The value of private label rights (PLR) is that the hard research has been done for you. Most people think that the value is that the writing has been done for you, but that’s not the value of PLR at all.

Writing isn’t that bad. It is easy to speed write. If you give me an outline with the relevant keywords, a title, and some of the key concepts, I can write an article in just a few minutes. It isn’t hard pounding out an article.

So, again, the value of PLR is that someone else has already figured out what to write about and they’ve given you the map. It’s the research behind the article that takes all the time and energy, right?

That tip above is worth $100 — easy. Most people seek out PLR for the words, not the research. Now you know how to find the very best PLR because it isn’t the writing that matters, it’s all the work behind the words:

* Keywords and key phrases
* Title options and ideas
* Genral outlines 
* Core concepts

Now you just need to pound out your own words and you can do that easily. Well, you can do that easily if you have a simple formula — The formula we use.

Now, assuming you have a ton of PLR content (if you don’t you can grab some here), it’s time to take action. What that means is that you’re ready to re-write PLR.

Some people will tell you that re-writing PLR doesn’t make sense, or that it’s hard to do. Hogwash! You can re-write PLR and you should re-write PLR. Remember, the hard work is the research which is already done for you.

I’ll summarize. PLR articles are valuable. The hard work is done for you. But, to really turn PLR into cash, you’ve got to re-write. It isn’t that hard if you know the simple formula. Here’s what you need:

How to Re-Write a PLR Article in Under 7 Minutes

(Secret: It’s how how we crank out tons of fresh, hot, content for our niche web sites and blog with very little effort. It’s silly how easy it is, and it works for anyone in any niche in any part of the world.)

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