John and Matt Rhodes (“The Rhodes Brothers”) are internet marketers from the Binghamton, NY area. John works for a major corporation that shall remain nameless, and Matt’s an undergraduate college student in New York. The only known picture of Matt is here, and the only known picture of John is here. (OK, there are a few other ones out there, but you don’t want to see those. Really, you don’t.)

We’ve been marketing online for many years, but got “serious” about it in February 2007 when we first started Our primary focus is on creating extremely simple business models that virtually anyone can make money from. We reveal a few of our models in a free video at, and many, many more (with detailed, step-by-step reports that anyone can follow) inside the Simple Cash Blog membership.

Our biggest milestone so far is the point when we started hitting a consistent $10,000 in profit every month. It took a lot of hard work – anyone who tells you that you can make a ton of money online easily is a liar or very lucky – but we did it and we’re doing it. We’re really proud of it.

How did we do it? Simple…

1.) We focused on building our lists.
2.) We created autopilot business models.
3.) Told our lists about the products we setup.
4.) Rinse and repeat.

It sounds easy, but it took a LOT of time to refine that simple formula. And, it does take some hard work. Sometimes you fail. The biggest tip we can give is to focus and stick with it…

…You’ll never know what you can accomplish otherwise.

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