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Quick Introduction 

Setting up an autoresponder membership web site is easy if you are familiar with common internet marketing tools and techniques. If you’re not, then you might need to invest some time to gain the required technical knowledge. Here, you’ll learn the process of combining an autoresponder with PayPal to create a membership web site.

What You’ll Need

* An autoresponder delivery service (Recommended: AWeber)
* A hosting provider for your sales page (Recommended: BlueHost)
* A PayPal account

How to Set Up and Run Your Autoresponder Membership

There are 8 steps to setting up and running an autoresponder membership:

1. Obtain content (private label rights) or create your own
2. Fill up an autoresponder with content with regular delivery planned
3. Set up a sales page to sell access to the autoresponder content
4. Create a PayPal subscription button
5. Place the PayPal button on the sales page
6. Drive traffic to the sales page (See: 31 Ways to Drive Traffic)
7. When a customer subscribes redirect them to an opt-in page
8. Deliver regular emails to customer via autoresponder

Step 1: You need content for your autoresponder. This is what will be delivered to customers by email. This could be on any topic in any niche. For example, you could regularly deliver information on “herbal medicine” to customers. This content could be private label rights (PLR) material you acquired or it could just be your own content.

Step 2: Using the PLR or your own fresh content, you’ll load up the autoresponder. This is what people are paying for on a regular basis — great content by email.

Step 3: You’ll need a sales page for your autoresponder membership site. If you’re delivering “herbal medicine” content, then your sales page will be about that topic and the benefits of getting emails on a regular basis, e.g., pre-sifted information, direct delivery of content, and easy access via email.

Step 4: You’ll head to PayPal and create a subscription payment button. Creating a PayPal button for subscriptions is relatively easy although it might take some time to navigate through PayPal the first time. The PayPal subscription button is very much like a normal PayPal button; when the customer pays they can be redirected to a web page of your choosing.

Step 5: Place your PayPal subscription button on the sales page your created. Again, when the customer pays, they’ll be sent to a pre-determined landing page. (Described in Step 7.)

Step 6: Drive traffic to your autoresponder membership site. You can use a variety of traffic techniques such as Google Pay-Per-Click or posting to blogs. (Recommended: Fast and Simple Web 2.0 Traffic System)

Step 7: When a customer pays by Paypal, you’ll redirect them to an opt-in page you set up via your autoresponder service, such as AWeber. This opt in page, hosted on your web server, is how you’ll capture email addresses and names of customers. This is how you will know where to send customers their emails. Remember, this is absolutely not spam since they just paid for this content and they are asking to get your emails on a regular basis.

Step 8: Deliver the promised content via your autoresponder. This is almost always handled automatically by your autoresponder. However, you could exert manual control over the delivery by using a broadcast to your members versus pre-determined delivery.

Additional Tips

First, take time to plan out the entire membership before taking action. Make sure that you have a good niche and solid content to work with.

Second, be sure that you have a well-designed and well-written sales page. Some people don’t fully understand “autoresponder memberships” so make the concept very clear. In essence, and autoresponder membership is a way for customers to get smart, trusted emails for a fair price.

Third, The Marketing Minesweeper is an exmaple of an autoresponder membership web site, if you are looking for one. Consider modeling your sales page after The Marketing Minesweeper, at least in terms of how the content is provided to members.

Fourth, if you need PLR content consider The Simple PLR Club. It’s a membership run by the Rhodes Brothers and it offers 3 full reports and sales letters every single month for one low price.

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