Web 2.0 is really powerful stuff – John and I have seen it generate (literally) thousands of visitors for us on command. Twitter and Stumbleupon have honestly been a couple of our greatest assets to driving traffic to our website.

Note: John wrote about how to increase web traffic with Stumbleupon here previously:

>> http://imsimple.com/the-fast-and-simple-web-20-traffic-system/

There’s a new Web 2.0 on the block…and my bet is that it will be as big as Stumbleupon and almost definitely bigger than Twitter.

It’s called Qassia. I’ve been thinking about it since I discovered it yesterday and I think it can be best described as a peer-edited article directory. It won’t appear that way exactly to the public…but more or less, that’s what it amounts to. Take a look at the main page:

>> http://www.qassia.com

(You’ll notice there’s no place to “sign up” for it. More on that in a bit…)

It looks like Qassia is designed to be an article directory and search engine hybrid. There are no categories to classify the material at the current time, but it seems like a vast majority of the content submitted by people so far is somewhat mass appeal (and also interesting). Here’s a glance at some of the “intel” (Qassia’s name for articles) recently contributed:

How Exercise Can Benefit Diabetics
Clear Your Acne – Naturally!
How To Approach Being Downsized From Your Job
How To Wake Up Early

…and a few others. Like I said – they all seem to be interesting and at least somewhat mass appeal.

At the bottom of every “intel” you submit is the ability to put in “external links”..it gives links to your website as a bio box does, but you don’t have the ability to put in any information about your website or yourself – the “bio box” just consists of links.

So far, it just sounds like an average article directory…but here’s where it gets interesting.

For every piece of intel you submit or rate as a peer-editor, you get Qassia dollars…as of this article, I have $22,560. No, it’s not “real” money…but it serves the purpose of promoting your website and driving you traffic.

The content you submit does NOT have to be unique, as long as you somehow have rights to it. They prefer unique content and give more Qassia dollars for it – but you can submit intel that you simply own private label rights to and easily rack up dollars

At the current time it doesn’t look like you “spend” your Qassia dollars – it’s just there to calculate your net worth. The higher your net worth, the more exposure you’re going get on Qassia, so they explain – plus you’ll get backlinks and additional traffic from submitting intel, so there’s really no reason to not try to rack up as much as you can.

If you’re in the top 50 of all the top contributors to Qassia, you get to be in the “Top 50” column on the left hand side…home page backlink from a PR 4 website, anyone? (And page rank is bound to increase as the site becomes more popular…)

The best thing about Qassia, though, is that it’s 100% free. But…you can only join by invitation or if you get referred by someone else. Luckily, I have your invitation right here:

>> http://rhodesbrothers.qassia.com
(Note: You must sign up through the link above if you wish to join Qassia. It’s 100% free.)

There’s a lot more I could explain about it…but it’s best if you just go in and poke around yourself.

Join now and you can submit as many sites as you want into Qassia…keep in mind that your net worth is divided amongst all your sites, so if you want to try to make the Top 50 list you’ll want to only promote 1 to 2 websites when you first start out.

Rate intel and submit it to boost your net value…then reap the traffic! Enjoy!

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