More videos are being created every single day. These free videos are filling up sites like YouTube. A million flowers are blooming. Millions upon millions, in fact.

Just yesterday I was looking for an old Godzilla video but I wasted about an hour and didn’t find what I wanted. It was really a waste. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s really easy — too easy! — to waste time on video web sites.

Now, the comments I made above certainly apply to entertainment videos. That is, a lot of time is wasted on videos that don’t really matter. I know you understand. Burning up time on YouTube is easy.

The real trouble starts when you’re working hard. You know, when you’re really looking for something special to get a job done. Or, you’re trying to get “secrets” through video. We’ve all been there.

If  you’re an internet marketer, you know that finding high quality videos in any reasonable time is a nightmare. There is so much garbage out there. Think of all those hours you waste looking for advice on SEO, Adsense, SERPs, article marketing, information product creation, Squidoo, forum marketing, making money from blogging, and so on. Hours and hours…

That’s why we put together The Marketing Minesweeper Memembership.  Yes, it’s a paid membership. We deliver links to you every single day — we sift, sort, and filter out all the junk. We deliver value to you, day after day.

We give you back time. You can’t replace time and you know it. That’s why we created the membership for you.

Never waste another minute looking for the best internet marketing videos on YouTube. We’ve done it for you. We’re marketing experts and we’ve spent the time making your life much better.

Learn more about the Marketing Minesweeper right now.

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