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A Place for Awesome Developers (Squidoo Lens)

So, what you could do is develop a module for Squidoo for marketing purposes. The Squidoo folks actually encourage people to think from a marketing perspective:

“You run your own site or blog or service and are looking for a way to promote your content to our 65,000+ people, for free.”

That’s their language, not mine. Put another way, if you want a simple way to get serious about Squidoo, you could build a simple marketing module. This is a huge opportunity to someone with technical skills. Furthermore, you could outsource the creation of a module. That’s a huge hint!

Here’s one last thing we want to share. If you’re trying to dominate Squidoo then you need to get Tiffany Dow’s Social Networking on Squidoo report. It’s excellent stuff.

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