I’m going to tell you a secret…

We pay people a lot of money to do research for us. This might not seem like a secret, but it is.

When it comes to internet marketing, knowledge is power. Knowledge is wealth. And, we pay for it when we see it.

I’m going to talk about making money through research in just a little while. First, I want to talk to you about Steven Wagenheim. Trust me, this is something you want to know.

About one year ago, Steven was showing up on a couple of popular internet marketing forums. He spent a lot of time over at the Warrior Forum and I quickly took notice.

Steven’s constantly writing. And, what he writes is really good.

He also makes over $100K per year online based on what I’ve read. He has provided evidence of his earnings too in video format. More on that in just a minute.

As I was saying, Steven is a writer. If you know any good writers, you know they are almost always good researchers. Steven’s no exception. He knows how to figure stuff out — that’s why his writing is so good.

Editor’s Note: Steven Wagenheim and I put together How to Re-Write a PLR in 7 Minutes. It’s *the* report on PLR re-writing and it’s a clear indication of the quality of his work.

So, I know first hand that Steven is a good writer … but also a great researcher.

Now we can talk about how you can make money. I need to now explain how research means money in your PayPal account. If you don’t understand that, you won’t understand what Steven Wagenheim is giving away for next to nothing.

Like I said, The Rhodes Brothers outsource a lot of our research. We use the research (e.g., niche research, keyword research, article research, membership competition, forum scanning, and more) to build our empire. We use it to make money.


The answer is simple. We use it to (1) dominate a niche by finding out what people really want and need and (2) we sell the research to our customers and membership subscribers.

We often pay $50-$100 but then turn around and sell it for $300-$500. Yes, we do have several memberships (e.g., The Simple Cash Blog and the Simple PLR Club) and we have several lists. So, we can help a lot of people and we make money at the same time.


We know several people who take research and “flip” it in the way I described. Unfortunately, most niche research is expensive. It can cost $100-$200 just to research one niche. Often , it takes more if the niche is challenging.

(I’ve never seen niche research less than $10. It’s possible, I guess, but the quality if probably terrible.)

OK, now let’s talk about Steven Wagenheim again. And, let’s talk about niche research.

Do you know where this is going? I hope you’re guessing right now.

I found out that Steven is offering up niche research on (holy cow!) 30 different, high value niches. When I first heard about this, I kind of laughed. You see, when it comes to niche research, the price is too high for most people.

I expected that Steven was going to be offering up niche research for maybe 4-5 niches. Or, I thought he’d keep the price really high to cover his expenses. (Remember, ONE niche can cost up to $200 or more to research. It takes time to dig into a niche.)

With hesitation, I visited the Niche Revolution Research web site.

My eyes popped out. “You’ve got to be *kidding* me, Steven!” — I said that out loud. You’ll understand why. (The price.)

I can’t give away the price. I just can’t.

Consider that you’re getting 30 niches from a Top Gun Researcher. (I’d hire him for at least $50 per hour, and that would be a complete steal for his time.)

I want to show you some math. 30 niches x $200 per niche = $6,000

If you think that is “a lot of money” you’re right. But, consider that with 30 niches, you would be busy for at least 6 months setting up niche web sites that would blow away the competition.

Remember, niche research helps you utterly dominate the search engines. All you have to do is apply what you’ve learned. Niche research is gold for blogs, mini-hubs, authority sites, memberships, and sales pages.

Remember, Steven makes over $100,000 per year. He’s doing it through his superior knowledge of niches, that’s for sure.

You must visit Niche Research Revolution

There’s even more to the story that I’m not telling you.

Hint: The niches are outstanding. (That’s means serious cash online … from these special niches.)

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