Some people think that you need to have a merchant account to sell on the internet. That definitely isn’t true. You can use PayPal and several other similar services to get the job done. In light of this, many people just flat out ask us how to create PayPal Buy Now buttons. So… 

We put together a very handy field guide (PDF) and an 8 minute video to explain exactly how to create a PayPal Buy Now button. Not only is this useful for novice internet marketers, it is also good for veterans. This is because we are offering Master Resale Rights. If you have a membership site, newsletter, or forum, this could be just what you need.

How to create a PayPal Buy Now button is currently only $5 as a special offer on the Warrior Forum. This offer won’t last long, especially since we’re offering Master Resale Rights. I encourage you to look at the offer and make a fast, smart decision.

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