If you’ve spent any time in internet marketing then you’ve seen the term “PLR” being used. In plain terms, PLR stands for private label rights. PLR is about the rights and privileges that you have as an owner of content. That is, if you have PLR, you are allowed to use the content as you wish.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. For example, you might not be able to re-sell the PLR content as PLR. You might not have 100% unrestricted PLR.

But don’t worry about that right now…

In plain terms, when you purchase PLR you’re buying the rights to use the content any way you want. You can put your name on the content and call it your own. You can break it into many pieces. You can combine a ton of PLR together to create a monster product. You can re-write and submit the content to article directories. With PLR, you have the right to really go crazy.

Now, here’s something special to keep in mind. If know what you’re doing with PLR, you can literally make hundreds of dollars per day doing very little work. It might be as simple as setting up an autoresponder membership. In other cases, it might just be a little re-writing then loading up your blog.

The point is that PLR translates to a shortcut. If you know what you’re doing, you can easily get top quality PLR for dirt cheap. For example, The Rhodes Brothers provide content and sales letters through the Simple PLR Club. We also have a special discount for Lisa Cope’s PLR Newsletters. You don’t need to subscribe to those memberships to know that you can get outstanding content for next to nothing.

Let’s keep going. Here’s where it gets really interesting, if you ask me. 

The main problem is that people have a ton of PLR but they don’t know how to exploit it. They don’t understand the magic of PLR exploitation. It’s like people buy a bunch of lumber, windows, carpet, and wires, but they have no idea how to build a house. There’s no blueprint for success with PLR. This is such a shame because PLR is outstanding raw material — ready to be converted into cash.

Let’s be clear here. Here is the secret…

You have to convert your PLR into something fresh and new. Most people ignore this advice because it seems too simple and obvious. But seriously, you need to know how to re-write content and exploit it properly. You have to know how to twist it into something unique. You have to push and mold that PLR content into something that people are dying to purchase. (We’ve made thousands of dollars following this advice.)

In the next week or so, I’ll be talking a lot about PLR. We’ve put together something that is going to change the way that everyone thinks about PLR.

Before long, you’ll be seeing a lot of people talking about PLR exploitation. It’s something that has never been explained before and you’re going to see it first.  Head back here and stay tuned. We’re in for a wild ride!

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