.

So, Blogs + E-Mail List is the real basis for the formula. The beautiful part about this is that the process is virtually all automated. Using an e-mail tool like AWeber, it’s like ATM that automatically pumps out cash for us.

We write the messages just once, then AWeber automatically delivers the e-mails to people who
join our e-mail list. We have these e-mail sequences setup to deliver mail for months!

That means while we’re sleeping or partying it up, our e-mail system is delivering value to our e-mail subscribers, and then selling them on high-quality products. (Which, of course, makes us affiliate commissions!)

How much is each subscriber worth to us? Well…

Each subscriber on our lists tends to average $1 in profit per month for us (give or take). That’s just an AVERAGE though. Some people don’t purchase anything ever, and others spend $1,000s with us.

(Do you see how powerful an e-mail list is?)

Let’s run some numbers here…let’s say you can get just 50 visitors per day to your blog, and 20% of them opt-in to your e-mail list. Your list would grow at 10 people per day.

So, at 10 people per day, you’d have 300 people join your list per month.

Roughly speaking, that’s about $300 per month. The next month, it would be $600, then $900, and so on.

It doesn’t sound too appealing until you take into account the fact that your traffic will constantly be growing, so you’ll get more opt-ins per day.

Plus, you can setup as MANY of these funnels as you want. They only take a week or two to fully create one.

(Imagine 10 of these profit centers bringing in between $150 and $1,650 per month.)

It’s only limited by your imagination. And, it’s a REALLY powerful strategy and it doesn’t take much tech work at all.

Talk to you soon,