You can find free PLR ebooks all over the internet. Free PLR reports and articles are also easy to find. Absolutely free. What I’m going to do here is explain that “free PLR” might not be free at all. There are costs!

First, the real value of PLR is that research has been done for you. Listen, that’s a real internet marketing secret that’s only starting to be talked about. Most folks think that PLR is great because the work, i.e., the writing, is done for you.

The truth is that PLR is great because of the the brainpower and time required to figure out what people want to learn about. An added bonus is all the niche keyword research done by the PLR creator. If you’re not convinced about the “true value of PLR” then you must watch the PLR Model video. It’s obvious.

If you simply grab free PLR content, like ebooks and articles from random web sites, you’re probably getting poor quality PLR. That is, you’re going to get PLR that was poorly researched. Since the true value of PLR is in the research, you’re getting a pretty raw deal. Download at your own risk!

Second, if you download free PLR then it’s very likely you’ll have to do extra work to transform the content into something useful. When I use the word “transform” I really mean re-write.

Even when you know the secret of re-writing PLR articles in less than 7 minutes, if your free PLR is junk then you’ll spend 1-2 hours per article. Therefore, you’re hardly saving time. In fact, free PLR can be a time drain.

This all assumes the free PLR is low quality PLR. You might get lucky. Some free PLR is pretty good, but you have to know how to evaluate PLR before you buy it or download it.

Special Tip: PLR Exploitaiton explains how to evaluate PLR before you buy.

Third, I encourage you to take a look at the Squidoo lens that asks this question: Is Free PLR Good? Here’s a quote for you to consider…

Don’t get sucked into a page that offers you a ton of free PLR in exchange for your email address, postal address, name, and so on. Never trade a ton of personal information for “free PLR” — you’ll get burned.

I’ll end by saying that free PLR can be awesome, but you have to watch it. You have to avoid poorly written PLR or you’ll write, write, and re-write. It’ll waste your time. Lot’s of it. You also have to watch out for PLR that is stolen. A lot of free PLR is simply ripped off content. Watch for it. Learn how to avoid bad PLR. And finally, don’t give up your name and email for some junk PLR. It’s a raw deal.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

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