Many people are looking to make money online. There are many opportunities but finding the right high income home online business can still be a challenge.

Let’s first examine what “high income” means. I’ll be the first to tell you that high income is completely dependent on one person – you! Unless you define clear income goals, you will not be able create a real business plan. So…

A High Income Business is What You Think It Is

High Income Tip One: Figure out what “high income” means to you personally. Write it down. Make sure it’s clear in your mind. Is it $100 per day? $5,000 per month? $100,000 per year?

Now, let’s look at home online businesses. There are many types of online businesses. You can set up an eBay business for example. You can also sell ebooks directly from your own web site. You can do these things from home because they are online.

Editors Note: Build a list when you sell on eBay.

Before I move on, keep in mind your objective: Finding a high income home online business. So, while you can earn a high income on eBay it can be very hard. And, you can sell ebooks to make money, but that is also very hard.

You need to think more deeply about rapidly generating cash and building wealth…

The Secret: High Income Home Online Business Models

Here’s something that many people won’t tell you. A high income business must be built on a model, not on a single product or one place to sell. You can’t get rich without doing one of two things:

1. Sell a very high volume of products
2. Sell products that cost a lot of money

When you combine both of these together, you get magic. You combine them together with a smart business model.

An Example of a High Income Home Online Business Model

Becoming a wholesaler of expense jewelry for eBay sellers.  You job would be to find a major wholesaler and you, in turn, become a smaller wholesaler.  You supply eBayers with products, you don’t sell on eBay. See the difference? You’re the supplier!

By selling wholesale you sell a lot of items at once. You don’t make quite as much as selling one item at a time, but you get serious volume which generates a high income for your home online business. See the magic? Bingo!

Also, by selling jewelry, you are selling a high priced product. When you sell high priced items – especially in bulk – you generate wealth much more quickly.

Creating Wealth Online is Just Like Creating Wealth Offline

Here’s what this looks like in the offline world. Selling a house lands a lot more money than selling a car, don’t you agree? The same principle applies with the eBay jewelry supply business I explained above.

High Income Tip Two: A high income home business is based on creating the right business model. Sell in high volume and sell high priced items. Your job is to find the right niches that allow this then give it 100% of your effort.

The summary is that you can create a high income home online business out of thin air once you realize that you just need to apply some simple principles. First, sell in high quantities and second sell high priced items.

In plain terms, sell expensive stuff in bulk. You also want to create a model that fits your high income wealth building goals. “Big money” can be yours in no time at all.

Editor’s Note: Get started online by reading How to Create Your Own Online Business (It’s free to read right now.)

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