PLR stands for private label rights. (Read this quick intro to PLR.)

In this blog entry I’ll talk to you about PLR so that you fully understand it, from many angles. I’ll do this by pointing you to some resources available online that are easy to read and understand.

A friend of mine (Steven Wagenheim) has written extensively about PLR in the last few weeks and he knows what he’s talking about. I think you will enjoy many of the things that he says. He blows the doors wide open.

One of the first things about PLR, is that it can be used to create websites very rapidly. The reason isn’t because the writing has been done for you, it’s because the research has been done for you. It’s this research that really saves you time, not the writing. This research is the gold.

On another topic, if you just take PLR and put it into a blog or website, Google will penalize you. You’ll never make it into their index or you’ll be buried in the supplemental results. So you can’t just take PLR and use it without some rewriting.

But remember, it’s not the writing or the content that saves you time. You do indeed have to re-write. The timesaver, is that the research for the topic you care about is done. Research takes a ton of time. Hours and hours. With PLR, someone else has done that for you. And, PLR is often very affordable. Rock on!

Keep this in mind too: if someone has done the research for you, you are pretty much an instant expert once you read the material. The niche can be very new, but you don’t need to know the topic very well in order to benefit from what you have read. The truth is rewriting good PLR is how you can rapidly make money online.

By the way, rewriting PLR is quite simple once you know the simple techniques. Yes, there are methods you can use to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to rewrite POR. Methods in fact, that make it so that you can rewrite a PLR article in less than seven minutes. It’s true.

The ability to rewrite PLR in less than seven minutes depends on the quality of the PLR. So, it’s not possible to rewrite a junk article in less than seven minutes. However if you purchase rock solid PLR to begin with, you’ll be golden. Re-writing PLR in very little time is easy.

I’ll end this blog entry with a pointer off to Stephen Wagenheim’s video called the Real Truth About Making Money Online with PLR. He explains many of the points that I’ve made above. However, he adds a real human element to the things that I throw at you. I strongly encourage you to watch the video where he explains exactly why PLR is so powerful. Take a look now.

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