Dear Writer:

If you’re trying to make more money writing then think about what you’re writing about.

Lesson 1 — The topic you write about matters. For example, articles about Web 2.0 traffic techniques are probably going to sell better to tech web site owners than articles on cleaning carpets. You have to know your market to make more money writing. It’s simple marketing, but many people violate this rule.

Lesson 2 — Writing broadly about a topic is generally less profitable than writing in a narrow niche. Narrow focus also gives you expertise, which means you’re building “moats” around your domain. It’ll be harder for others to claim they are as talented as you are.

Lesson 3 — This is the big one: Copywriting! Many writers should think about copywriting to make money from writing. Rather than churn out topic-based content, consider writing sales-based content (i.e., salescopy). It’s a different skill, but it’s still writing. Think about it.

These three lessons should help you easily double whatever money you’re making next month. Plan to make these strategic changes today.

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