It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the best way to make money is to create your own products. When you sell your own products you get to keep 100% of the profits.

Having your own product is like having your very own money tree. You can expand on your product, promote it on other people’s web sites or get others to promote if for you for a percentage of the sales. Just imagine the money you could make if you had 50,000 people promoting your product all over the world. The sky is the limit!

But what are the easy and simple ways to create your own products? The following is a general listing of the easiest ways to create products for yourself.

1. Discover what people want and create it for them. Post a survey or questionnaire on your web site asking people what they would like to see developed. If you don’t have a web site, ask everyone that you know what they want.

2. Solve an existing problem for people. Determine what your interests are and go online to the forums that discuss your interests. Read through the forums and take notes on the problems that people are posting. If you start to see a trend, develop a product to solve that problem.

3. Study the current hot trends. Watch TV, read magazines and surf the net. Create a product based on the newest trends. This takes good timing because trends come and go like a feather in a hurricane.


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4.Create a new niche for a current product. Find out what is popular and create your very own niche for it. Remember the Ty beanie baby craze? People created their own niche products such as Beanie baby clothes and display cases.

5. Reincarnate an older product. For example, there are a ton of books that are out of print and in the public domain. You could change them around a little to reflect the times and put a new cover on them and you have a new product to sell.

6. Improve or evolve an existing product. Take a product that is successful like an ebook or information product, study it and find any weakness the product may have. Research and develop your own product from the weakness that you found.After you create your own product, study ways to market it. Become a regular contributor to forums that are in line with your product. Promote your product on a forum or discussion board. Drive customers to your web site and reap the rewards.

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