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How To Create Profit Machines With WordPress

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ATMOver the past few years, blogging has become extremely popular. Nearly everyone who tries to make money online usually creates a blog very early in their Internet Marketing career, and for a very good reason – blogs alone can put serious cash into your bank account.

The big problem is that a lot of folks don’t use blogs properly. There was a time where you could have thrown up a simple Blogger blog, write a couple short articles, put up some Google AdSense ads, attract some web traffic, and then watch the money roll in.

That doesn’t work any longer.

Sure, you might make enough to pay for a few beers, but it’s not going to put a roof over your head. The good news is that blogs are still extremely lucrative and can put thousands of dollars into your pocket every single month – if you know what you’re doing.

The premier blogging tool, hands down, is WordPress. It’s free, works well, and is easy to use. The only requirement is that you have a hosting account such as BlueHost (who we use to host our websites and recommended) to host your website. In your hosting account control panel, you can automatically install WordPress on your website in less than a minute by using Fantastico or Simple Scripts.

However, the key to making real money with blogs is to get creative. Yes, it’s a huge cliché…but you have to think out of the box. That’s why I use these 6 simple profit machines to maximize my income potential with WordPress…feel free to steal them and build your own blogging empire:

Profit Machine #1: Authority Sites

Setting up simple Niche Authority Sites is one of the easiest ways to start making a profit online, but it’s also the most time consuming. I wrote out an extensive step-by-step guide to building your first simple blog in a post I made over a year ago: Make Money Online – Step-By-Step Method

Note: If you have no money to your name, you can use a Blogger blog to build your first authority site (as I recommend in the above guide), but I do recommend upgrading to WordPress as soon as possible. It is far more customizable and offers you more opportunity to expand. WordPress also provides a free blogs via their website, but you want the self-hosted option so you can upload your own themes and plugins.

It takes serious commitment to start one of these and stick to it – and you won’t see any immediate returns. However, if you post daily for 2 to 3 months, have a professional design and monetize it properly, you’ll be light years ahead of competing websites and you will able to pull in at least a few hundred dollars per month.

The real trick to becoming an authority site (rather than a boring “blog”) is to either position your company, your brand or yourself as an expert. This is a big stumbling block for a lot of people – most feel like they’re not an expert in any particular area. That’s simply not true. When I asked my Dad if he was an expert in anything, he said no…but that’s definitely not the case. He’s a perfect example…

My Dad spent 30+ years as a police officer and learned some extremely valuable skills that you wouldn’t expect. One of them was the ability to write grants that generated millions of dollars for equipment and additional personnel for his department. His success rate was incredibly high – over 90% of the grants he submitted were approved. That’s unheard of and it’s a skill that companies, organizations and individuals would pay thousands of dollars to learn. Starting an authority site about grants would be perfect for him.

You really need to think about your experiences and your interests. Even if you truly don’t feel like an expert on a topic, you can do research to become one. Spend an afternoon learning the basic “rules” of your niche and you’ll know more than 80%+ of the population, and that qualifies you as an expert.

Once you’ve established a topic for your authority site, spend some time doing research on the types of phrases people are searching for using a free tool such as Google’s Keyword Tool or a premium tool such as Micro Niche Finder. (MNF is highly recommended – it makes it very easy for you to find profitable long-tail keywords and to quickly assess your competition.)

Once you’ve found several keyword phrases that people are searching for, you focus your site’s content around those keywords and post to it daily. You build momentum for your new website by talking about your authority site on other blogs and niche forums, then offer to be a guest blogger for other popular blogs.

You make money via Google AdSense ads and affiliate links to start, but you will want to begin building an e-mail list using a provider such as AWeber as soon as you start seeing a significant number of visitors pour in. They visit your blog and you offer exclusive content as a “bribe” for signing up. With an e-mail list, you’ll be able to launch your own products or services at anytime. (I like to think of this as writing my own check.)

The potential with an authority blog alone is extremely high. It’s a very flexible model that can be expanded almost indefinitely, but it’s just one way to make money with blogs. Here’s a method that’s a little less conventional…

Profit Machine #2: Niche Storefronts

A lot of people don’t know that you can actually setup an entire online store using WordPress. Whether you want to sell items directly from your blog, or appear as a third-party store and simply refer customers to Amazon as an affiliate, WordPress can help you establish these profit machines easily.

