Today I made over $80 from a small list. About 3 weeks ago I wrote up 2 messages. The first one was 99% pure content; full of advice. The second one was about 80% advice and 20% soft selling. I’m seeing excellent conversions in large part due to the amount of free content I provided. My subscribers are very satisfied.

Sidebar: We recommend AWeber if you haven’t picked an autoresponder system. It’s top notch.

My point is that this would not be possible without autoresponders. I put in some work a few weeks ago, when I about an hour of spare time, and now I easily made $80. There’s more to come, too. Many people on my list haven’t even made it to these two messages.

If you’re new to internet marketing keep these three things in mind:

1. Build your list (there are so many ways to do this)
2. Keep adding free content to your autoresponder
3. Keep adding valuable marketing messages to your autoresponder

Over time, this will make you money on “autopilot” — we make a lot of money by using this time-tested 3-part system.

Is it instant? No way! It takes time to build a list, but you can do it easily enough. And, does it take effort? Absolutely! But, you can spread the work over many days and months. You’ll be rewarded — like The Rhodes Brothers have been — over time.

Oh, and one last thing. You can completely eliminate the “work” part of the system. That is, you can add content to an autoresponder that you have already posted on your blog. You can simply point to the blog entry in fact. You can also exploit your PLR. Buy the right content for a fair price, massage it a little, and add it to your autoresponder series. Your list will love you for it.

Sidebar: Have you seen the PLR Model blog? (Tons of free information about using PLR.)

My final point is that “classic systems” will generate side money at first, like paying down your credit cards. Then, before you know it,  you’ll have cash to go on vacation. Then, you’ll be buying cars and trucks for cash. And your mortgage will be gone, and you’ll be working for yourself. In a few short years — or sooner! — you’ll even be able to make the decision to hire people if you want.

~ John

p.s. You’re not entitled to success. You have to plan a little, then put in the time and effort. Or, pay someone else to give you a jump start. But, I can say with absolute certainty that anyone can use lists and autoresponder messages to build a business. I’ve been doing it for a while now, along with many other simple systems.

p.p.s. We discuss many systems just like this inside the Simple Cash Blog. If you’re looking for simple models, and if you’re looking to succeed like so many of our students, take advantage of the Simple Cash Blog right now. Or, if you’d like to see another free business model using autoresponders then you absolutely MUST head over to — it’s a totally free video that explains  autoresponder memberships.

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