Want to know how to creat a great eBay store?

There are just three easy steps…

1. Sign up for an eBay store. (Surprisingly easy.)

2. Configure your eBay store.

3. Collect serious cash online.

OK, so I’m having a little fun here. Creating a really hot eBay store takes some work after you sign up to start selling.

But really, we set up a store in about 3 hours, start to finish. That includes adding 8 products and tweaking everything we felt was important.

Creating a killer eBay store pretty much means reading what eBay gives you for free.

This was quite a surprise to us but eBay’s information kicks butt. If you start looking for design help, templates, and such, on Google for example, you’ll see tons of of offers for “professional services” — pay someone to help you. Or, you’ll run into spam sites that offer no value. 

Here’s the truth. We started looking for tips, tricks, and advice but nothing was as good as what eBay offered up for free. (Again, this was quite a surprise.)

Below are the best resources we found right on eBay for creating a great eBay store. I encourage you to follow these links to get started right now.

Straight from eBay!

1. eBay Store Sign Up Page (Easy as pie!)

2. eBay Stores Deisgn Center

3. eBay Stores Checklist for Success

4. eBay Stores Tutorials

5. eBay Stores FAQs

6. eBay Success Stories (related topic)

If you are looking for professional services, eBay gives you pointers on that too:

7. eBay Stores Designer Directory

Looking for more?

Small Business Marketing is our new little eBay store. If you’re wondering what you’ll get with just a couple of hours of work, don’t miss our store. We have some internet marketing items you might want; dirt cheap. (It is eBay after all.)

Good luck setting up your new eBay store!

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