If you can find a great niche you can make a lot of money. Fortunately, niche research gives you the answers that you need to make a killing online. Really, it’s very exciting — that is, it’s exciting if you know what you’re doing like we do. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s painful and frustrating.

I’m going to eliminate the pain right now…

Niche research is simple. If you’re just getting started, simply do some Google searches. This sounds so basic, but I’ll tell you — it works. Do a search using keywords that make sense to you. See how many web sites show up. Look at the number of results. This gives you an idea about the “supply” of content in your niche.

However, all commerce is based on supply AND demand. So, you need an simple way to figure out how much people are demanding that content. How’s this possible?

Hey, it’s simple. Head over to Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.  Do a search and you’ll get more results. You’ll know how many people are trying to find answers. You’ll know the demand for keywords, which is magic.

So, now you simple take the Google results and divide by the Free Keyword results. That is, you divide supply by demand. This number is your starting point. It’s very simple math. No worries! And, conceptually, it’s really simple. You’re just using basic princples of economics that pretty much anyone can understand. Supply and demand.

Now all you need to do is do more searches and compare the numbers you’re getting in relation to supply and demand. Before you know it, you’ll find some perfect keywords. That means you’ll have your niche in very little time. You have to love this ultra simple technique for finding niches.

But how do you make money from niches? Again, this is pretty simple. Head over to Clickbank and find products that fit your niche. It’s dead simple. Head there, do some searches and find affiliate products to promote. There are many ways of using this information to make money with niches — we’ve explained many effective business models using this research inside The Simple Cash Blog.

By the way…

You can also watch a free video that explains a very simple business model. It’s a short video that shows you how to set up a membership site in a niche in no time, and make a ton of money. If you’ve ever wanted to set up a membership site in a niche, then don’t miss this opportunity. It’s 100% free — no strings attached. You don’t even need to give me your email address to watch it. Simple, right?

OK, let’s get back to our discussion of niche research. But please keep in mind that a niche isn’t going to do you any good if you’re not making money. Consider looking at Clickbank before you do your niche research, like I talked about earlier. Make sure you have products that support your mission. Or, set up a membership site which I mentioned a moment ago.

On a final note, I want to tell you something important. We literally just launched Long Tail Niche Domination.  If you’re ready for *advanced* niche domination techniques, this is the report you need. I clearly explain how to actually create niches. Yes, this is hard to believe. I understand.

But —

It really is possible to be the first person to jump on a niche. The rewards are obviously incredible. If you “own” or dominate a niche, you have the potential to make loads of money for a long time. There are some risks with Long Tail Niche Domination, but I’ll let you decide if the rewards are worth it. (I think they are — we’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars of money coming in per month.)

Learn more about creating niches out of thin air right now.

Well, that’s about it. You now know a ton about niche research. You have plenty of links to click and I’m sure your head is buzzing with ideas. You can make money by “owning” niches — take action now.

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