There are a couple of different ways you can do it…

a.) You can download a theme that converts your blog into a storefront. Some of these themes are fairly advanced and require a fee to download, but you may be able to find some for free. Once you have your website established, you can use Paypal to accept payments. Some of the more advanced themes even have an “Add to Cart” feature built in.

b.) You can download a plugin that automatically pulls in products from websites such as Amazon or eBay. These plugins can automatically include a picture and short description from those sites, integrated with your affiliate link. There are free and premium options for these types of plugins, but the premium options typically provide more options and flexibility.

If you decide to establish a store, you will want to make sure that you add some unique content (as the content you add will be from Amazon or eBay and won’t boost your search engine rankings) and also implement a professional design. This is effectively a type of authority site, but you will providing direct links to products or services rather than information. It’s harder to get traffic to these types of sites, but the quality of customers is often higher as they’re looking to buy a particular type of product.

Profit Machine #3: Membership Sites

Membership sites are a tried-and-true method for generating long-term cash. There’s so much to say about memberships that we created an entire course called Membership Blueprints. With that said, using WordPress to power and protect a membership site is a very smart way to go.

In fact, we use WordPress for our Simple Cash Blog Membership, our most popular resource. It’s extremely easy for anyone to do. First, install WordPress in the location you want your member’s area. For example, you’ll want to install WordPress in a location such as:

After you’ve installed it, you simply need to password protect either individual posts or the entire member’s area. For the Simple Cash Blog, we password protected the entire member’s directory in under 2 minutes using a tool called the Instant Membership Site Creator, which we sell for less than $20. If you want to password protect individual posts or provide different levels of access, you can use a plugin such as s2Member.

The best part about using WordPress for a membership site is that you can actually create content for the membership site in advance and schedule it to be posted at a future date. Your membership site could have a full year’s worth of content in queue without you ever having to touch it. (Of course, this might not be possible depending on the type of membership or the support you need to provide.)

The toughest part of the membership creation process is that you need to write an extremely powerful sales letter and provide “addictive” videos, articles and resources to your members. It’s significantly harder to get someone to subscribe to a $99 per month membership than to purchase a $99 product. Plus, if your content isn’t compelling enough, people will drop out. It happens all the time and some folks will even drop out immediately after joining.

The key for the membership site model is to provide an ongoing service or educational material to a very specific market, and to expose your membership to as many of those people as possible by partnering with others, advertising, article marketing and more.

Profit Machine #4:
Local Businesses

This is a rapidly growing opportunity that nearly every internet marketer can take advantage of. Most small, local businesses do not have a website, but most are rapidly realizing that they need to have one. It adds an immense amount of professionalism to a business if they have a well-designed website, and younger generations use internet search as their first resource to find out reviews or more information about a business.

As a 23 year old living in Toronto, I can tell you that I have only tried out new restaurants if I was able to read their menu online. There is a fantastic fish and chips restaurant 5 minutes down the road that I would have never found if they did not have a website. The website wasn’t even that fancy – it was simply professional enough that it gave me confidence that it was a good business.

The potential here is HUGE. There are a nearly endless list of services you can provide to offline businesses…

* Setup their site using WordPress, then design it using a related theme (there are a lot of great themes available for restaurants, professional firms, and much more.)

* Charge a yearly fee to host their domain and website for them

* Sell them on Search Engine Optimization services – it’s extremely easy to rank for search terms in small towns

* Charge a monthly fee to update their website for them as needed – news, updates, new products or services and more.

* Charge firms to update their website design or ways to make money directly from their website

* Charge businesses for the ability to sell products directly via their site or to accept online ordering

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s easy to sell these types of services to small businesses. Provide a guarantee and legitimate recommendations to improve their business and you’ll be able to find a lot of customers who are willing to pay for monthly services.

WordPress is an extremely powerful tool, but you have to remember that it’s only a tool – you need to think out of the box and apply the techniques above to create a profitable website that produces residual income for months and years to come.

How We Made An Extra $54,000 This Year

Posted on June 14th, 2009 in Advice, Customers, listbuilding, Membership Blueprints, News, Offline, Really Simple Method, Reports, Reselling, Strategies, Web Traffic | 1 Comment »

One of the coolest parts about being an Internet Marketer is the fact that you can quickly implement new ideas and concepts into your business and start measuring the results instantly.

So far this year, we’ve made an extra $54,000 directly due to attending a high-end Internet Marketing seminar – the Earn1KaDay IM Summit. (We expect that we’ll make an extra 6 figures by the end of the year.)

