If you’re like me, you’re always looking out for Clickbank products that convert like crazy. Think about it. What’s the point of driving traffic to a sales page and then not getting the sale? Conversions are really important.

Let’s keep digging… 

“The Rhodes Brothers” have pumped out over a dozen products in less than nine months. After launching these products to our customers through our lists, we set these up in Clickbank. To put this another way, we’ve taken our best-selling, highest-converting products, and made them available to you to sell.

If you want to know how to find high converting Clickbank products, then you have to consider what we’ve made available to you. We’ve made thousands of dollars on these products and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. There’s a ton of value in these reports and you can sell ’em like crazy.

For what it’s worth, we offer a monstrous payout. All of our products give you 70% of the profits. We know this is generous but we wouldn’t generate these sales without the help of our affiliates, like you.

There’s another big advantage to promoting “The Rhodes Brothers” products. Once you sell one of our products, you can set up a whole train of sales. You can construct a series of product promotions without any effort. You can easily hit up your customers and tell them that you have another great IMsimple (Rhodes) product available to them. The train keeps rolling; we’ve got tons of highly converting products to sell.

If you sign up to our Clickbank affiliate list (scroll to the bottom of the page), you can also be ahead of hundreds of other affiliates. We’re more than happy to announce our new products to you first so that you can generate cash in very little time, ahead of the crowd. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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