Technorati WTFs are little postings about what’s hot on the internet. The idea is that people will post blurbs about people, things and events that are worth of buzz. There’s also a voting tool so if people like what they are reading, they can vote it up.

Note: “WTF” stands for “Where’s the fire?” 

As you can imagine, if a blurb gets a lot of votes, it quickly rises to the top and lands on the home page. This in turn drives even more traffic. What’s hot gets even hotter, at least until they next hot thing comes along and blows it away.

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Anyone with an account can post a WTF. If you’re ready to head on over and post immediately, you could be wasting your time. Keep reading…

1. Posting WTFs about boring topics won’t do you any good. Remember, this is about What’s Hot and buzz on the internet. Dull, lifeless postings won’t get any votes.

2. You don’t have unlimited room, so focus you have to keep your message concise. You’ve got to keep it tight and focused. People rapidly scan through WTFs.

3. You can drive traffic to any site, not just your blog. If you have a Squidoo lens for example, you can point to it. This is perfect if you’ve just launched that lens, and it’s got rock solid content.  (Psst! Put your Squidoo lens on autopilot.)

4. If you’re trying to figure out what people are posting on right now, visit the recently submitted WTFs. If you know what they are saying is hot, you can write your own blurb but make it even hotter. You can “steal” their idea, but then make it 10x better using your copywriting skills. This is a key way to drive Technorati WTF traffic.

5. Take a look at the WTF Topics pages. This is another “secret” way to understand what other WTF’ers care about. Why does that matter? Because if you write a good WTF, you know that you can be instantly voted up because people there care about that topic. The only downside is that you have more competition. No worries though if you have a great topic and smart copyrighting skills. WTF traffic can be yours.

Here’s a real secret that can drive traffic to your Technorati WTF blurb, then to your web site or blog. It’s quite simple but it is effective…

After you post your WTF, just ping it. (I like Pingoat personally.) So, here’s what you do in just 2 simple steps:

1. Post your hot Technorati WTF blurb
2. Go to Pingoat and ping the WTF

Doing this notifies a lot of sites that a page has been updated. In turn, they hit your WTF. If your “Where’s the Fire?” blurb is hot enough, it’ll get voted up.

What’s that really mean?

Well, the Technorati home page drives the real traffic. You just can’t beat being on the front page. Pretty obvious when you think about it.

I’ll end by saying that there’s a lot more to share. There are some very powerful techniques I haven’t revealed…

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