The networking was invaluable, of course, but what was really cool were the different ideas that we pulled out of the seminar. All of the speakers were people (including ourselves) who are making a significant amount of money every single month.

What really interested us, though, was the fact that so many people are making money online in different ways. For example, one of the speakers, Gene Pimentel, researches high quality domain names and then sells them (some to the tune of 5 figures.)

He doesn’t do any backlink building, he just puts a 200 word snippet on his website that says he’s accepting offers, and that’s IT. It’s working out like gangbusters for him.

He includes a step-by-step process of EXACTLY how he did it. We taught a couple people the system (they’ve never made money online before) and it REALLY “sunk in” for them. It’s great if you only have a few minutes per day, and it provides huge income if you do it right.

One of our buddies, Michael Gunn, who also spoke at the Earn1KaDay seminar, is making a killing online, too. If I remember right, he was making a couple thousand per month using his niche domination techniques at the time of the seminar. Fast forward about 5 months, and now he’s dangerously close to the 6 figure mark. VERY cool.

His presentation was absolutely awesome for anyone interested in truly “crushing it” in niche marketing. The really cool part is that he gives you the exact e-mail templates he’s using to make that much money during his presentation, so you can almost just copy and paste.

We applied a couple of these techniques to one of our niche businesses and saw an instant increase in the number of opt-ins and money flowing in.

There were a LOT of other speakers there with great strategies and techniques, but those two really “hit home” for us.

So here’s the deal…Dennis Becker, the owner of Earn1KaDay and the “father” of the Earn1KaDay IM Summit, just put the recording of the summit up for sale. It’s two days of money-making material. John and I got a copy and we’ve both watched it through twice, and some of the presentations we’ve watched 3 or 4 times (Gene’s and Michael’s).

It’s that good.

These are step-by-step techniques you can directly apply to your business, whether you’ve made $0 online or you’re making 6 figures. It WILL take you to the next level.

Go here now and buy it. There’s a couple “special bonus” on the page from John and I, too.

After you buy it, watch the DVDs first and THEN look at the “data disc” that Dennis provides. It’s better than many of the $3,000 DVD home study courses out there.

Read more about the Earn1KaDay IM Summit…

Make Money Online NOW

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A question that we frequently get asked is “How can I make money online NOW?” The problem is that it takes quite a bit of time to build a real long-term business online. It’s like the “real world” in a lot of ways: you can’t open a new store and expect to be flooded with customers on opening day.

It just doesn’t work that way.

But, you CAN make money online now and build a long-term business at the same time, if you’re smart about it and you have the right skillset. First, we need to figure out what kind of marketable skills you have. Here are some ideas…

1.) Do you have a knack for programming? You can go to eLance or and find jobs appropriate for you.

2.) Are you a graphics designer? Start advertising your services using Google Adwords and the Warrior Forum. People need new graphics all the time.

3.) Can you write well? With just a little bit of practice and experience, you can charge $10 to $20 for a 400 to 500 word article. Start off by pricing your articles low, and then move up the chain as you get more and more testimonials and experience.

4.) Do you have a lot of connections to “important people?” Find people who are having problems or need a service, and then connect them to the people you know. Charge a royalty!

5.) Do you know how to build websites? Build websites for local businesses, or even setup simple blogs using Blogger.

6.) Does a local business need help moving inventory? Become a salesperson and sell it on eBay for them. (Become a consignment expert!)

There are a number of ways to get started and make money online now, but they *do* require a little bit of work on your part. If you want to build a long term business, though, you have the opportunity to earn between $2,000 to $6,000 per month in your part time.

For more information and a free video about building a long-term online business, click here now. (No experience or skills required – 100% free.)

How To Make Money From Writing

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A lot of folks ask us how to make money from writing. It’s a great question, simply because writing is one of the core ways to make money online. Just about everything related to internet marketing or making money online includes having to write something of some sort, whether you’re writing or editing a report, writing sales copy, or even simply communicating with your customers.

Note: To download a step-by-step technique that shows you exactly how to make money from writing right away, download the report at the Simple Cash Blogright now. It’s 100% free.

Here’s a quick brainstorm of everything John and I can think of when we’re asked how to make money from writing…

1.) Hire yourself out to write articles. Post examples of your work on a website, then go to eLance,, and others to look for jobs. You can also go to the Warrior Forum, and after participating there for about a week, you can post a “special offer” to the Warrior Special Offer forum offering up a discounted rate for writing articles.

