In a previous blog posting I talked about online and offline marketing. In this blog posting I’m going to talk about how to make money offline by exploiting your online marketing skills. In effect, you’re going to learn about selling your services to businesses offline. It’s easy as pie!

Most internet marketers don’t realize how valuable their online skills are to people doing business offline. To put it another way, most online marketers are only familiar with very low prices. For example, it’s pretty easy to find 500-800 word articles for $5-15. And to be perfectly clear, I’m talking about high quality, original articles. This is not about buying PLR articles or otherwise using PLR.

If you’re an internet marketer and you want to know how to make money offline, the answer is very simple. You really just need to interact with business owners in the “real world” and let them know what you do. You would explain that you drive traffic, write articles, market with videos, build lists, and so forth.

Of course your sales pitch wouldn’t be about the marketing methods. It would be about the results that you offer to offline businesses. You wouldn’t talk about driving traffic to a web site you’d talk about getting people to a web site so that they could get directions, find a business, and buy goods offline. In simple terms, you would explain the benefits not the techniques and methods.

Here’s a real example that we have outlined in the Offline Cash Formula. You would first tell an offline business owner that you could build up a list of people for them. The list might be a simple announcement list which the offline business could use to electronically (email) distribute to coupons.

So, how would you make money from this? Let’s take a look…

You would use an autoresponder service to set this up. You’d create the form, you’d manage the email distribution, you’d provide “free” content and so on. This will all be part of a customer list building service you’d offer to an offline business owner. You could charge by the number of people on the list. Or, you could charge a flat fee. There are other pricing models you could use too. What matters is that you see how you can use your online marketing skills to generate money offline.

In the Offline Cash Formula I spend a lot of time talking about pricing because it’s so important. I know that it can be tricky so let me give you some guidance now. As a rule of thumb, I recommend that you charge 5-10 times the amount to offline businesses that you charge online.

Given this price difference, imagine doing some outsource flipping. You can buy an article online via outsourcing for $10 but then you should be able to resell that original content to a “real world” business for at leat $50. Anything less than $25 is a seriously bad business decision. This disparity allows you to pay $10 to make at least $25. That’s $15 in profit for virtually zero work. This is exactly how you can make money offline again and again.

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. You could very easily buy and sell PLR to offline businesses. For example, you could join a high quality PLR membership (e.g., Simple PLR Club or PLR Newsletters) and then you could use or sell that content to offline businesses who crave content for their newsletters. This is very much like Quadrant 4 that I described yesterday.

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