A lot of people don’t understand PLR. So, let me give you some helpful links to get the party started. Seriously, the blog entries I point to below are worth reading. All of them. And don’t worry there’s no pressure here. There’s no selling in these blog entries, got it? I’m pointing you to pure content.

With that introduction…

If you want to understand PLR, also known as Private Label Rights, simply head over to the PLR Model blog. You’ll get your head around PLR in very little time. I promise. Let me prove it; read these entires. Then we’ll get down to business, OK?

Well, there’s plenty more to learn over at the PLR Model blog. And don’t miss the main PLR Model site. We’re giving you access to a free video all about the *true* value of PLR. That’s something you don’t want to miss.

So that’s out of the way, now it’s time to talk about converting PLR into something unique without any re-writing. If you think it cannot be done, then you’re in for something very special. And, once I explain the idea, you’ll better understand what I was talking about in the PLR Model video.

Here’s the secret in just three words: Unique Selling Proposition

You can sell a product very well by talking about a big list of features plus the benefits. However, killer sales almost always come by highlighting a single benefit above all other benefits. As multi-millionaire Michael Masterson has stated, “When this benefit can be presented as uniquely characteristic of your product, you have an advertising proposition that can last and last and last.”

You simply need to establish something unique about the PLR product you own and you can stand above everyone else. You don’t have to re-write anything at all. You simply need to explain something very special about the PLR you own. You need to cast it in a new light, or explain it in a way that no others have done before.

This might simply mean advertising the product in a new way, in a new medium. Or, it might be more robust. You might explain a benefit that no one else has ever pointed out, which you can then exploit for maximum gain. Remember, this takes no re-writing unless you wish to tweak your PLR.

By the way, you can do two things to make your PLR product stand out as unique and 100% fresh. Literally make it unique in some way: add graphics, add a new introduction, re-write content. This obvious works as we’ve clearly explained inside PLR Exploitation.

You can also use a “Jedi Mind Trick” to make your product unique. That is, you just need to make the product seem better to other people. This is the power of finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The USP can be completely based on perceptions. This requires one thing from you: brainpower. You’ve got that, for sure.

So, that is how to convert PLR into something unique and profitable with very little work, and often no re-writing. You’re creating PLR gold out of thin air while others are off in a dark mine digging for it. Working very hard in fact.

That’s all for now. Remember, if you want to learn more about PLR, then you owe it to yourself to watch the free PLR Model video. I promise there’s not a sales pitch. It’s all very low key. Simple stuff.

~ John

p.s. Need PLR? Check out the Simple PLR Club. (There’s a little sales pitch, eh?)

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