Just a few months ago we opened up a new affiliate program for the Simple Cash Blog. What we did was really quite simple, but very few people are using the tactic I’m going to describe. Pay attention if you are setting up your own affiliate program or if you do affiliate marketing because this system works.

First, we set up a very powerful membership site. In this case, I’m talking about the Simple Cash Blog. If you look at the sales page, you’ll see how much value we offer for a very fair price. This is a membership which currently includes over 25 high quality downloads, nearly 70 long blog postings, and a forum to support it all. There are nearly 1,000 postings in the forum and hundreds of members. My point is that the membership is high quality. You know, something you can feel good about promoting.

Second, we set entirely different domain as a front end specifically for affiliates. We set up the Free Business Model web site which includes two videos that talk about autoresponder membership sites. This is 100% free content. The first video is absolutely free and available to anyone to view.

I’m going to pause for a moment here. You’re probably wondering why we set up a web site with free videos. Specifically, you’re wondering how these free videos would benefit affiliates. These are good questions and the answers below will show you why our affiliates are making a killing.

The third thing we did was set up a new folder specifically for Clickbank. That is, we set up a special sales page specially for selling via Clickbank versus PayPal or other methods. Here’s the Simple Cash Blog Clickbank sales page. If you look at that page, you’ll notice zero differences between that page and the regular page except you can only order via Clickbank. So, to make sure this is clear — we set up a basic affiliate program through Clickbank and dedicated a page to it.

The fourth thing we did was used DLGuard and HopGuard to set up secure affiliate links for our affiliates. I can’t show you the special Simple Cash Blog affiliate system, but I can point you to our IMsimple.com affiliates page. As you can see on that page, all you do is drop in your Clickbank ID and you’re all set to start selling Rhodes Brothers products. Now, imagine that but instead, all you do is point to a free video.

That’s the secret. Let me explain that last part, because it’s probably not totally clear…

We point our affiliates to an affiliate sign up page. On that page (like the IMsimple.com affiliates page I just mentioned), an affiliate would simply drop in their Clickbank affiliate ID. We then autogenerate a special, secure affiliate link tied to Clickbank. The special URL we generate for affiliates looks like this:


If you click on that link above, you’ll go to FreeBusinessModel.com and you’ll be tagged. That means you’ll have a cookie set. You’ll get to watch a high quality video for free as I described above.

Unfortunately, I’m going to leave you with a cliffhanger..

There’s more I could say at this point but I have to keep a couple of secrets. The rest of the story is inside the Simple Cash Blog members area. I explain this entire model to members, plus they have easy access to our special affiliate program.

Now, get a load of this. We’re launching a completely new product that is going to be huge. We’re going to use exactly the same model I described above but more. We’re giving our affiliates even more tools, more opportunities, and 1-to-1 help.

We’re going to be giving you a $30 commission. It’s a 70% commission on a high quality $47 product that you’ll feel really good about promoting. You can act quickly to hit your list before we do, and before your competitors do. We love affiliates — seriously, we know how important you are. That’s why we’re forking over $30 for each sale.

I can’t give away more about the product. Well, maybe a little more…

Hint: The product is all about private label rights (PLR). We explain exactly how to “exploit PLR” — customers will see how to turn their PLR into cash. We’re going to explain how it is done, step-by-step.

We’re going to give affiliates a chance to make a killing by simply giving away a free high quality video. I encourage you to join the Simple Cash Blog to really get all the information. But, if you want to just be an affiliate, contact us.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. I strongly encourage you to follow what’s going on at the PLRmodel.com blog.  There is a ton of absolutely free content about PLR on that blog. It’s the place to learn more about PLR right now, and it’s part of the secret product launch of our PLR product. Not many people know about it… (Hint: Smart affiliates will watch that blog!)

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