How to Always Avoid Refunds (John S. Rhodes) — “When you sell products online you are always at risk for having to provide refunds. No matter what you do you are not going to please all of the people all of the time. But there are several steps you can take to lower your risk of refunds. These steps are good business and should be followed with every online sale, especially digital products.”

I’ve been tempted for a long time now to put together a 30-60 minute video on this topic. Refunds obviously cost you money, but they also consume a lot of time.

But there is a lot more you should know about refunds. For example, they provide you with excellent feedback. You can ask customers why they want a refund. You can do market reearch when you interact with these folks, so it’s an opportunity if you know how to correctly take action.

I could go on and on. Like a said, I need to put together a video. For now, you can get learn a little about how to always avoid refunds by reading the article. Enjoy!

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