Do you know how to spot a fake email? Do you know if it’s been “spoofed” or not? Do you know if that email really came from eBay or PayPal, or even your bank? 

Internet marketers, like “The Rhodes Brothers,” have to constantly keep aware of technology. We have to worry about what’s coming next, industry trends, and also the pitfalls. It’s that last part that we must really worry about. We worry about fake emails. It’s just part of our jobs.

After a few hours of research, we found something that we’d really like to share. It’s actually produced by eBay which makes sense when you think about it. They really have to manage their reputation. Ebay would take a revenue and profit hit if people lost faith.

In any event, here’s some information about how to spot a fake email, or a spoofed email. It’s a great little, simple tutorial from eBay and we recommend that you take a look.

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