Here’s a great, totally free formula you can take to the bank to take advantage of a really hot niche…

One of the most lucrative, but overlooked niches, is the marketing of tourism products. It’s one niche that isn’t a “fad,” and isn’t going to die out anytime soon. People will always want to vacation, right?

Now, there’s lots of ways we can take advantage of that. First though, it’s really important we build a list. What exactly should we offer up on the squeeze page to build our list? There’s a wealth of possibilities…

*How to get free extra nights during your vacation
*Cheaper, low cost, or free meals during your vacation
*Free activities/events during your vacation
*Getting a 5 star resort at a 2 star price

..essentially, anything that would prolong a tourist’s vacation, make it cheaper or more enjoyable is a perfect squeeze page topic. You’d have people signing up by the bucket full.

Well, I made a post a couple weeks back called “31 Ways To Drive Traffic And Build Your List“. That mentions a lot of ways to generate traffic to your squeeze page and website. Here are some ideas to throw out at you, though…

*Go to travel forums, and post constructive comments with a link to your squeeze page in your signature. (There are massive forums for Walt Disney World vacations.)

*Try to go for Search Engine Optimization, find long tail keywords and absolutely dominate them with an assortment of pages: Squidoo, Hubpages, Googlepages, and so on. You’re bound to hit the first page for some of the long tail keywords through massive action.

*Find lucrative PPC keywords, and bid low amounts on them. Convert the traffic into leads for your list.

There’s tons of other ways, obviously, but that alone should easily get you started. Once you’ve built a sizable list and you’re providing them with free, high quality content on a regular basis, it’s time to setup some autopilot cash pumps.

You’ll want to go to Commission Junction and Clickbank and find affiliate programs that are related to the travel niche. There’s tons of programs at this places, from travel guides on Clickbank to pay per lead travel programs on Commission Junction.

Just start plugging these programs into autoresponder messages and you’ll start to see the money flow into your account automatically on a daily basis. Drive more and more traffic to your squeeze page, as much as you can, because the more people you have, the harder your pumps can work.

If you start to get tremondously successful, then you should start creating your own programs, instead of getting commissions for promoting others. You can find PLR related to travel quite easily, put together a report and sell it. Or, better yet, create an autoresponder membership. Put together a few weeks worth of content, a sales letter, and watch the monthly cash flow in…

Once you build the list, you can do pretty much anything. And the travel niche is a really powerful and lucrative niche that is going to continue to explode in growth, giving you a constant flow of willing customers.

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