For the most part, The Rhodes Brothers generate organic traffic. A lot of traffic is from search engines, but plenty comes in direct, from forums, signatures, blog postings, social networking sites (e.g., Squidoo and Technorati) and so on. There are many ways to create traffic out of thin air, although some of it takes more effort than it should.

(Editor’s Note: We even wrote a special report on Free Traffic Generation.)

In any event, my brother and I have set aside a large sum of money to advertise this month. When I say a lot, I mean it. Let’s just say it’s 4-figures and well over 35% of our August profit. Needless to say, we’re giving “advertising” a very serious effort.

I’ve already expanded our (modest) Adwords campaign. I’ve added more long tail keywords, increased the daily budget, and adjusted the CPC we’re willing accept.

I’ve also set up Yahoo Marketing Solutions, which I don’t like. I had to pre-pay $100 just to get going. That’s stupid if you ask me. Also, based on some tracking I’m doing, the traffic coming in from Yahoo is pretty lame. The volume of traffic is fine, but the actual people hitting our sites don’t seem targeted despite my close attention to detail. If you know me, you know what that means.

I’m also not happy with the ezine advertising I have found. The selection of solo ads and top sponsor ads in *quality* ezines is dreadfully limited. I’ve spent about 8-10 hours in the last several days doing research.

Listen, it’s chaos out there. There is a huge opportunity for quality ezines with smart advertising options, prices, and customer service.

(If you run a quality ezine, or you know of one that I can really trust, tell me about it. I’ll sent a $5 just to know where I can effectively spend my ezine advertising money. I’m not kidding.)

I still have a lot of money to spend on advertising but I’m not finding what I need. So, go ahead, please tell me where I can get the most “bang for the buck” with my advertising dollars. If you run an ezine, I’m reaching out to you…

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