Do you want to know how to easily create 10 to 15 college and university (.edu) links to your web site every hour? It can be done and it’s extremely effective.

But why does it matter? What good are .edu links? If you’re reading these words, you probably already know that .edu links are juicy. Google LOVES college and university web sites, and therefore links from those sites are like gold. Maybe better than gold…

Why should you get the report? It’s short and easy to read. It’s a simple report, and examples are provided. It’s easy to implement, again and again. Getting your own .edu links is easy.

I love the unsolicited testimonials for the .EDU Backlinks reports. For example:

“Your report provides a great idea! I don’t think it’s black-hat or
grey-hat, maybe not even white-hat. It’s just plain commonsense.”

“Nice report. I will be putting it to good use.”

“There is nothing intrinsically black hat about the “basic” strategy
at all – it is well-known and used in white hat seo circles all the
time. The “special sauce” tips you mentioned are the real value of the

“Read report. Some great ideas. Definitely doable.”

“Very nice report. Short, direct, and right to the point. And the
process you use to find only the very best .edu sites to get links
from has so much potential for use in many different areas. Gotta love
that ‘Special Sauce’.”

How Do You Purchase? That’s easy…

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…you’ll be glad you did.

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