If you hate reading really long blog postings and you just want the meat, then I’ll just cut right to it. Immediately go take a look at The Simple Cash Blog.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me actually explain some of the key ideas behind an autopilot business. Let me first say that you can set up an “autopilot” business without much effort. If you were worried that it would take months to set up, you’re dead wrong.

One of the key secrets is that you do not need expensive software or tools to set up a business that runs on autopilot. The residual income you can get from an autopilot business really only requires a couple of low cost tools.

Let’s take an example. You could set up a blog using WordPress, jam in 50-100 postings (each with affiliate links), then set them to auto-post once per day.  That would keep your blog fresh for 50 or even 100 straight days with no more work required.

Are you seeing the potential here? This is just one very small, almost insignificant secret. There are so many more inside the Simple Cash Blog.

If you want to know about autopilot businesses, just keep reading…

Another secret behind “set and forget” businesses is that you usually just need to creatively combine a couple of tools together. These tools are often very cheap, or even free. It’s about creative cominations.

Here’s one thing we’ve done, which is easy as pie. First, we create simple blogs with RSS feeds. WordPress does this for “free” too. Next, we set up one or more Squidoo Lenses. And finally, we use the Squidoo RSS lens module. This keeps the lens fresh because every time we update the blog, the lens gets updated. Are you seeing the autopilot business potential now?

By the way, RSS marketing can help you do a ton on autopilot. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to glue our various niche web sites together. We’re always looking for “set and forget” business tactics and RSS is very helpful.

So, now we’ve given you two solid autopilot business tactics. These absolutely work. We wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t use these kinds of methods.

But there’s a lot more. We hardly scratched the surface. If you’re not making money online, or if you’re only pulling in a few hundred per month, then you must explore The Simple Cash Blog.

This is a real opportunity and I strongly recommend that you take advantage of it. If you want to make money like we do — every single day — then take action. Strike the anvil and let the cash sparks fly.

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