Here’s a list of titles for reports that I never put together.

1. LIFECASH 2007

I like #1 “LIFECASH 2007” because it feels very positive to me. It’s easy to spell and it’s got some sizzle too. The addition of 2007 lends itself well to future updates too. And finally, it sounds very long term, which I think is good when you’re talking about money.

I like #2 “NEGATIVE DEBT” because it gushes with the idea of wiping out debt. The word “debt” also will catch a lot of attention in the right context. The main weakness is the word “negative” but that might also catch some attention.

My favorite is #3 “DEBT CRUSHER” which is so powerful. Many people would love to crush their debt. It’s just very a very strong title. If I was working on a debt reduction report, I would definitely use this title, along with a strong subtitle. When you crush debt, you increase cash and we’re talking about living a better life.

The last title “FINANCIAL VELOCITY” is about taking action. I don’t really like “financial” because it sounds too Wall St. and it narrows the audience too much. I don’t like “velocity” much either because it’s kind of a complex and loaded word. It’s a powerful word and action-oriented, but it’s not going to work for less savvy audience. If I was working on a report with a high end audience, on the other hand, this could be a powerful title with a lot of juice.

Obviously there are many other things I could say about these titles. My comments above are just meant to get you thinking about how you craft your titles.

If you buy PLR reports, you’d really want to master your report titles. You can make a huge amount of money if you use the title. Conversion rates can soar based on title alone.

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