The short answer to this question (“Is an internet marketing video membership right for you?”) is an obvious YES if you’re like 97.8% of all other internet marketers.

Let’s explore this, shall we? 

Do you waste hours and hours on YouTube each week? Or, maybe you’re looking for an internet marketing video membership? Search after search after search. Hard to find what you want, isn’t it.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend who said he’d burned up 3 hours watching videos. It was a beautiful day outside but he just lost his day to … The Video Monster.

It’s about time management and focus when it comes to video. Like everything you do, structure matters. And, getting guidance and coaching is good too. (Advice from a friend never hurt, that’s for sure.)

For now, consider that YouTube is fun. Yes, there are plenty of laughs and giggles, but boy, does it suck up a lot of your time — or what?

Look, I *know* it chews up hours and hours of your time and you do get “sucked in” — admit it.

For some reason, internet marketers — like you and me — get sucked in really bad. We’re always looking for that special edge. We’re looking to beat the competition or find ways to squeeze an extra $10 a day out of a product. I think it’s in our blood.

I know you’ve felt a lot of pain if you’ve been looking for just the right internet marketing video. It’s hard finding what you want. It’s hard to avoid the clutter and kill the noise. Too many internet marketers just crank out videos to drive traffic. They’re not really trying to help you. It takes serious effort to find videos that are legitimate.

Yes, there’s a point here. And yes, we’ve created an internet marketing video membership for you. We’ve punched a hole right through this nasty problem…

I’ll just jump to it now. The Rhodes Brothers have spent over 130 hours in 4 months sifting and sorting through videos.

This is significant for you.

We’ve heard again and again that people don’t have enough time. But, they are willing to burn hours and hours watching videos.

Something’s going on, don’t you think?

So, let’s talk about that. Doesn’t it make sense that an internet marketing video membership might be right for you?

Imagine, in your inbox, one secret — every single day. No junk, but a *real* secret.

What would you give to get a “drip feed” of the secrets, day by day? What’s your time worth?

Do you know how to find the very best videos on YouTube? We do, but you need to keep reading about our internet marketing video membership…

(Here’s another way to think about videos.)

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