2.) Write reports for people. Follow the same techniques in #1, but offer to write reports, instead. Keep in mind as your reputation improves you can begin charging more and more as you attract veteran marketers.

3.) Create a niche website. Use WordTracker’s Free Keyword Tool to find keywords and then write blog entries in Blogger. Write one per day, 300-400 words long, targeting one keyword per article. Use the exact keyword phrases 2 to 3 times in your article, once in the first sentence. Over time you will build a stream of traffic that you can monetize with Google Adsense, related Clickbank products, and more.

4.) You can edit and write new content for private label rights reports and either sell them or give them away via your website. If you give them away, you can easily plug in affiliate links for related products and make some money.

5.) Research and write your own reports. This is our top “how to make money from writing” technique, and one we apply ourselves frequently. First, go to a forum and find pressing questions that are popular and have a lot of replies. Then, find the solution to that problem (there are typically a lot of solutions in the thread of the question.) You can then research the solutions, put in your own solutions, and add your own twist. Write a sales letter, then market it.

6.) Create your own PLR packages. If you enjoy writing articles, creating a PLR article package and limiting the number of copies distributed (20 to 30 is typically acceptable) and selling them for $5 to $10 per package for 10 or more articles can give you some short term cash, especially if you repeat the process over and over.

7.) If going offline is preferred, you can always write your own book and then self-publish it with a site such as, then list your book on sites such as Amazon. You can do interviews with people in your niche to increase your book’s popularity.

Big Secret — Proper grammar is NOT a must to make money online. Neither John nor I claim to have perfect command of the English language, and sometimes we blatantly violate it’s rules. Occasionally we misspell things in our e-mails or in our sales copy, or use improper grammar or a very non-formal tone. In fact, many markets respond better to a non-formal tone. Think about it…

Wouldn’t you rather buy from a person, rather than a big corporation? Most people would. :-)

Keeping that in mind, there are some times when writing formal is necessary. For example, if you’re talking to professionals or writing about science-related topics, then writing formally is a must.

I hope this list of tips has gotten you thinking about the many different ways you can start making money online right now. If you’d like other models for making money online, be sure to check out the Simple Cash Blog. It contains a 100% free report that shows you, step-by-step, how to make money with writing.

Click here to download the report at the Simple Cash Blog right now…

Are You Blind to Business Opportunties?

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I have a site that has a PageRank of 6. Google loves my site. I’m ranked for an incredible number of keywords. Many of which I don’t even know.

It has over 500 pages of content. (Maybe more?) It’s awesome content. Nearly 100% original and added over the years, naturally and with great care. Much of the content is linkbait. I have thousands and thousands of incoming links.

The domain is over (gasp!) 10 years old. Yes, it’s been around since 1998. It’s a 7 letter domain, which is a bit long considering the age, but it’s good. Is it SEO’ed or otherwise optimized? Not really.

There’s more too…

This is one of the very first blogs on the internet. Seriously, this was absolutely on of the first 10K blogs out there. I would even place a small wager that it’s one of the first 1,000 blogs.

When it started the site was 100% static. Then, I started to manually update it with news. It
became a manual blog (FTP uploads of HTML). That was it; 100% old school.

Now, at first, it was a labor of love. I just had a web site because I could. It seemed like a smart thing to do.

Then, over time, people started to call me. They emailed me. And, I landed some huge contracts as a consultant in this (extremely competitive) niche. That was back in 1999 through 2001. That was a monetization model that simply fell into my lap. No effort!

I even had a list of 8,000 hungry subscribers. I sent out more than 80 newsletters over a 3-4 year period and I drove substantial traffic. (Thelist size is about 500 now.)

All of this sounds FANTASTIC, doesn’t it?

Well, it becomes a sad story with a great ending. You see, for many years (on and off) I would update the site. But, not enough to keep it growing. Although it still pulls substantial traffic, it hasn’t grown.

Furthermore, the site wasn’t properly monetized. I did very little with Adsense and nothing with any products or services. Well, next to nothing. I did some things but it was feeble. Not much cash flowed in, which just encouraged me to stay away and focus on other things.

Now, however, I am ready to strike. I realize that I was blind to business opportunities with the site. I know more about how to market and sell products to my site visitors. More importantly, I know how to add more value and deliver more value to my readers and customers.

The best news is that I realized that I have a super high quality asset. It’s time to leverage that asset and generate some money. It’s also time to help more people through that site. It’s time to strike.

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