A while back “The Rhodes Brothers” were trying to make money with our niche web sites using Google Adsense. We put together high quality web sites with great original content and then we added Adsense to those sites. (You’ve done this, right?)

At first, this seemed like a great way to make money online. But then we started doing the numbers and we realized that we were only making a few pennies per click. It took a lot of work to create these sites. Although we were making some reasonable cash, it wasn’t all that much considering all the work required. (Again, sounds familiar doesn’t it?)

So, in typical “Rhodes Brothers” commando fashion, we started the assault…

We spent weeks analyzing Google Adsense. We realized that it’s very powerful in terms of matching content to advertisements. The secret of Google Adsense is definitely the algorithm that powers this content-to-advertsement matching.

But that nifty little algorithm isn’t making “The Rhodes Brothers” wealthy and it probably isn’t getting you wealthy either. Instead, Google’s making the big money, and if you’re using Adsense, you’re getting just a few cents per click. Blah!

After weeks of research, we found a way to use the Google Adsense content-to-advertisement algorithm to our advantage. We now make excellent money on our content web sites but we don’t use Google adsense in most cases. But, Google’s still helping us make money.

The secret is that we’re using Google against Google. We watch from the sidelines and when the fight is over, we swoop in and get superior intelligence on what really makes money. We get the gems and we make big money from our content sites.

You can too…

For the first time, we’ve put together a free video that explains why this technique is so powerful. We help you understand how to make more money than you’re making with Google Adsense. Definitely take a look right now…

Get Rid of Adsense and Make More Money Online

The video is completely free and it’s posted on YouTube for easy access. Learn more about how to get rid of Adsense to make more money, right now.

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