In this blog entry I’m going to give you 10 ways to increase the selling power of your sales copy. It’s based on an old advertising book by John Caples called Tested Advertising Methods.

Number one, use the present tense. Keep hitting the reader with this special word: you, you, you. It’s all about talking about reader using the word you.

Number two, use subheads. Subheads are basically headers but they break up a larger page into smaller pieces. In fact, each subhead is in fact a header for its own section on the page. Subheads are powerful because they tell the person what the entire section is about at a glance. Sub headers also are easy to scan and understand. The large size, and the large font, make reading a breeze.

Number three, put captions or descriptive information under illustrations and images. This is a time-tested way of providing information to readers. You see this all the time in direct response marketing, such as mail advertisements as well as magazines. People are used for reading the brief information that you see underneath an image.

Number four, write in a simple style. This is often stated as, keep it simple, stupid. Successful direct response advertisers practice the this principle for maximum effectiveness.

Number five, use simple words. Use short simple words to express exactly what you mean. Don’t use long sentences. Even educated readers understand short sentences, everyone else understands the shorter words and shorter sentences. This is why editing makes so much sense. Cut, cut, cut.

Number six, give away free information. One of the best ways to get people engaged in what you’re writing is to give them free information. But the free information right in your sales copy. In fact, putting some of your best information and the sales copy is what draws people in the most, and is most likely to increase sales.

Number seven, be very specific with your sales copy. You will find time and again that being specific is the smart way to go. For example 97,482 is better than saying 100,000. The reason is, the first number sounds and feels and acts very much like a fact. Whereas 100,000 seems like something that you made up. It lacks authenticity. It feels and sounds exaggerated.

Number eight, in general it makes sense to use long copy. This does not mean that all of your sales copy must be on one sales page. You can chunk up the sales copy into multiple pages. The point is you want to cover many, many angles about the topic at hand. People who are interested in the topic will keep reading. And these people are more interested; they are actually the people that are most likely to purchase from you. In a way, this weeds out the people who are less serious and less likely to spend money with you.

Number nine, study off-line sales methods and sales copy to learn how to do it better online. Off-line mail order companies and direct marketers have been tweaking and testing methods for years. The next time your stuck or puzzled as to how to sell a product, look at a good catalog or a direct mail piece. These people have done a lot of work for you. That research is invaluable. (Hint: The true value of PLR is that the research has been done for you.)

Number 10, encourage the reader to take action. If you don’t ask for the sale, you’ll never make the sale. Don’t make the reader gas to do next. Tell them exactly what to do. The time for them to do it, obviously, is right now. Give the reader a reason to act right now. Be truthful, be honest, but strongly encourage immediate action.

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