Here’s a posting on Wikihow on how to make money online with resale rights.

Here are some of the best points:

1. “Get your own website and domain name. Stay clear of free web hosting.”

2. “Immediate access and immediate download is what makes digital products attractive.”

3. “Once you have uploaded the pages complete with your payment link at the bottom of the page and the product to the website, you are pretty much ready to start taking orders online.” (Free video: How to create a PayPal Buy Now Button)

4. “Collect email addresses. You need a mechanism to collect the email addresses, namely a form that people can “opt-in” to your mailing list. Growing your own mailing list is by far the most important activity to concentrate your efforts on.”

5. “Find new products with resale rights that will be of interest to your subscribers and keep them purchasing from you rather than your competitors!” (Secret: If you join the $7.77 Simple MRR Club, you’ll *always* have a fresh supply of products to sell.)

6. “Look at other peoples websites, the use of squeeze pages, and how they put together “One Time Only Offers”. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. If it works for others, it will work for you too.”

7. “Offer related bonus products for free with your resale rights product to create even better value for your customers.”

How to Make Money Online With Resale Rights

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